Puppy and kitten engage in epic tug-of-war match

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These two little pets find themselves in an intense battle for who will claim a delicious piece of meat. Neither puppy nor kitten refuse to let go in this legendary tug-of-war duel!

Source & embed code: https://rumble.com/v2zyuj-dog-and-cat-fight-over-a-piece-of-meat.html.

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  1. whos the winner

  2. STUPID VIDEO! Who won?? what a waste of time

  3. Who picks the videos on the trending list? this only has 1k views.

  4. i was here at 1k views

  5. Sheldon Boyce-Payne

    here before this has millions of views.

  6. That is meat? No wonder neither of them wants to let go.


  8. the puppy whopped that ass

  9. Lmao! Who’s pet’s are these ?

  10. this is just “too cute!”

  11. Amazing. The cat is playing the puppy’s determination game. Very
    interesting. Just out of interest; Cats don’t usually play tug of war with
    other cats right?

  12. 这只猫作死

  13. that cat is kicking butt


  15. а сытым в результате станет кто-то третий

  16. SUNDAY! Sunday!!!!!! is the day that you will see the Best! cat vs dog!!!
    MATCHES GET YOUR tickets ! NOW!!!!! ??????

  17. When you and your girl are fighting over the remote.

  18. legor55er productions

    GO KITTY!!!1!

  19. oh man, i wanted to see who won!!!!! so who won?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  20. the cat looks weaker but im still rooting for the cat. so who won?! you
    decide. eeeeeeepppic rbhsgdjybv

  21. I have never seen anything like this. ? Who ended up with the prize?

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  23. The dog does win, but must be double the weight of that cat at least. Cat
    balance and use of leverage very impressive considering.

  24. I got to give it up to that cat, tho.
    It was holding its own.

  25. WHOS WON?

  26. Where’s Harpo with his scissors when you need him?

  27. The CW Television Network

    That kitten ain’t quittin’.

  28. so who won

  29. Who won??????

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