Puppy Bowl Spot Center: Top 5 Plays

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#PuppyBowl XIV | Sun Feb 4 at 3pm
Your hosts Lucky and Rover count down the 5 greatest plays in Puppy Bowl history.


  1. First 😂 HAHA

  2. Kitty Creative Art and Crafts

    So cute!!!

  3. Can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!


  5. I have a hard time watching this show only because I want all the puppy dogos

  6. I rather watch this than the superbowl.

  7. normal channel gaming

    “Even without balls ” puppy bowl 7

  8. Love it!

  9. Hajnalka Horváthné Magony

    Aww !! love it !! I love Puppy Bowl

  10. Omg I have been here since the first puppy bowl, go team Fluff!!!!😋

  11. God bless these pupps for putting their body’s on the line. And with no helmets? Direct competition with the NFL. Now, we have to figure out their salaries

  12. PuppyBowl > Superbowl

  13. Do people seriously watch this over the super bowl every year ???

  14. How is this trending with 7000 views

  15. One thing is for sure: this series is much cuter.

  16. At least those balls are unintentionally deflated by the players

  17. The percentage of black puppies playing in the Puppy Bowl is very small. This is an issue that needs to be addressed.

  18. Kilian Feser #GoPackers


  19. I forgot animal planet was even a thing

  20. The 74 people who disliked this need to go into a hole and never come out.

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