Puppy Love: Amorous Ducks Attracted To Dog

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Puppy Love: Amorous Ducks Attracted To Dog

These saucy birds go quackers for this Labrador retriever, trying to mate with him at every opportunity! According to their owner, Ulrike Kersjes, 49, from Berlin, Germany, the four male Indian runner ducks have developed an attraction to her shy pet pooch, who’s named Miedoso.
We love his expression at 0.20 – we’d love to know what he’s thinking…

Videographer / Director: Roland Gockel / Animal Press
Producer: John Balson
Editor: Josh Douglas


  1. Cute :)

  2. LPS panda lover 123


  3. fuck that dogs life

  4. Is duck is masturbed to sex in the Dog, is the duck is penis sex exiting
    sex the Dog

  5. Poor dog…

  6. Do those ducks want sex

  7. Damn nature you’re beautiful

  8. Do You Even Words

    rape culture

  9. Gives a new meaning to the term horny duck!!!!

  10. well fuck a duck

  11. FrankieHunt Productions

    That poor dog. Those ducks are mean

  12. Little messed up can’t believe the lady doesn’t do anything about it :/

  13. Aren’t those male ducks?

  14. Ein Haps hätte ja genügt…

  15. haha, i bet this dog won’t have any mixed feelings when these ducks end up
    in an oven

  16. Horny ducks hahaha

  17. They’re trying to fuck her all day long lmao

  18. Venusia Venus (The Venus Girls Zone)

    so cute.

  19. So do the ducks bust a nut or why the need to hump the dog so much

  20. HA HA HA 🙂
    BTW ~ Did you say “On the HUMP for puppy love” … OR “On the HUNT for
    puppy love” ???? 🙂
    ~South Africa~ xox

  21. That’s not even a Lab, it’s a Golden!

  22. mexicampowerww willway


  23. No one is perfect.

  24. Ducks wants the D… or the V xD

  25. Hahaha those ducks are having their way with that dog

  26. Anybody know what the music is called?

  27. I feel dirty after watching this >_>

  28. Not a labrador and as a dog owner i cant fathom why you would let your dog
    get sexually harassed by multiple ducks.. she poor animal can’t even get a

  29. how cute is that! to bad us humans can’t love like that(smile).

    love, Betty L.White

  30. Get the ducks a goose or more, so the pore baby can
    get some rest,very pretty girl!!! I I love dogs, and wolvs.!!!!


  32. barium chemtrailfukker

    stop fucking the dog !

  33. poor bitch. lol

  34. that is animal rape

  35. Poor dog.

  36. Pass the law, so these animals can get marry like gay couple. Do something
    ! Dont wait! 

  37. Ducks are assholes

  38. ROFLMAO!

  39. Emma Amanda Milli

    Stupid women buy female ducks and give that dog some break

  40. dog is getting duck fucked 

  41. gay ducks

  42. I keep saying “last one” but I just keep on watching more, damn you

  43. ballounette93320


  44. awesome

  45. i fell like the ducks wanna have babies with the dog o-0

  46. No way my dog would be that kind.

  47. Are the ducks humping him?

  48. “Gooby Please”

  49. what the duck???

  50. Animal orgy…

  51. Don’t drop the kibbles and bits!

  52. What the fuck are these Krauts smoking?? That ain’t a Labrador Retriever,
    may be mix with golden but definitely not a lab!! It’s so furry! !

  53. I like the video.

  54. Ducks fucking dog to have doglings 

  55. She should separate the ducks from her dog,so they will stop hurting the

  56. why don’t you but them a female duck then?

  57. This is so wrong, duck porn

  58. I know exactly what TF happening YOU know why??? because there is no
    fucking female duck!!!!

  59. lol

  60. She’s a Golden Retriever, not a Labrador.

  61. sticky fur

  62. Its doesn’t matter who you are! Love is love :)

  63. Just when I thought I’d seen everything on youtube someone posts a video of
    3 ducks gang raping a dog.

  64. good grief just go get them some ducky for crying out loud cant be that
    hard to find a few ladies

  65. Oh no! They’re tearing out chunks of the dog’s fur. One of these days that
    dog is gonna get sick of it and then their goose is cooked. ~cough~

  66. The ducks are pulling out the poor dog’s hair!! The owner should’ve
    separated the ducks from the dog when this first started happening. I feel
    extremely sorry for the dog.

  67. this dog is a golden retriever,not a lab,but beautiful dog


  69. QUESTION! Why the ducks just .. fly away? Wings clipped?

  70. I’d be snapping the ducks necks or finding them some bitches.

  71. That’s enough internet for today.

  72. Get those ducks off that dog. Have some respect for your dog.

  73. are they trying to fuck poor doggie ? 

  74. Get them boys a female duck to service them for ducks sake!!

  75. That’s how ducks mate, they gang up and subdue their female prey and
    proceed with some rough intercourse, just doesn’t work quite well this
    time. It’s like their programming hit a loop.

  76. If I had a dog, I’d get a restraining order against all ducks! D:

  77. man alive …………I:(

  78. A simple solution to this problem is get a stuffed toy duck. They’l rape
    the shit out of it but they’l leave the dog alone. The woman is a bit
    stupid on having just males.

  79. This sounds like one of those plots for an anime or manga the dog and ducks
    reaction towards one another.

  80. This is the first time i see a dog been raped by (multiple) ducks… :D

  81. So, your dog is getting gang raped by a bunch of ducks and you’re just
    sitting there talking about it?

    Dogs might be man’s best friend but this owner definitely doesn’t
    reciprocate those feelings…

  82. “Miedoso” stands for scared in spanish

  83. If that was my dog I would shoot this horny ducks with one bb just to say ”
    that’s my hoe” jk but I will shoot a bb( not at the ducks) just to scare
    them off

  84. Just add a female duck….

  85. Those ducks are literally dry humping that dog, and we watched.

  86. “Yeah, these ducks are trying to rape my dog, but that’s okay!” XD

  87. lol stupid birds

  88. where is sexual harassment panda when you need him ?

  89. this rules

  90. Please see ( Dogs wresling over a Duck )

  91. U people r dumb. Obviously the dog has so many fleas that is an abundance
    of food resource for the ducks

  92. I LOVE your vidios thanks for putting them on youtub

  93. Typical behavior towards dogs. People restrain them when near smaller
    animals in fear of dogs hurting them but when the harassment is the other
    way around, no one gives a shit.

  94. Cologne reenacted with ducks.

  95. *One fine day with a woof and a quack..*
    a baby was born and it caused a little stir
    no blue bug
    and no three-eyed frog
    just a duck canine little duckdog

    alone in the world was a little duckdooog

    out on the road or back in town
    all kind of critters putting duckdog down
    gotta rise above it
    gotta try to get along
    gotta walk together
    gotta sing this song

    alone in the world was a little duckdooog

    alone in the world was a little duckdooog

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