Pup’s Body and Soul Healed

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Meet Rem! He was at the local shelter, totally blind, and about to die of malnutrition and disease. If that didn’t get him, he was also on the list to be euthanized. NOT TODAY REM, NOT TODAY!

Adopt Rem!!!

Music: “Rosa Dear” by the band “Ruth”. Buy and download the song in February and 100% of the earnings go to Vet Ranch patients.

If you are interested in helping with animals in the future, please visit http://www.vetranch.org to learn more about what we do and to donate if you would like. Dr. Matt Carriker, a veterinarian licensed in Texas founded Vet Ranch Inc., a 501(c)(3), tax exempt non-profit organization. There is no shortage of pets in need, so every donation means more lives we can positively change. If you are not able to donate, please enjoy the videos and share if you like them!!!


  1. So weird seeing Matt without a gun!!

  2. I suppose it helps you a lot having a friendly resident dog who can show
    the waifs and strays how much fun can be had around people.

  3. Can you make a video explaining how the technology works, its amazing.

  4. Isn’t this that gun guy

  5. Dr. Matt…Thank you, and all the Vet-Ranchers for all you do for these
    sweet little souls. There’s gotta be a special place in Heaven waiting for
    you !!!!

  6. Real Media Photography

    this video is trending in the UK! ! well done vet ranch!

  7. I have a suspicion that the electromagnetic field isnt real

  8. Movie clip? That’s new.

  9. Christopher barrett

    what a great fella. good man.

  10. I love that time lapse :D

  11. You, sir, are an earth angel.

  12. Hey man love what you guys do! Bought the song. Sorry it’s not more of a
    contribution but I hope it helps! God bless and keep doing what you’re

  13. humans should get the same sentence for killing or hurting a animal as if
    it were human

  14. Amazing work man!! There needs to be more good people like yourself ??

  15. winter is coming i was smiling then he put the GoT scene and i cracked up

  16. I’d better not let my daughter watch this because that cat, pizza, taco
    t-shirt is something she’s been looking to buy for ages but all she’s found
    is the bedsheets.

  17. You forever changed that dogs life! Great job

  18. Thanks for giving animals in these conditions a chance at a decent life

  19. It is hard to believe it is the same dog. Thank you for all you do.

  20. Looks like Dozer has his own “Mini me”. Rem looks a lot like Dr Matts dog.

  21. Guys i have figured out his technology. His secret for curing that dog is…

    The power of EDITING

  22. bless you for all you do for these animals… ☆

  23. Christine Trzcinski

    dr matt you are awesome! we love what you and the rest of the vets on vet
    ranch are doing..thank you…

  24. Why is Dozer limping at 4:20?

  25. Maan maybe u should’ve done that 11th day’s vid when his dick wzn’t out
    like that lol :P

  26. I didn’t even know Demo Ranch was a vet?!

  27. the prophet mohammed once said that ” God awarded heaven to a Man who gave
    a thirsty dog some water from a well” or as he said peace be upon him, I
    believe you did much more than that my friend, I hope we meet someday in
    heaven with every merciful human being just like you <3

  28. Wtf did u do to its dick

  29. Demolition ranch?

  30. Red rocket!

  31. God bless you man

  32. Great mission and video!!!

  33. excellent technology ha :)

  34. Blastoise Loves You

    I didn’t realize you were a vet… wow. So you love guns and are a
    veterinarian? Just like me… except I’m not a vet just yet.

  35. Secret Devil Gaming

    I wish my mom would let me adopt Rem

  36. From the thumbnail, the vet looks like Dr. Sloan from Grey’s Anatomy

  37. holy crap you watch game of thrones and you help animals?!?!? you’re an
    inspiration lol

  38. So am here wishing i had a dog and in other places there’s dogs that need a
    person why why!!


  40. May God bless you more for giving Rem another chance. ???❤

  41. You made the hot list

  42. You guys are so freaking awesome!

  43. God Bless Rem. Dogs are one of the most beloved of God’s animals.

  44. I happened to see this video. Im just happy to see what you been doing. Im
    in a different country where I can see 100s of stray dogs in a bad
    condition and I know how much it means what you do. Great work.
    Selflessness is all it takes and you have it a lot :). Thanks and Keept it
    up :)

  45. I love your cat shirt, and I love you :)

  46. Awesome video Dr. Matt, thanks for sharing.

  47. This man is my hero

  48. u r trending on YouTube. nice

  49. A real Black person

    Did anybody else laugh when he said “When I went and got him, he was
    staring at a wall.”

  50. A real Black person

    Rem has a boner

  51. that is an amazing transformation for that poor down trodden baby!!! you
    guys are amazing

  52. The before and after shots are amazing. Thank you for helping him!

    What breed do you think he is?

  53. Go dr. Matt???

  54. ??? cute pup

  55. Bryan Madrigal Mercado

    Awesome! Matt this video was on the trending videos. Love your videos and
    your job on helping animals.

  56. Hey Matt and VetRanch crew, you’re TRENDING!

  57. Is he named after the band? Love that band xD

  58. Thank you for helping Rem :)

  59. Awesome technology!!!!!!!!

  60. Matt, your awesome. Great work! Cooter… Well he’s just creepy.

  61. What type of dog is he

  62. Holy music volume!! Startled the bejeezes out of me. Love watching your
    videos, thanks for all you do.

  63. 3:30 lol red rocket

  64. This puppy completely healed looks pretty darn cool.
    – IVN 10/10 would adopt again

  65. I’m sorry but your a complete jerk for. It holding this dog or offering
    this dog comfort and security after how this dog is feeling Don’t make a
    video and allow the doc to suffer

  66. Michael “mjike2000” Jarmiolowski

    Matt and the other doctors are absolutely amazing. I love this channel.

  67. So cute!

  68. bless your heart made me cry tears of joy watching this

  69. you sir are a good man!

  70. you’re on TV

  71. ?????????????

  72. Love yr work done with the (boxer?) pup??? !!

  73. Is there anyway for us to contact someone to adopt these animals he has on
    his channel? A friend of mine she wants a dog but doesn’t have the money to
    buy one and she falls in love with every dog on his channel.

  74. My heart went through a rollercoaster watching this! So many feels! You
    guys are awesome.

  75. I just love how Dr Matt’s dog just has so much love for all the poor
    animals that he brings home. I think he should be named a rehabilitation
    Thank you for another great video :)

  76. Question…how did you flush the Ivermectin out? I’ve never even heard of
    Ivermectin toxicity except in Collies. And if he was allergic to
    Ivermectin, what did you use to treat his mange?

  77. I love that feature you added with the dogs you foster at your house as
    they get better.

  78. Keep up the good work. Just supported you a little, Greetings from Germany

  79. Dogy had a wittle boner xD

  80. Guess the Velociraptor Handler thing didn’t work out after the park was

  81. I am watching this high and I started crying then I started cheering. I
    woke everyone up its 5 am.

  82. I would adopt him so fast, but my dumb landlords have a no dog policy ugh

  83. The transformation in REM is amazing from nervous and very poorly with
    scabs and infections to fully healed and bouncy and energetic and loving is
    amazing….. Dr Matt please keep up the good work, it’s amazing to see all
    the way over here in the uk!!!!

  84. Haha well of course playing with a goofy boxer is enough to cure any fear!

  85. Got something in my eye …

  86. gracias a personas como tu hay felicidad y humanidad en nuestros corazones
    ayudando a quienes nos necesita y no dando la vuelta eres grande brother

  87. I followed his story on Facebook. He is soooo cute! I would love to adopt
    him but I live on the other side of the world. LOVE vet ranch!!!!!!!

  88. Do you mind telling me what you majored in in college? Im interested in
    going to school to become a vet!

  89. Souls arent real so they cant be healed but good video.

  90. Matt what is your last name

  91. My name is Ebba Larsson and we r going to have to put down r cat because
    she got in a accident and broke top part of her leg and we don’t have
    enough money to fix it and r dog is missing I’m really sad and I’m glad I
    found your videos because I love how you help animals it makes me feel like
    I have another family that loves to help animals I love it so much thank
    you for always helping animals and keep doing it?

  92. Matt, how can I go about and donate?

  93. Such a cute puppy. Thank you again Vet Ranch for all you do!!

  94. Wish i could donate some but currently I’m rather broke.
    Can’t really contribute at the moment in that fashion.

    But what you guys are doing i genuine endorse that.
    So I’ll just watch every video you guys have uploaded! it’s not much
    revenue but hey still something.

  95. I think you will go to heaven without hesitation…

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