Quasi The Hunchback Hound

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A HUNCHBACK dog who found internet fame after being rescued from the street has found a loving new home. Four-year-old Quasimodo is believed to be one of just 15 dogs worldwide living with short-spine syndrome. The rare condition has left him with virtually no neck but his new family say he is enjoying a new lease of life at his home in Secondhand Hounds in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, USA – and even earned nearly 100,000 likes on his Facebook page.
Videographer / director: Jeffrey Fuchs
Producer: John Balson, Nick Johnson
Editor: Joshua Douglas, Ian Phillips

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  1. loooool he is so cool looking but hopefully he is healthy.

  2. Damn that’s crazy.

  3. AlibabAAAAA

  4. I want it……..

  5. What a loyal dog ?❤️

  6. When is there a video where Quasi meets Bub the cat

  7. Quasi deservs allot off love and he is so adorable

  8. in thoughts that this dog comes in front of me in a narrow alley……

  9. Nice dog

  10. Lil squish

  11. he look like a quavo

  12. I. Would keep him

  13. This isn’t “cool” or cute, it’s gross looking and sad because the dog is
    deformed and can’t function the same as a normal dog.

  14. Omg it’s like a microbus

  15. he so cute

  16. Oh my God he is the cutest!!! so goofy and adorable <3 how could you not
    love himm!!

  17. LOOK AT HIM RUN <3333

  18. A CHOPAKABRA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. rich people would pay $500k for this dog, coolest thing ever

  20. He’s still a dog I know but he looks like a dog ape

  21. Well I think he is cute and weird at the same time. I would adopt him if I


  23. gzip dog

  24. Reminds me of the Grandad from the King of Queens…

  25. Gooman15 “Gooman505” YT

    dog money??? illuminati cunfirm3d

  26. That dog is really cool i wish i had one like that


  28. ShadowTriadWestWind

    This dog is sooooo sexy

  29. Shepard McNuggett

  30. I want to buy that dog a green hood and teach him to ring a bell.

  31. This is omg wait wat…… (0.0)

  32. Dog look like a Rob Shnaider dupi pum pi du pi du

  33. half chimp?

  34. Thanks, doggo

  35. The Lost Protagonist

    The amount of giggles and suqees that escaped my mouth from the strong
    force that is his adorableness just made me love him more. I really hope he
    has a wonderful life.

  36. darthstarkiller1912

    He’s so cute! I wanna hug him now! ^_^

  37. This dog looks scary as hell. Cute is the last thing that comes to mind. It
    look mutated

  38. He’s such a beautiful dog, in a way, he’s kind of like a dog version of
    Lil’ Bub, considering a major part of his body is shorter then normal

  39. Omg they exist I want one

  40. Im gonna jack that dog(:

  41. Such a cute dog its not his fault being this way as long as hes healthy and
    happy and taken care of thats all that matters.

  42. It’s adorable , and happy … Love it..

  43. I would want him

  44. sooo sweet, i love this dog!!!

  45. Am I the only one that masterbated to this

  46. So sad, but I couldnt help but laugh my ass off

  47. I fucking love that dog! I just want to cuddle him and kiss him right on
    his face!

  48. He looks like a kangaroo without a long snout

  49. i swear i thought it was just a dog taking a crap

  50. That’s scary af! Imagine that running at you in the night…


    points for those that get it.

  52. he’s adorable, no neck and all.

  53. That dog is fukin retarded

  54. such a cool dog, and he is really happy of life, unlike most of you who
    hate the dog

  55. After watching I had to immediately hug my dog

  56. Why are people so obsessed with mutated animals?

  57. he looks like the bugs bunny Tasmanian devil

  58. Beautiful

  59. looks like a small werewolf

  60. People need to stop going to breeders and pet shops for dogs.

  61. The creature is like dog head chimpanzee..poor dogpanzee.

  62. Minnesota is the best!

  63. Should have named him Smeagol lol

  64. The creature is like dog headed cimpanzee… poor dogpanzee.

  65. The creature is like dog headed chimpanzee…. poor dogpanzee.

  66. I couldn’t let this dog go this is awesome.good luck pup!

  67. kill it before it lays eggs

  68. holy dogpanzee

  69. Look like he got the zika virus.

  70. Canned Can of a Can of Soup

    Hunchback doggo

  71. Depressed white man.

    He looks like a monkey lol


  73. looks like a chimp when it walks

  74. What a beautiful little guy!

  75. Anybody ever seen the Twitter page “animals without necks”? Lmao

  76. you got to admit, middle of the night, he comes running at you you’ll puss
    your pants

  77. Is it fucked up that I was laughing the whole video?

  78. well you might laugh now but now hes the news , so that makes hem the shit!
    and you just shit !

  79. dawwww

  80. He’s so cute!!!

  81. that poor dog

  82. well can say if that come running at me would think hes some sort of
    warewolf shit bet he was a cute puppy tho

  83. The dogs arent even playing with him tbh

  84. Larry King if he was a dog

  85. looks like a baboon

  86. So weird, but sooo cute.

  87. shouldve named him the jackal

  88. Looks kinda like a monkey in a creepy way

  89. ♥♥♥ πολύ γκυκουλι

  90. soooo cute?????????

  91. this dog looks so chill


    Looks like el chuppah cabras lol

  93. He runs like an ape

  94. Mutant hound from fallout 4 anyone

    Cute btw

  95. News update. He fell off a tower and he’s dead now

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