Raccoon Steals Donut

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Sly Cooper and the Thievious Donutus

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  1. Over the Hedge Is real lol

  2. why is there a raccoon inside the air ducts at a coffee shop?

  3. I miss those days Ray William Johnson… Would react to videos like

  4. Hey you can’t just barge in here and get a doughnut without paying for it

  5. no chill

  6. Why does the video have thumbs down, I dont understand people, is it not
    exactly as the video title states?

  7. Mmmm makes me want a ?

  8. Andrejus Dovidaitis

    That raccoon sure likes donuts

  9. The Ultimate Cabbage

    Its RJ from over the hedge in real life!

  10. Happy Raccoon video in a sad human world. Made me smile…thanks, human.

  11. Still 229 people did vote they disliked this? How can you not like this?
    What is wrong with those people? They probably can’t imagine how it would
    be for them if they would be that raccoon. Sad people without empathy!
    Please YouTube, can you block the possibility to dislike this video and
    only make it possible to like this video?

  12. Best description I’ve seen in awhile

  13. Delightful

  14. It could be worse, it would stolen a muffin.

  15. hahaha XD in would have done de same xD

  16. The goverments new secret weapon.

  17. Igg “Igg Girl” Channel


  18. OMG delirious a.k.a battcoon needs foooooooddd

  19. This raccoon is smart and loyal

  20. F furthest rtusawirufb
    Fd-_-cgx see rd hwi

  21. Go Google “Raccoon Roundworm”, and then never ever ever eat at that coffee
    shop ever again. Raccoon feces have tens of thousands of roundworm eggs per
    gram, and if the feces are disturbed they easily become airborn. They are
    hugely dangerous to humans, causing blindness and massive brain damage,
    then coma, then death.

  22. Too bad he didn’t just lick it like Ariana did

  23. To Pretty Ta Handle

    that’s nasty

  24. Eww.. Don’t eat there ppl… ?

  25. Brian The Submarine

    *Insert deal with it glasses on Raccoon.

  26. Typical coons…

  27. Whats with these raccoon n stealing stuff?!!

  28. Anthropos Anthropos

    Mmmm rabid donuts.

  29. everyone sub to me

  30. Even Guardians of Galaxy need to eat.

  31. can you identify the crook? im sorry officer he was wearing a mask

  32. Jessus “Fahkeeng” Christ

    Holly Molly doughnut shop…

  33. Godamm someone close that store down

  34. Rigby your fired!!!!!

  35. Did nobody but the person recording see the raccoon?!

  36. He picked my favorite.

  37. Anti-Social Justice League

    Looks like Marvel hasn’t been good to Rocket after the success of Guardians
    of the Galaxy. Sad

  38. That’s cute and all, but how many other donuts did he touch to get the one
    he wanted? Hopefully the other donuts in the case where thrown out

  39. “Wait for me one second Groot, I’ll be back with your donuts.”

  40. For Christ sakes Over 240 Did not like this,UTTERLY dispicable as this is

  41. haha funny, guys I am new here, sub and watch or like or comment my video
    and i will instantly do the same with your channel and your last video.

  42. ..fucking toronto..

  43. Someone call the health inspector?

  44. nice one racoon

  45. Woooaaaaa ooo it’s mister steal your donut

  46. that’s how I steal my donuts from my family when they order a dozen. :)

  47. this is different ……. a coon that steels

  48. usually they start a riot first then they loot blaaaaahahahahahaha

  49. Ariana Grande is so obsessed with donuts –‘

  50. Raccoon: Impossible

  51. I love raccoons! They are so smart!

  52. I totally bet they sold the rest of the pastries in that bin as is.

  53. Ariana send it to do the job for her

  54. That raccoon is a savage

  55. This is what happens when you cross-breed monkeys and foxes.

  56. ??????

  57. how did he even get in in the first place

  58. Copying the pizza rat

  59. There are two types of coons and both can be very funny.

  60. Now I know where the “raisins” come from on my donuts…

  61. hahaha awesome, and I love the commentary.

  62. Which store is this?

  63. it’s not a donut

  64. Sexy laugh.

  65. its the hamburglar

  66. Is Harvey Kneeslapper from Sesame Street filming this?

  67. Now we can’t even trust fucking animals. I thought only humans are worse
    but I’m wrong. We all are on the same boat.

  68. When a Raccoon does it it’s funny, when I do it they call the cops, fucked
    up shit world we live ine.

  69. Eeeew that’s a shop and an animal was licking all the food eeeeeee

  70. You go Raccoon! These animals are awesome.

  71. Raccoons rock!!!

  72. I love that video

  73. How the fuck did it get there? and I bet they served the rest of those
    donuts.. that’s nasty..

  74. CanadAarrgghhhhhh!

    Wow, Tim Hortons Donuts have turned into precooked garbage – Raccoon

  75. This does´t look like a donut to me, though.

  76. Thief !!!! Call the Cops on him !!!!

  77. God damn canadia.

  78. fucking adorable

  79. check out my talking cat video if you’re bored

  80. Canadians: we’re so nice we allow raccoons to steal our timmies

  81. I really hope they threw out all those doughnuts. :-P

  82. i hate racoons ..i got a bunch of them on my backyard and they ate my three
    kittens alive in front of me and i could not to save them 🙁 ..i tried with
    all my mighty but he run into the woods with the last kitten ..the painful
    scream of that poor kitten still haunts me

  83. Hi Peter,

    My name is Megan from KABC. This video is hilarious and we would like to
    share it with our viewers. Can we use across all platforms with credit to
    you? Let me know. (818)863-7600. Thanks.

  84. This is so funny

  85. The real Sly Cooper

  86. The commentary makes it. These guys enjoyed that as much as I’d have.

  87. TheMusketITuckedIt

    That’s just fat Mario in his powered up raccoon suit.

  88. I hope they threw out all the donuts around it.

  89. The nasty assholes who are laughing at this ain’t gettin’ rid of them damn
    nasty donuts either. ……..typical disgusting uncivilized neanderthal
    behavior coming from “those people”…Bon Appétit!!!

  90. I feel bad for the people who ate and still eating those donuts.

  91. He totally deserved that donut

  92. 911 what is your emergency ??
    yes . we have a donut thief.
    .. can you describe them please.
    yes. a raccoon.
    a raccoon ?
    .yyess a raccoon.
    hangs up..

  93. Damn it Rigby…..

  94. WatermelonGaming - CSGO & More

    +FsuAtl you dirty thief

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