Ralphie is a Good Explorer, but a Much Better Napper | Too Cute!

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Maltese mix Ralphie decides to explore his new digs and seek out a friendly black cat found high up. But climbing is a lot of hard work when you’re this small! | For more Too Cute!, visit http://animal.discovery.com/tv/too-cute-kittens/#mkcpgn=ytapl1


  1. Celina Jane Pelisco

    Ahhh So cuuute! Can’t get enough! :D

  2. Nice!

  3. Aawwww so cute!!!!! <3

  4. A great way to start my day !!! Thanks for this sweet gift 🙂 ! hahahaha

  5. I just loveeeed these little narratives. :)

  6. I want to play with the little puppy. I hate dogs, but it looks like a
    kitty/bunny & I’m pretty sure it’s harmless.

  7. Oh, Ralphie… You’re such a cutie!

  8. 1:50
    Coco: How the hell did you get up there?

  9. 1:50
    Coco: How the hell did you get up there?

  10. Holy shit I get a heartattack of how cute he is when he is sleeping up
    there <3

  11. It must be factory of cuteness somwhere for this channel.

  12. Trying……not to….. Comment about…. The irony of…… The cat’s ….
    Name…… (I luv black cats nnnngghhh))

  13. So adorable

  14. Spoiler alert: The commentary is a form of delusion.

  15. Cuteness overload!!!!

  16. Coco: Where’s my baby?!?!?!

  17. Gabriel De Jesús Zúñiga Cortés

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa que lindura

  18. too sweet

  19. Fluffy puppies! They’re too cute! I love puppies!

  20. I can’t see the full episodes, what country do I have to be in to have the
    app? Can you please open it up so everyone can see it?


  22. SO CUTE ??????????????

  23. Adorableness??????✌?

  24. Aww sweet Ralphie! Too cute ♡

  25. Ralphie is so adorable love this little pup. <3 :)

  26. Ralphie is so cute I wish I had him so bad

  27. DivineeDemonn0302

    aaaaahhhhhhhhhhh I can’t handle this video, too much cuteness. 

  28. Cuteness over 9000

  29. Kevin Persichilli

    Did they name that puppy after the character from A Christmas story

  30. These videos are so ridiculous but so good at the same time!! Such
    heartwarming little stories :)

  31. Is this mightyducks house? Because he have a puppy name coco to

  32. what breed is Ralphie?

  33. omg its too much cuteness

  34. cant handle this. tooo much cuteness

  35. Gabryela vasconcelos

    it’s so cute ???

  36. I have a dog named Ralphie and he’s a yorkie. but this video is SO

  37. Kevin Persichilli, my dog was named after that movie because we got my dog
    Ralphie at Christmas time when I was about 4 years old

  38. Soo adorable! They look so fluffy and soft! I just wanna snuggle them! ^_^

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