Record Breaking Rabbits: Angora Bunnies Get Blow-Dried

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BUNNY breeder Betty Chu is the proud owner of the world’s furriest rabbits – whose hair can measure almost 15 INCHES long. The 70-year-old has dedicated the last 34 years to producing prize-winning English angora rabbits. She lives with 50 of them at her home in San Jose, California, and is so dedicated she hasn’t holidayed with her husband since 1992.  She is the undisputed queen of the angora category, with countless best-in-show awards to her name. But she really hit headlines when her top rabbit Franchesca (ok) entered the Guinness Book of World Records last year as the rabbit with the longest hair in the world – measuring 14.37in.

Videographer / Director: Josh Freund
Producer: John Balson, Nick Johnson
Editor: Joshua Douglas

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  2. I want one!!! Soooooooo cute!!! <3

  3. 5th comment, 7th like, and 90th view

  4. OBAMA DID 9/11

  5. How does it even see? Trim that dam bunny?

  6. It’s so fluffy I’m gonna die

  7. Poor rabbit it must be so hot all the time.

  8. when you realize bunny are prettier than you

  9. They taste like chicken.

  10. Don’t they get heat strokes? Their fur is twice the size as them

  11. Those poor things. Once again an example of humans causing animals to
    suffer for our own benefit.

  12. Ahaha she looks so pleased grooming those rabbits

  13. “She has to go naked in order to be sexy.” Omg yes I approve.

  14. I live in San Jose, I’m going to find this lady.

  15. The lady has a great personality

  16. When the hair is long enough they rip it out bit by bit causing the rabbit
    unbearable pain to point they just die

  17. looks like a giant cotton

  18. this ma’am is so warmheartet

  19. those poor rabbits in those tiny little cages…fuck her

  20. I got allergies just by watching this.

  21. I have a mini bunny named Bun Bun…shes like 3lbs maybe. Shorthaired. I
    always have to wash her bum cause she gets poo on her fur. She has a
    littler box and she sometimes just sleeps in it lol.

  22. This is definitely cruelty against animals>>Grandma needs to take care of
    her grandchildren instead>>

  23. Okay, I really like long haired rabbits and Yes, he looks cute! But can he
    even walk with a the hair?

  24. massage and pamper all day. be fluffy. eat. sleep. poo. eat. be fluffy. all
    day spa. be fluffy. forever. or how ever long you live if you are a fluffy

  25. That’s animal cruelty! “we breed them to look soooo unnaturally and them
    have problems in living. it’s sad!

  26. When they have to mate…
    …how can the male find the… ehm… bunny hole? :D

  27. I hate breeders of any kind. tampering with nature

  28. ANIMAL CRUELTY!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Ashleigh vs YouTube

    I have one grey one ?

  30. HAHAHA!


  32. Breed them en masse, and shave them for bunny wool. Make a bunny-wool
    empire, and dominate the world. Dominating the show-room can only get you
    so far.

  33. do angora rabbits really grow like a Flemish giant? big? I thought they
    grow like holland lop big

  34. I…want to have them all….! A shame my cat is too vicious and would
    attack them


  36. Gumdramon FTW Windows 2000 FTL



  38. real life tippy

  39. how old are the rabbits? somebody knows ? (their life expectancy )

  40. I WANT ONE

  41. i luv bunnies

  42. omg that’s animal cruelty,, the nice woman is taking care of them and
    letting them breed eww,,SOMEBODY STOP HER!!!

  43. OMG
    give me one

  44. SO CUTE

  45. so cute..?

  46. This is WAY BETTER than killing them for their fur and wearing them.

  47. Your Average American

    Damn, this bunny is so fluffy, I could be a known misogynist, walk into a
    feminist rally, and still get laid.

  48. I’m honestly curious. Is this sort of animal cruelty? To assume their
    lifestyles based off of this short video: they stay in cages all day unless
    when she grooms them, they get little exercise, they are paraded around
    like objects, and she gets praise and awards for exploiting them. Yes? Or
    am I being too sensitive?

  49. That might be uncomfterbal for bunnies they are supposed to be pets not

  50. its so fluffy and im gonna die with dat rabbit

  51. OMG! It looks like a tribble! XD

  52. Mine and hair blown

  53. Tiny cages :-(.

  54. I thought it was like a ball of fluff or a pillow



  57. I want one ?

  58. That’s kind of animal ‘abuse.’ if it interferes with their vision, that
    means you aren’t taking care of them properly.

  59. And to think that these beautiful creatures are forcefully held down while
    their fur is yanked off their skin as they scream in agony. Then thrown in
    cages with their necks broken and left to die alone. FUCK. THIS. WORLD.

  60. and then he end up on an egg roll

  61. Alexandar Kantakouzenos Von Carstein

    It look like my fur hat, big & puffy!

  62. That would a nice pillow OMG just imagine

  63. ??????????

  64. I’ve actually met this lady on the show floor, shes nothing like in this
    video. She’s actually kinda mean.

  65. Moraima “Tiernos Bebes Nursery” Molina

    Is it really fat or theyre really fluffy
    thats the question

  66. fur ball lol

  67. I once visited Louisiana in the middle of summer, and that’s how my hair
    looked like.

  68. •тєємσαятιѕт• SP

    Anyone got here from Mystery Of Bunny Island?

  69. cute bunny but bunnys dont need to be groom liked that

  70. Ut “Yokura Meraki” Chu

    I d like to make friend with Mrs Chu

  71. When I’m an old lady, I’ll be that awesome grandma with a bunch of pets.
    I’m talking like, one cat, one dog, one rabbit,. Because I’m going S be
    really bored, and by that time, I’d probably have nothing better to do,.

  72. 草泥兔

  73. These are ANGORABLE

  74. I usually don’t like people who do contests with animals but those rabbits
    look well look after, so healthy and beautiful <3

  75. My rabbits lives in liberty not in cages. They NEED alot of space and
    exercise. Those tiny breeder cages are awful. Poor little things…This
    woman just want these rabbits for competitions not for their care. Also,
    she said she have over 50 rabbits, excuse me but Its impossible to give
    them what they need everyday, thats too many. Also they really dont like
    heat, Its hard for their heart and they can die from it. I dont think she
    have A/C because she let the door open. Rabbits are like dogs and cats.
    Super clean (use litter box), sleep with u in bed like dog, follow you in
    the house and love cuddles.
    People who say this person treats them well…HA It’s because you never had
    a rabbit in your life.

  76. This is so INTERESTING……….

  77. I need one in my LLIIFFEE!!!SO bad.

  78. This woman lives about 45 minutes from me 🙂 I’d love to go and see her
    rabbits some day.

  79. my god, poor things!

  80. Marshall skidmore

    i am in 4h and have met thus lady in many of the rabbit shows i go to

  81. Look at those fluffy bastards !

  82. Omg its so fluffy

  83. Wait… When it was on its back it looked like its in a trance. That’s
    shows extreme fear. You shouldn’t ever put it I a trance

  84. Who else was like ITS SOOOO FLUFFYYYYYYY

  85. What the fuck?! Why you can say, that THIS is cute?? The bunnies are too
    hot, and they can’t move good!
    It is sad, to see this abnormal world, and hy people can be so bad and
    breed this sad bunnies? The bunnies just can’t be happy woth their life…
    These humans are animal abusers!

  86. Kacy “Derpypops” Wheildon

    my reaction to the baby angora rabbits: AHHHHHHHHHH TOO FLUFFEH

  87. They must get so warm

  88. He looks like a fluffball with a nose!

  89. It’s a fluff ball!! Soooo kawaii

  90. MonsterHighFan2014


  91. can u give me one . :D

  92. Michelle Angeline

    i thouhgt it was a big pile of fluf

  93. It looks like a cloud with a face.

  94. please! where can i get two of this?

  95. The Bro Clan Channel


  96. Heeeyyyyy……. Where da fuq ur face at bruh

  97. So is it fat or fluffy??

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