Red Panda Triplet Cubs drink from puppy bowls

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Red Panda triplets “Phinju, Raja and Mohan” from Symbio Wildlife Park, are showing they are becoming more independent and adventurous as they explore their playground amongst the branches of the Red Panda Sanctuary.

Now just over 4 months old, they have been transitioned off supplement feeding with syringes, to now lapping it all up in the cutest of baby blue personalised puppy bowls.

The rare Triplets which were born on Christmas Eve 2016, and announced to the world just last month, are now venturing outside of their nest boxes daily, mainly around early-mid morning and mid-late afternoon, where visitors have been lucky enough to see the three and their ridiculously adorable antics.

Although still finding their way around branch hopping, with every day that passes they are becoming more and more confident, and in no time at all they will start spending even more extended time out and playing.

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  1. Honestly probably the cutest animal ever

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