Remove cat before flight

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Un baptême de routine, jusqu’à ce que…de l’importance de regarder dans les ailes avant chaque vol.
Pour info le chat va très bien, il continue avec application son rôle de mascotte du club

Au club ULM 16-34 de Kourou, Guyane Française

A standard flight until… i still don’t know if it got in after the pre flight check or if i missed it.
The cat is doing well, she is still our mascot.

Edit :
Ok some details :
– the cat was INSIDE the wing, not on it. she was actually pretty safe in there, the danger was if she wanted to get down to reach us..
– i was the pilote, the woman was on her first flight as a passenger. she smile and giggle a lot, well because that’s what flying does to people sometime.
-i told her not to reach for the cat. i told her not to move at all actually. i trusted the cat to not move if we didn’t try to reach for her.
-you can see me smile shortly before landing. I was pretty assured by then that the cat wouldn’t move and there was a relieve of tension; and the radio exchange with the control tower was kinda hilarious, i couldn’t contain a smile.
-cat is a female.
-the flight was normally 20minutes long


  1. Braz dzn esteve aqui

  2. ptdrr the cat

  3. ?! ?! ?! ?! ?!
    ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  4. super kitty!!

  5. I love the look on the dude’s face

  6. What a pussy ,that cat was scared to death

  7. 0:59 Lmao! the look on his face ;D the cat has also hilarious face like wtf
    is happening lmao!

  8. Is this lady retarded? Why didn’t she just reach up and hold the cat?

  9. El gato voladorrrrrrrrrr!!! :V

  10. Does anyone know what sort of aircraft this is?

  11. nice! (´;ω;`)

  12. I love two things about the video: first, the cat appearance, when she
    approaches the edge of the wing and looks down and then it’s like “WHOA
    WHOA WHOA!”, like it was the worst hangover wake up ever, and the face of
    the pilot when he finds out about the cat.

  13. Poor kitty

  14. poor cat, how the hell he didnt notice before start flying

  15. 1th cat airborne divsion

  16. El Gato Que Queria Volar aww jaja

  17. Good thing the pilot and the cat didn’t panic.


  19. name the cat rio I had a cat called rio that looked just like urs

  20. Лайк!:)

  21. 01:21 kitty likes “the fuck”

  22. Aw poor cat?

  23. So glad the cat is safe she is adorable and she kinda looked like she
    enjoyed it hah

  24. This video is an instruction how not to do an inspection the aircraft
    before take-off :-/

  25. Kitty wanna go for a ride? Lol! Cute video.

  26. Мне жалко котика :(

  27. Totally fake but funny as f**k!

  28. She enjoyed the ride!

  29. where that cat now.?

  30. What the hell is so funny about that?
    The cat could have fall down an died why these two people just laughing.
    You should pick cat up at the moment, shame on you….

  31. this is horrible! why doesnt the lady just get the cat of the wing of the
    plane? Bitch


    poor kitty was like: hi gurl! sup? u know…I’M ON THE FRIKIN WING OF THIS

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    guy in just 4 days. Fast and easy. My secret to success is the Dog
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  34. At first when the video started I was like “Ok….so..?” and then as i
    watched “Huh?……..WHAAAAAAT!?!??!. The kitty really has to have the name

  35. And all this time this woman sits there with a dumb grin on her face, not
    even trying to reach for the cat or to at least put her hand on it to make
    sure it won’t fall. Stupid b*tch.

  36. Also: this ‘pilot’ should be fined for doing a pretty shitty job in
    pre-flight inspection of his gear.

  37. shitshitshitshitshitshitshitshitshitshit

  38. Опа, видео с котом! По классике жанра, необходимо развести
    русско-украинский срач!!! Я начну: пилот явно укропский, ведь сиденья
    синие, а “фюзеляж” желтый.


  40. cat: zzz…*awake* umm, why it’s moving?
    *move forward* ph shit oh shiiit shitshitshit

  41. Invictus Law Enforcement UAS Streaming

    Scary. Makes we wonder if he did any sort of pre-flight aircraft inspection
    before getting airborne…

  42. DO A FLIP!

  43. I feel sad for the cat the poor thing probably had a heart attack

  44. Cupcak3LPS Productions

    Why was she just laughing? Seriously! That poor cat.

  45. You have to like the pilot’s reaction at 1:01 when he sees the cat for the
    first time!

  46. So adorable,like.

  47. Thats cute (:3

  48. i swear to god, this woman looks like my physics teacher, and she is a
    french teacher

  49. cats like im just going to ride for a whilr

  50. Poor cat

  51. That pussy didn’t pay his fare. He would have been just fine being dropped
    off into the nearest lake.

  52. no time for me to pack!

  53. Tower, we need to come around again. There is a cat in our wing.

  54. What a legend pmsl

  55. Its gunna roll over to 18,000,000! Who’s the lucky winner!?

  56. Cat Thug Life :)

  57. I’m so glad I knew the cat was okay before I watched the video or I
    probably would have sweat nervously through the whole thing

  58. Митя Шумовой

    that fucking bitch was smiling and didn’t help the poor cat when the plane
    was in the air!!!! Fucking bitch!

  59. why don’t you name her Jessica or molly or Millie x

  60. suggest a name in the comments

    Maybe Mrs spy

  61. awe this is so cute ??

  62. Why don’t either of you look surprised when you see the cat? It looks like
    you put the cat there on purpose for the sake of making a video.

  63. gaby “LaMorocha” arce

    Cada vez que veo este video, se me paraliza en corazón…. ay Dios…. Que
    bueno que el chico lo vi y pudo regresar. Un grosso el muchacho.
    Felicitaciones para el.

  64. this gave me terrible anxiety

  65. This cat was obviously high.

  66. owww menos mal se salvo el gatito :)


  68. Oh my GOD!!! My soul came back to me when they finally landed… Dios, se
    me cayó la paletilla, no veía la hora que volvieran a tierra.

  69. The guys face when he notices the cat !!

  70. I like how after a couple of seconds go by the cast doesn’t give a shit any

  71. Call her Paige :3 <3

  72. Кот со стальными яйцами…

  73. 1:04 “heeelp”

  74. Karl “Asid” Mjolnir

    Aww, such a cute cat. Didn’t seem to mind that much though. I wonder how
    much that cat affected the flight characteristics because of the imbalanced

  75. Ariel Bareiro Caceres

    JAJA ESTO DEBE SALIR EN YOUTUBE REWIND 2016!!! remeber mee saludos esde
    argentina :D

  76. Pore cat. XD

  77. hahaha, il semble apprécier le vol !

  78. THANKS GOD!!! The kitten is alive.

  79. I think i taw a puddy cat

  80. matthewthompsonTV1

    Cat’s like: “yea, so, can I get some peanuts… a snickers… Umm.. And a
    diet coke…”

  81. Pero lo que uds quieren es… EL GATO VOLADOOOOOOR

  82. hemoso gatito

  83. Lol!!! Know you know that cat wants to be a pilot

  84. good they didnt do a… BARREL ROLL!! if they did, the kitty will be flying
    and it will believe that I CAN FLY by using paws XD

  85. Felicito al piloto que supo darse cuenta que la única manera de salvar al
    gatito era mantener la calma los dos, y aterrizar, porque si ellos
    intentaban agarrarlo, el gatito se tiraba al vacío.

  86. Srs question, are cats and dogs smart enough to know in that situation that
    they shouldn’t jump?

  87. (;^_^A アセアセ・・・

  88. what in the… no, just no…

  89. Why didn’t you grab the cat it could have fell while u were turning around

  90. 見事に二度見してるねw

  91. the pilot did a shitty preflight so this is probably set up whats next a
    squirrel lol

  92. Adina Maria Risteiu

    el gato voladooooooooooooooor el gato voladooooooooooor

  93. Next step in the cat’s plans: infiltrate an Ariane V and go to space.

  94. I guess he doesn’t inspect his plane too well.

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