Rescued Baby Toucan!

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On this episode of Breaking Trail Coyote has the amazing opportunity to feed a Baby Toucan!

The rainforest dwelling Keel-Billed Toucan is world famous for its beautiful colorations and amazingly disproportionate bill size. Some of these Toucan’s bills can actually amount for up to 1/3 of their entire body length! Wow!

Now this particular Toucan chick is extremely lucky because it was rescued by the Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary in Costa Rica after falling from its nest as a hatchling. Most birds in this situation would not have survived long but because of the all the hard work of the staff at the sanctuary this little beauty will grow up to make a full return to the wild! How cool it that?!

Oh and did we mention this chick has some serious personality to boot?

Get ready to witness a Baby Toucan go bananas for its fruit breakfast!

*Big thanks to the Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary for hosting the Brave Wilderness team and to all the volunteers and staff for all the hard work they do every single day to help rehabilitate and protect Costa Rica’s incredible wildlife. Please visit their website to make a donation or to find out how you can visit this very special place in person!

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  1. TaskForceGamingHD

    That owl was so damn beautiful

  2. I thought toucans were extinct!

  3. Siberianhuskybud The Grey Wolf

    those noises lol

  4. my heart!

  5. ok coyote! You have impressed me, like rly? A toucan? I mean, look at that
    huge beak! like just wow congratulations that you can get to that close

  6. this is quality content ,, this is what I like to see

  7. Kalamazoo as

  8. I wish Mr Peterson was more real, his expressions are not believable and
    it’s making me cringe a little. Great videos on animals though!

  9. Corn Flakes Cereal

    imagine it without a beak

  10. Does It Right Son

    Is this nigga’s name really coyote?

  11. Toucan CAM ON THE TOUCAN

  12. Ninjachicken8304

    it looks like a tiny dodo

  13. Stay wild…Eat your breakfast ?

  14. why cant they go back to nature?

  15. what a great channel

  16. Im the bớt đỗ tiến

    it eats that way

  17. Since you have more than 1 million subscribers, do you have a golden play

  18. Stephanie Morton

    If the baby toucan is little how can it have big feet

  19. You are such a nice guy

  20. Dero Herp (DoubleFlow)

    Instructions not clear. Rescued a tin can.

  21. Jennifer Richard

    is it a boy or gril

  22. This was so cute. I am so much in a better mood now.

  23. Immediately I see a rovlox video about how to take care of a baby

  24. How many time have you been there

  25. His name FRUIT LOOPS!!!(•-•)

  26. Why so slobby ???

  27. I just love the sound he makes when he’s eating. Just too cute.

  28. Pixelgun3d Kings

    Is this making anyone else horny

  29. DO A VIDEO WITH A RABBIT PLS because I have a rabbit

  30. Currently eating Froot Loops while watching this

  31. i wish i have a pet waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  32. That’s how my girl eat too

  33. I have a yellow belly newt

  34. Just waiting on the episode where he shoots an animal.

  35. hi sorry for not having a video my name is Julian Solis from El Paso Texas
    and I have watch your show every since I found your Channel i watch every
    single episode and I have always loved animals especially reptiles I have
    always been the kid in class that knows everything about animals people
    just come and ask me and I was really just hoping is that you ever stop in
    Texas go to El Paso and see if you can meet me you’d be cool if you want to
    work in Waco tanks they are Mountains close to El Paso we have a lot of
    different animals there like fish we have different insects and lizards and
    snakes it’s really cool I’m just hoping to be in a episode if you did come
    it would be really awesome I have already caught many animals but with you
    the expert you would catch many more so thank you for reading and hope you
    consider this

  36. FOR COYOTE !!!

  37. All these Animals will be dead in 80 years because of western and Asian
    global warming…

  38. Whats the name of that owl in 5:13

  39. Prince Boomage Storm/ Iolite Crystal Gemsona

    Dude you do something I want to do when I get older: Care for baby animals.

  40. That is the cutest thing ever

  41. I can latterly imagine a Pokemon Tucan

  42. Awwww it looks so cute


  44. reedblahblah Reedblahblah

    YOUR A TOOL!!!!

  45. Given my name, I had to like this video.

  46. The sad thing is toucans are cannibals

  47. Costa Rica ?

  48. Just follow your nose!

  49. This video was cast un Costa Rica nacional park ?

  50. Why can’t the toucan just eat right out of the bowl?

  51. Fruit Loops, yum.

  52. rescue rehabilitate and release
    finding dory style

  53. i opened my eyes wide when he said cantaloupe

  54. can I be on your show

  55. i have a conire and a cocatiel

  56. at the start of the video I thought he was feeding him Fruit Loops xD

  57. CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. You need to feed it Froot Loops.

  59. good job!

  60. amazing what a gorgeous bird :)

  61. so so so cute

  62. let that toucan bite you, you sick freak

  63. You would be a good dad coyote

  64. people who save animals make me happy

  65. the dislikes are at 117

  66. At first I thought you were feeding it Fruit Loops.

  67. so cute!!

  68. Baby Raptors

  69. looks like it was eating the whole spoon lol


  71. so cute

  72. Oh my gosh so freaking ADORBS

  73. Birds are technically dinosaurs, and pterodactylus or pterosaur (not
    “pterodactyl”) feet are nothing like toucan’s feet.

  74. Who else clicked like before it started just because of the title ??

  75. if I had a bird I would call it albirddo

  76. bailemos con el tuca bailemos con el nazo bailemos con el tuca tuca tuca
    tuca tucanazo

  77. I have a beared dragon

  78. Awe!

  79. J WONG (imsowong)

    I melt I need to go to Costa Rica and see all the animals :D

  80. Sebastian Gutierrez

    +Hunter Avallone

  81. that is so cute

  82. soulzhunter gaming

    Baby two-can. ?

  83. Coyote, I love your channel so much! Greetings from Germany :)

  84. Kayleigh MacDowell


  85. so cute

  86. when are you going to do the bullet ant bite

  87. Why the hell are there so many toy channels in the suggestion tab

  88. Do more Videos like this Coyote Peterson!

  89. Foxy The Pirate Fox

    2:54 Coyote its a Toucan not a dog

  90. aww it cute

  91. Cute tucan and very educational

  92. The Callous Comedian

    That noise it made when eating, oh my god!

  93. Mr.Kitkat6400 Gaming

    coyote, do now really still have small dinosaur in some of the island??

  94. SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have
    a husscie and is cute and when i pet her she her eyes are cute!!!!!!!!

  95. I love when people do stuff like this

  96. knight234 cookie


  97. They are so delicious when they are small, he should have eaten it!

  98. XxAlphaDogexX love

    Aww soo cute!

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