Rescued Chimp Helps Out on Flight over Africa

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Mussa, a baby chimpanzee rescued from poachers in the Democratic Republic of Congo, appeared to be making the most of his flight to his new home, a primate rehabilitation center in another part of the country. (March 1)

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  1. To the guy who flew him out of there….thank you

  2. Cute little dindonuffin

  3. What does the first caption say?

  4. For Harambe

  5. So beautiful, and so sad. What is wrong with people, killing animals. Humans really are primitive until we evolve past this barbaric mentality. And there are too many humans on this planet, we may not get the chance.

  6. i don’t know why i’m crying in the club right now

  7. The pilot looks like he himself was in tears, bless them both!…

  8. Is this a re-enactement of when Mohammed was taking up to heaven with Buraq???

  9. You can make a difference. I started working with a group out of Zambia to protect the local wildlife from poachers and helping the local people learn to live alongside the wildlife. Please check us out at There are so many battles to be fought saving our planet, please don’t just comment, join or donate to your favorite charity, it does make a difference.

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  11. We should colonize the moon and move the whole earth’s human population there and leave earth to nature and its wildlife.

  12. Its just another Blackie getting high.

  13. Thank you 💗

  14. Project X is being remade? What?

  15. That’s nice

  16. Odious Ktenology

    Chimp, and elephant, the only intelligent animals in Africa.

  17. Awesome video and heart touching to.

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