Rescuing An Emaciated Kitten

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Meet Pipsqueak! A 2.5lb 12 week old kitten. Pip is doing much better now that he’s getting some much needed love.

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Page and Molly love you, go rescue a dog!


  1. At first i thought you said “1,000 pages a day” and i was like -__-dood

  2. Winter the Arctic Fox

    Stacy, when a cat does the little paw thing, it means that they are very happy.

  3. The pawing means they are EXTREMELY happy me and my parents call it “Making cookies “ like making cookie dough into the ball

  4. Hi Stacey, not gonna get too into it but a few years ago I learned about feeding my cats raw (I know it sounds crazy!) and I researched it very well and started feeding my kittens raw, and they’re so happy and healthy now as adults! The benefits of raw are so insane, I recommend you to just make a quick google search of and see what u think (:

  5. AirLattice9417 Gamer

    Stacy you are a good person I hope you know that. You are rescuing a kitten that was struggling. In a few weeks he is gonna be even cuter!!!! He is adorable now but he will become more cuter from now.

  6. I think you should name it buttermilque! I think that name is ADORABLE! Love you Stacy! 💕

  7. Hey Stacy u should mix his treats or something he really likes to eat with his food or something else that could gain him some weight that slowly reduce the treats till he only eats the cat food and is a good weight bc that’s wat I did with my dog wen he was a pup bc he only ever ate chicken mince so we needed to do that btw he is Adorable and my cat does the pawing thing as well and she is six so maybe it’s just something they do to stretch or feel comfortable

  8. He’s pawing at things because he was taken away from his mother too early, he wants to feed from her milk and pawing helps with the milk flow ,also it’s a comfort thing , he may try to paw at milquetoast

  9. the black cat just look like blick

  10. If your introducing Pip to Milque, make sure you introduce them in separate rooms, It would be best to put Pip in a dog crate and let Milque roam outside the crate, after a while open the crate door so they can properly introduce themselves, we did this with my cats and it worked well, also let the cats eat together, it will help with bonding.

    IMPORTANT!!! Make sure you give Pip kitten food, adult cat food doesn’t have enough nutrients.

  11. You are sooo pretty!! 😍😍

  12. I feel like its your fate and destiny to own the cats you have in dog craft. cause its way too coincidental! you saved 2 cats which apparently look like a milquetoast!!

  13. Love Ya Stace! I’m a Potato Flake Please see this stace & give me a
    shout out somewhere in a video. It Would Mean the World to me. Also I subscribed.
    PS: really glad Dogcraft & mystic Mesa are back. Keep up the good content. again love you
    and your video’s. <3 Mya. ( or Flower Freak, either way! 😉

  14. Ya your alone doing that

  15. The kitten looks just like my kitten Isla

  16. I have 4 dogs, 6 cats, 3 young kittens, 2 guinea pigs, 2 ferrets, a hamster, and 2 chickens. All of them are rescued.

  17. i rescued a cat a couple of months ago but i forgot to comment it so heres what happened, i found the cat by my house on the road so i set out some food for it and it slep it my garage that night then in the morning a chased afther her and caugt her the first thing i did was check if she was hurt she was fine so afther a couple of days she started to come to me and now i have i sweet cat i called Rainbow.

  18. My cat loves ‘temptations’ or as we call them dreamys


  20. this year my dad found a kitten on the side of the road and his lip was torn , so we gave him the milk thing from a little dropper siring thing for a while then he started to eat canned food now he looks soo good his name is shadow his YouTube is shadow the kitty 🐱

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