Rescuing Cats From Super Tall Trees

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As professional arborists, brothers-in-law Tom Otto and Shaun Sears are quite adept at climbing trees. The cats that they rescue are not. And with a plethora of trees—and cats—around Seattle, they decided to put their off hours to good use and return scared, stuck kitties to their worried owners. Working completely off donations, these two cat lovers are helping keep Seattle’s free-climbing felines grounded.

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  1. Jakub Burdajewicz

    Good Job Guys! Awesome ;)) Do they have a YouTube channel? I would love to see those rescue actions ;D

  2. I could only imagine how tragic it would be if they accidentally dropped the cat. What would they tell the owners? 😓

  3. Ur gonna go in a sack how’s that sound 😂😂😂

  4. this is such a pure thing to do, and they do most of it for free!!

  5. i thought it was a joke that cats get stuck in trees!! cause my cat used to climb trees and then found a way back down

  6. $500~$700 per rescue..? That’s a lot. I mean I know climbing trees not easy but hmm 😟

  7. Those guys just want to pet them, cats are made to survive falls.

  8. Could also expand business to drone rescue.

  9. Why cats so dumb

  10. Putting cats in bags headfirst dosent seem safe idc what u say and 500-700 is way to fukin much money

  11. how the fuck can a cat climb a tree and not climb down? explain like im 5 pls

  12. I always thought the cat stuck on a tree thing was only in movies or cartoons. Stay safe out there cats! It’s a crazy and dangerous world out there!

  13. Puts the cat down, cat sprints back up the tree

  14. This is why you have an indoor cat

  15. Keep your damn cats inside

  16. If you REALLY loved your cat that $500-$700 per rescue should have been spent on cat fencing or building a “catio”. But we can see how much they REALLY loved their cat.

  17. Dogs are better.

  18. Some part of me kind of despises the fact they take selfies and pictures with the cats they save whilst they’re still in the tree. That’s like taking a selfie with another person trapped in a building or on a roof “Hey guys, just saving another suicidal maniac trying to jump off this sky scraper ha ha! *Jumps* ohhhhhh shit” obviously that’s a bit of a stretch but it still ticks me off.

  19. This is the reason why they are called “CATS”. 😹😹😹😸

  20. They run up the trees to get away from people… smdh

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