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Pobrecita le dio tiempo de escaparse de la in Noa
Yo me acerco con una pomada y se esconde..
Y dicen que los Bull terrier no son cariñosos???


  1. Until she actually goes to veterinary school and ends up with the
    expression on her dog’s face for 4 years…vet school is rough.

  2. For those saying that it looks like this dog has been fighting or
    mistreated, i’d suggest you do some research about this particular breed of
    dog. The marks on this EBT are not bite marks or signs of mistreatment.
    it’s a common disease which effects white EBT’s, it’s a condition called
    Pyoderma AKA “White Bull Terrier Disease”.

  3. cute!

  4. SPUDS MCKENZIE!!!! WHERE THE HELL YOU BEEN?!?!? When i became old enough to
    drink Budweiser, u were gone!!!! Did Budweiser give u a bad contract, and
    now you have to babysit for money???

  5. What a sweet dog & girl ^_^

  6. Anybody else hear the Sam Cooke in the background?!

  7. Awwww <3 <3 <3

  8. 1:04 Kappa

  9. Donde consiguió el titulo? el corazón esta del lado izquierdo nena!!

  10. Awww!!

  11. Not a Pit Bull!! This is easily researched.

  12. That dog and his/her wounds…..

  13. a dog is not a toy !

  14. That dawg looks high as Fuck. 

  15. aww when i was little i use to do play vet with our english bull terrier!
    reminds me of her 🙁 even when i wrapped her legs in toilet roll as
    bandages and she ate the toilet roll and ended up pooping it all out in
    long strands afterwards :S

  16. Ahí dios que amor los perros entienden por suerte no todos son malos ni

  17. oi this is soooo cute <3

  18. Wow, what a great, loyal, and loving family dog. He can sure put up with
    alot. :)

  19. Mignon!

  20. I'm scared to take my driving test!

    She is role-playing ASMR with the dog. 

  21. it looks like a female bull terrier; theese dogs are very kind and patient
    with family’s children

  22. 1:04 “Kappa”

  23. Supercute!!! OMG, how much I love DOGS !

  24. This is just too precious. 

  25. Why does the stethoscope have a damn button?! Who built this sh**? Wtf.
    Give her one where she can really hear something. So she can try out and
    discover things.

    This is like giving her a microscope with one picture of a dolphin in it.
    Or a magnifying glass with milky plastic in it and a button that does

  26. Now. If the dog attacks the little girl and possibly kills her…blame the
    parents not the dog.

  27. What a nice dog!

  28. This is super cute…

  29. In Denmark people are scared to death by those dogs so they are outlawed
    there. Hahaha!! I wounder how many people in Denmark there is who has been
    hurt by a dog compared to as example cars, alcohol, muslims, immigration of
    non-europeans et c.. ?

  30. Where would the world be without ignorant people?

  31. Whats that song in the background??

  32. la cara del perro: que he hecho para merecer esto??!!! jajajaja

  33. Kappa

  34. I’ve never had the pleasure of having a bull terrier, but I understand
    they’re one of the absolute best family dogs. Adorable!

  35. Was the dog actually dying? He seemed he was about to pass out.

  36. hermoso y dulce!!


    No le veo nada de asombroso, muchos perros actuan de esa forma con los los
    niños, ademas la niña no lo está molestando. Es normal la actitud del

  38. OreotheAnimelover

    Aww so cute! The sweet dogs like “why’d I agree to babysit?”

  39. Quite a sweet clip and a very patient dog.

  40. His look says it all. This wasn’t what he expected when he entered the

  41. somebody’s parents better start saving for vet school or med
    school…adorable buddies .

  42. ugliest dog ever

  43. Hello ! Congratulations, your Bull Terrier is beautiful !
    He is a very quiet dog! What’s his age? My bull terrier has 1 year of age,
    but he is very impish ! Likes to play biting …

    ( I am Brazilian , sorry for my english translator google )


  44. He is so sweet! <3

  45. The girl is very rough with the poor dog! The dog looks like it is cowed??
    What is wrong with the dogs face?? This is NOT cute by any stretch of the
    imagination in my opinion anyway. Teach kids to be gentle and do not
    subject dogs to small children if they can not be gentle. Wish I did not
    watch this.

  46. The dog is like…why me!

  47. Nadia Trąbczyńska

    Przecież ten pies nic tej dziewczynce nie zrobił?

  48. piękna psinka :)

  49. What a sweet and tolerant dog. I hope the little girl continues on this
    path and becomes a vet.

  50. what a cute sharkdog.

  51. i would not trust this girl with my medical needs

  52. At one point the dog looks over at the girls mum as if to say… why do you
    let her do this to me haha poor thing but very well behaved

  53. Bully so wonderful but did you rescue her coz she has pressure sores. No
    matter what she is great with your daughter who loves playing doctor ?

  54. The dog has the same barber as Adolf Hitler :-)

  55. Dog has got some serious tingles going….

  56. Turns out that dog has liver cancer and the so-called “doctor” failed to
    perform a blood test.

  57. Poor dog !!!

  58. OMG i love this breed of dogscan anyone tell what kind of dog it is?

  59. hello

  60. Although the dog looks kind of miserable (maybe tired?) The little girl was
    very sweet and delicate to the dog, unlike other children who seem to just
    abuse the poor animals (like jumping on top of them and such) while the
    parent just records the abuse

  61. Craig outdoors man

    Take a look at our videos of Elsie our English bull terrier

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