Rex Specs: Protective Dog Goggles Are A Hit With Rescue Services

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A PACK of sporty dogs wear goggles to shields their eyes from the blinding rays of the sun. Rex Specs is the latest technological advancement in canine eye protection and are now being used by the US military to protect their heroic hounds. The product has polycarbonate lenses which are shatter resistant and protect against harmful UV rays. The specs are the brainchild of dog lovers Aiden Doane, 31, and Jesse Emilo, 33, whose love of hiking in mountainous Jackson, Wyoming, resulted in both their pooches developing harmful eye conditions.

To learn more about Rex Specs please click the following link:

Videographer / Director: Rex Specs
Producer: Mark Hodge, Nick Johnson
Editor: Sonia Estal, Kyle Waters

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  1. Max The dog lover Productions


  2. Wait until humans start wearing them as a fashion statement.

  3. sup ppl

  4. i wish i had a girlfriend

  5. looks like an advertisement slipped through the filter

    oh right… that was the actual video

  6. it’s hard enough getting the lead on my dog, never mind putting those on

  7. MIDOGAMER -ميدوغايمر‎

    أنا مغربي وانت

  8. The reason we don’t get them for the dogs is usually because its expensive
    and they try to take them off any way lol.

  9. fuk ya dog goggles

  10. dogs doesn’t need these goggles. they see black and white and huskies are
    use to the snow. their eyes are also used to the white snow especially when
    the sun hits it.
    The more we domesticate these animals the more they lose they’re ability.

  11. this is really creative and smart

  12. Seems pretty pointless to me. Dogs have survived just fine for yrs. Unless
    its an actual medical condition no point sorry but no

  13. Very interesting and helpful product for your four legged friends – Dog

  14. White people and their fucking dogs smh

  15. Very smart

  16. I read the title as “Sex Specs: Protective Dog Donggles Are A Hit With
    Rescue Services” and was like “whooooooooa”.

  17. wont it affect the field of view for the dogs …?

  18. That’s why dogs are better than cats d:

  19. Interesting. It seems to help the dogs.

  20. Dogs are the cutest thing on the planet.

  21. LOL, I love it. . .You couldn’t keep these things on my dog if my life
    depended on it. But hey, if they help some dogs, I’m all for it.

  22. I have to say those dogs look badass

  23. Where can i get some ???

  24. why don’t they just brand these ” Doggles “?

  25. therarehuskyGT S50 (thehuskygamer07 V4)

    in the snow photo. was that a Siberian husky?

  26. where can u buy these

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