Rollie, a southern three-banded armadillo, playing

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  1. Interesting thx for that mate and happy new year 2015 NYC

  2. Cutest thing ever


  4. the thumbnail looked like a dick

  5. Reminds be of BAymax haha

  6. Aw man, now i want a armadillo D:!! lol

  7. Who knew armadillos were so playful? I didn’t! Adorable.

  8. who says animals don’t have emotions?

  9. This is absolutely adorable!!

  10. Sooo Cute!! Thumbs!!

  11. Артур Зиганшин

    Prehistoric mimimi

  12. Awwww??? so cute❤

  13. omfg that is so cute

  14. hah! that was adorable! <3

  15. So Sweet! I want one! <3

  16. AWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!heshe
    IS SO CUTE!!!!!!!!??????????

  17. What a cutie- just being an armadillo and entertaining himself

  18. is that someone’s pet so small but cute

  19. Can you send me this video I live armadillos 3174354955

  20. Gloria Sapp-norris

    This is amazing

  21. Discusting

  22. jus a treat Peejay

    tbh having one of them would freak me out. they look extremely similar to
    rats.. no offence. I have a tortoise and that is enough for me…

  23. That was super cute!!!! ^.^ I want one as a house pet!!

  24. Get down, Mr. President!

  25. 0:17 OMG I’m dying, look at his little feet

  26. I wish the video was longer 

  27. OMG YESS HAHAHAHA seeing this again made my day 

  28. Videoswithhannahxxx

    Awwww watched 100 000 times jk

  29. armored pets are cute.

  30. iaed “Wyntton” deai

    so cute, i want to hug it til i explote it XD!!!! so fuckin beautiful!!! :D

  31. Mafasa Almafasa

    I want one as a pet.

  32. This is the best thing I’ve seen today. Also yesterday. 

  33. By just looking at the size of the charger thing, (sorry I forgot the name)
    the Armadillo is quite small 😉 It’s so cute!

  34. Armadillos are fairly high up on my list of what’s good in life.

  35. Jellybean gymnast

    That is sooo cute whaen he walks and when he attacks the toy

  36. Nice job

  37. At school we watched it and my teacher said that she wants one now.p.s I
    want one too cause they r soooooooooooooooooooo

  38. Rollie is so cute! 🙂 <3

  39. Pretty cute!! I think it’s interesting that all armadillos give birth to
    identical quadruplets!! :)

  40. AW~!!! That’s Super CUTE~!!!

  41. Mackeyjay Lozada

    Everyone saying there cute but are they mean I wanna no 

  42. Armadillos play? I never knew.

  43. Can someone explain: if a horse plays in this way, it’s defensive practice,
    and a kitten, it’s hunting practice, but for an armadillo, what is the root
    of this behavior? Is it reproductive (though that seems a little violent)?
    If anyone knows or has an educated guess please share!

  44. Anyone here from sourcefed?

  45. they way it walks!

  46. Caesar J. Castano del Robledo

    Wow I Love This Story….
    Instant Hot Karma!

  47. Why tell us you own the copyright of this video .. What the fuck you twat
    !! Who is going to give a flying shit at this pathetic piece of nonsense

  48. Ok now everybody who sees this video knows armadillos are cute, but please
    if you want a pet go adopt a shelter cat or dog for dog’s sake!

  49. That was some exorcist shit right there 

  50. *The cutest fact about Armadillos:*

    Armadillos are the only other animals besides humans to host the leprosy

    *cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute !!!*

  51. Phimphaka Kaewkern

    i love them xxx

  52. Janina Flowerheart

    why do i love the way it walks so much omg

  53. While everyone else would be like “oh, I want a new dog or cat!” I’d be
    sitting there like “I want an armadillo”.

  54. so cute

  55. An old mattress on the side of the road
    – inviting arms to walter and mira
    – “jump with me!”
    My phone hits the cold ground
    – shrugging it off
    – “that was already there”
    The guy guarding the back door
    – laughing faces through slats in the fence
    – “we’re definitely not letting THEM in”
    A beer at a friend of a friend’s
    – turning heads to talk to each other
    – “…….i need a cigarette”
    A smooth exit
    – squeezing through a conglomerate of girls
    – “who is that? I don’t even know her”
    An unanswered call
    – scratching glass against my ear
    – “just calling to say hi….”
    (day 9)

  56. Spookylady InSanDiego

    Hee hee hee hee it’s like a tiny tank that rolls!

  57. that’s the new move…Don’t make me go all armadillo on ya

  58. Snuggly and cute as a button, thank you!

  59. awuuuuuuuu how is rollie doing today? still playing with teddy bear? uwu

  60. Daniel Herrera Pereira

    It’s sad that here in Latin America this beautiful animal it’s a nice piece
    of meat for poor people

  61. in my country this animal is a delicacy i kid you not,…………thats one
    lucky armadillo

  62. awe

  63. If you’re from Texas, this video is amazing because we never see these damn
    things alive

  64. It’s sonic’s old friend mighty the armadillo

  65. EXCELLENT Jiu Jitsu skills

  66. it looks like it’s walking on its tippy-toes

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