San Diego Zoo Unveils Three New Tiger Cubs

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The San Diego Zoo’s three newest Sumatran tiger cubs made their public debut on Tuesday, quickly making a home out of the maternity exhibit at the Tull Family Tiger Trail. (April 27)

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  1. Is it the 2016 model?

  2. Yummy Mummy. x :)

  3. Release them into the wild where they belong.

  4. I’ll have to visit this weekend.

  5. Rattus Norvegicus

    They would have more fun if they were set free.

  6. They belong in the wild, not a zoo.

  7. Beautiful

  8. Awwwwwwwww :3

  9. So cute!On another note, 6 comments and trending?

  10. Poor bastards born in Animal exploitation & trafficking, will never know
    and die in there prisons, just for our entertainment.

  11. Dear idiots in the comment section: If it wasn’t for zoo’s, these tigers
    would be 100% extinct and NO ONE would be able to enjoy them. Don’t be so
    damned ignorant.

  12. Houston from houston

    hi Lori

  13. They are so cute

  14. sumatran or sumatra?
    from indonesia. right?

  15. My brother’s name is Nelson, too. Please, please, please… release him
    into the exhibit. He wants to play with the tigers.

    ??? God save us!

  16. Jo-Ann, Nelson, Cathy, Debbie.
    That’s all the proof I need. Reincarnation is true!!!

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