Scared Pregnant Pit Bull Learns to Trust Through Cuddles | The Dodo

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Scared Pregnant Pit Bull Learns to Trust Through Cuddles | When people found this scared dog on the street, they had no idea she was about to have babies. She’s transformed into SUCH a cuddle bug now, but the best part is watching her with her tiny little boy 💞

Follow April’s foster family on Instagram to help find forever homes for more pitbulls: You can also support April’s rescuers at Fresno Humane Animal Services:

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  1. I would cuddle that dog as well

  2. I love dodo !

  3. I say this a lot but this is so cute

  4. What an absolutely beautiful and super happy dog. Thank God for her Mom, to have believed in her and took her into her cuddling arms.

  5. Awww so cute

  6. cuddles are therapeutic!!!

  7. Love pitties and they are simply gorgeous!They are friendly and love adventures!!Thank you Dodo for this lovely video!🐶💖💓💜

  8. April is just like human who needs both love and compassion!Pit bull is one of the friendiest dog who loves cuddles and kisses!! Ilove pitties and the Dodo!!💜🐶

  9. I, a Joseph Stalin, wants 1,000 subs

    protec all doggos

  10. Ah yes , another amazing video
    This made my day again
    Thxs Dodo 😍😍😍🤗

  11. She’s such a sweet dog.. Too cute!!! All of them.

  12. Always a good deed, love holds us .

  13. All so cute!

  14. beautiful mama!… and a great human mama too!.. great job!.. thank you
    where does dodo get all this great footage of such heart warming animals?

  15. Whenever I hear about or see a video of “dangerous Pit Pulls”, I see the problem person right behind them. It’s NEVER the dog, it is always the pitiful people who “own/torture” them.

  16. Thanks.😍

  17. This is so precious it made me cry a little :’) also, the dogs name is April and one of her puppy’s name is Andy? Is that a Parks and Rec reference?

  18. Cuddles do wonders! ❤🐶

  19. Beautiful, beautiful. What a wonderful thing you did with April!

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