Scooter Dog: Norman The Dog To Be Guinness World Record Breaker

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Scooter Dog: Norman The Dog To Be Guinness World Record Breaker

SKILLFUL bike-riding dog Norman has set a new world record for traveling unaided by SCOOTER. Norman made history by scooting 30 metres in under 30 seconds in Georgia, USA. Owner and trainer Karen Cobb says Norman aced the attempt in 20.75 second – but is still waiting on Guinness verification.


  1. Those are some huge arse fucking paws! D:

  2. This is so awesome!

  3. Soo cute

  4. Jaffa Willcumforyou

    Top lel

  5. Alf? is that you?

  6. Awwwwwwww so cute!

  7. Now this is one of the BETTER videos on youtube! Lol!

  8. efleshing gashtornet

    Haha super duper cool dog!

  9. I saw a vine about this

  10. He’s so cute and talented. ;3

  11. jumpy shits on norman

  12. Awwwww

  13. Scooter Dog Is World Record Breaker

    Skillful bike-riding #dog Norman has set a new #worldrecord for traveling
    unaided by #scooter Norman made history by scooting 30 metres in under 30
    seconds in Georgia, USA.

  14. Such an awesome dog

  15. I’m convinced. The people who dislike videos like this are all trolls.

  16. omg!!!!!:D

  17. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!! Norman, you’re a very clever, beautiful and adorable
    boy!!! Love you!! xxxxxxx

  18. love it!!

  19. Sweet dog!!!!

  20. OMG. HOW cute.

  21. like if u watch right now

  22. Can he tail whip?

  23. thats awesom! an the best part is the dog looks super happy aswell!

  24. Thats one awesomedog but the MOST EPIC ONE ASWEll.

  25. thats awesome, teach him ride bicycle next ;D

  26. ok nvm that, commented too quickly…

  27. How absolutely incredible … AMAZING … AWESOME. I’d love to give NORMS a
    huge HUG. Love from ~Durban ~ South Africa~ xox

  28. finally a non-traumatizing barcroft videi

  29. 0:55 made my day

  30. WE DA BEST brehhbrehhbrehh

    bow wow wow yipi yow doggy dog in the housee

  31. – talk about dedication. great owner and awesome dog 🙂

  32. I was one of the people that thumbed this video down. And if you have to
    ask, you’re too damn thick for an answer! Thank you very much!

  33. such a nice dog

  34. Your also an attention whore!

  35. Oh shit!!!

  36. Norman the dog love his scooter but then again he also will do anything for
    a treat. damn people need to stop treating animals like a human.

  37. He’s as awesome as Air Bud xD

  38. Dog owner: she’s doing it right.

  39. I can’t even ride a scakeboard! Smart dog 🙂

  40. Skate board*

  41. At least try to be original. Well there you go, you got my attention. What
    was that you said?

  42. Awwwwwwwwwwwwww ><

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  44. he is not riding no bike. give me a brake. he is sittong on it. when he
    starts pedaling. you let me know. dear lord

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  48. Him as a puppy

  49. He’s bigger than his owner! 😀

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  51. I disliked

  52. I like that dog

  53. 0:54 Real life Chewbacca

  54. Coolllaaa

  55. man this can do more than me in 20.00 o.o

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  57. Just wait until he starts driving cars…

  58. what dog is that?

  59. Shut up and take my money

  60. It’s a fernch sheep dog

  61. They grow up so fast

  62. Cute 🙂


    that’s amazing

  64. Get that dog a car

  65. Chewbacca! kkk

  66. I want this dog

  67. Omg

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  69. Awesome!

  70. Joel Arcoable 1 TV. Canal OFICIAL

    good videos

  71. This dog should be president.

  72. how did that happen I wach a vide to and there was a dog in a big wave and
    he did not fall down

  73. way to represent Norm !!!

  74. 100th comment! AWWW

  75. Now it’s time to teach Norman how to drive.

  76. That is amazing!

  77. It’s only fitting that his name is Norman.

  78. DrPunchOutgaming¡

    I hope she teaches him how to drive

  79. Jajaaja

  80. Rompstir rompson

    Its the real mr peabody.

  81. I wish I had this dog

  82. littleteethkeith

    It’s amazing what a woman with a couple of jars of peanut butter can train
    a dog to do. 

  83. Am I the only one that notices that his knees aren’t backward

  84. this dog is a horror

  85. Clay & Sarah Rasmussen

    Norman totally needs to learn how to rip the rip-stick!

  86. Amazing dog train by amazing trainer, must have put a lot of time and money
    to bring that dog to performed that way. 

  87. I live in canton where Norman lives! As a matter of fact, that looks like
    my neighborhood in this video. Bridgemill??

  88. why humanity? why? just why??

  89. I go to school with normans owners daughter

  90. can you please tech her to ride a bicke?

  91. HeelsDown ToesUp55

    That dog is so smart! My dog still runs into windows XD

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