Senior dog abandoned by his family and lived on the streets alone for a year!

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  1. Where is Eldad?

  2. I hope the owners see this and rightfully shoot themselves in the head.

  3. Should put the owners out on the street when they are elderly! Let them freeze, burn up in the heat, go hungry, have people attack them…it takes a sick person to just leave your animals behind like that.

  4. How about all the homeless people? Nah, we don’t need to help them. Dogs are way more important. If this video were about a human being no one would care.

  5. Beautiful to watch what a lovely dog please let him go to a loving caring family he deserves that much he’s getting old now live the rest of his days happy and been Abel to trust people again thankyou to all what helped these lovely dog your all hero’s thankyou

  6. “but he did not trust the trap” as would anyone. I just that it was funny.

  7. Who else cried when watching this

  8. I want to adopt every dog yall has so i can spoil them with all the love

  9. I have met people who would abandon animals, these people are the ones you actually wish they are killed by a bus.

  10. f89fiadsuofijoadsioj

    i kind of feel bad for the people who are without homes you know.

  11. Thank you for helping him and all the wonderful pups you all rescue and give love too ❤

  12. At 2:00 anyone know where that is? The hills and stuff in the back?

  13. Oh man, a dog lived on the streets for a year? How unforgivable! Kids in africa couldve eaten that dog

  14. Now they will train the dog so he can seek revenge on those who betrayed him.

  15. Who could do something like what was done to this dog, only someone with no heart or conscious. I wonder what will happen to the person who did this when he gets old. I would take the dog in but not the person who did this to a precious dog.

  16. I will never understand how people can abandon a family member…heartless

  17. Music Maven Publishing

    God Bless Him and God Bless YOU!!! 💜💜💜💜

  18. Great job Lisa. You really have the canine touch. I thank God for you and for the foster folks. A whole year left homeless. It’s difficult to imagine.

  19. low key this actually made me cry…

  20. I’m just so glad to see that there’s still good people in this world who actually care and help others especially when it comes to animals god bless all of these animal rescuers

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