Serenading the cattle with my trombone (Lorde – Royals)

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  1. Looks like they’re all jamming to it

  2. You’ve got your own City in Germany. check out Google for “Klingenberg am
    Main “

  3. what song is this?

  4. ah, zulu is just how i remember it.

  5. not trying to be racist, but this vid reminded me of slavery.
    liked the music and cows tho.

  6. do they whip their tails more when they’re excited? I know they do that
    some normally, but it seems like they do it a lot as they get closer. any
    cow farmers know?

  7. What’s the song at the end called?

  8. I love how the cattles are mooing along xD

  9. Cute! cows lining up for a free concert ;)

  10. lol this is pure genius

  11. The Great Mr. Gabe

    Time to play spot the vegan!

  12. The cow-pied piper.

  13. So cool that the cows join in at the end!

  14. Great video

  15. ladies love a musician.

  16. this proves um… animals, in this case cows, do enjoy music?


  18. GREAT ! ! !

  19. my horses do the same thing when i play my trombone

  20. Nice! really cool

  21. Found this video in a Ronda Rousey fights playlist

  22. how? what the hell?

  23. I love the cows running in on the top-left, like “Oh shit, did we miss it?”

  24. Biggest Smegma Smuggler on YOUTUBE

    Never seen a Bic Mac moving and then come listen to a trombone? What the
    fuck. I eat big mac. It goes in my stomach and comes out brown from my

  25. awwww……look at them come a running….<3

  26. I think this is awesome


  28. wow…the cows come to a free concert…. very2 cool!!!

  29. lmao great

  30. KLINGENBERG !! …..

  31. Any animal sciences people know why they are so attracted? Is it really
    that they like the music or do they perceive the sound as a potential

  32. Thats sooo cool :D

  33. This is literally one of the greatest-ever submissions to Youtube. Well
    done, Farmer. :)

  34. Musica Vocal School

    As a politician before the election… ;)

  35. OMG!!!! That is too funny!!!

  36. Synaesthetic Nemophilist

    Used by Maria Canas…

  37. “My Milkshake” would have been funnier.

  38. 3:47 “Let’s Go, Blue!”

  39. man you train this fans is not one to two days story it may take since you
    are child lol great work man amazing video i ever see in natural calling

  40. Mooo thats my song love this vid

  41. I love the last part!

  42. How To Do Nothing

    When you say you have gum at school.

  43. they would like rap more

  44. My trombone brings all the cows to the yard

  45. Brenda Anderson-Coley

    You can say honestly, that you regularly perform to a “herd of a crowd.” .
    and they just flock to watch you play, and they sing along and everything

  46. Fake!

  47. Robert L. Sneed (Artist Rob)

    Hmmm something about this video..

  48. I wonder if they think its a calf that is crying or something..

  49. lmao so epic. looks like some of the cows were forming a mosh pit. and did
    i hear, “someones in the kitchen with dyna”? hahahaha

  50. I love how they moo’d along at the end.

  51. how this is awsome

  52. One of the coolest, most awesome videos ever!

  53. That really gets the cows MOOOVING

  54. I actually really liked this! Must be nice to be sitting there playing your
    trombone for your cows!

  55. The huns are coming!

  56. Just behind the camera is the slaughter house.

  57. T-bones everywhere.

  58. Find me those cattle, and fetch me those cattle,
    And have those cattle, and hold those cattle,
    And bring those cattle home.

  59. Why is this in a playlist for ronda rousey fight?

  60. It’s so cute how the cows slowly emerge from the horizon xD

  61. Amazing – I wonder what they r thinking?

  62. Hard to believe over 1,200 people gave this vid a thumbs down.

  63. Some ranchers think yodeling is the way to go but clearly the trombone is
    the better.


  65. Wonder if it works on elephants too…? ??

  66. Ha ha watch the cow in the middle….bee lining the guy LOL

  67. Play “la vaca” next please.

  68. You’re like Pied Piper of Hamelin.. But for cows.
    Rock on!

  69. LMFAO!

  70. play and they will come

  71. this is soooo cuuute I love ittt

  72. i love his music too

  73. that is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool

  74. Happy cows give better milk/meat. I’d pay more knowing the cows were
    treated like this.

  75. couldnt have picked a shittier song tho

  76. Clarinet Playing Llama

    Hahaha, the cows are mooing along ?

  77. What instrument hypnotizes Alpaca? I’m from town of not under 20K, but
    under 20. You call yourself country.

  78. Lorde comcert for cows

  79. Go vegan!

  80. She asked me how to spell Orange

    This is so cute

  81. cowchella 2014

  82. RAWR “ThatOneArtist” C:

    he has an audience

  83. Screw being a professional all formal like I would like to summon a whole
    heard of cows instead

  84. The motherfucking cows heard the trombone over a damn hill. How loud is
    that trombone?

  85. Kanka amına koyayım bakma dedim.

  86. Cows are so curious.

  87. That is the coolest thing ever!!!!! Wow that’s an easy like!!! I play
    trombone too?

  88. When he does the slides they sing with him. I’m just sayin’

  89. I never seem to finish all my foooooooooooooooood…
    I always get a doggy bag… from the waiter…
    And I take it home.
    Save it for laaaaaaaaaaater.

  90. Дима Ермолаев


  91. that is too funny. you make hunting sooo simple now…thx

  92. How did 1300 people dislike this?

  93. What if this is like ASMR for cows?

  94. Mirkwood Descendant

    I love this video! The thought of this man taking his chair and his
    instrument out to the meadow each evening, and playing to call his cattle
    is just awesome! So quirky and cool!

  95. So this is the song of the death?
    Next move…

  96. If this was the middle east, they would behead the farmer for witch craft.

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