Simon’s Cat Logic – Crazy Time

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Simon’s Cat Logic is a fun new series where we speak to a Cat Behaviour Expert at Cats Protection ( about why cats do the silly things they do, and how we can help our cats lead happy and healthy lives.

English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese and Russian.

Look out for our new Valentine’s film ‘Tough Love’ to be released next week!!

‘Off to the Vet’ was completed in 2015. It is currently being submitted to film festivals and only available to our Indiegogo Funders via our Private Production blog. Thank you for your support!

Directed by: Chris Gavin
Producer: Emma Burch
Cat Expert: Nicky Trevorrow
Animation & Graphics: Simon Tofield
Junior Designer: Liza Nechaeva
Music: Russell Pay

Directed by: Simon Tofield
Animation: Laura Nailor
Sound: Shrooty
Music: Russell Pay
Executive Producer: Mike Bell
Producer: Emma Burch
Production Assistant: Edwin Eckford
Brand Manager: Mike Cook

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Q. What software do you use?
A. Simon’s Cat is made using Adobe Flash / TV Paint animation software.

Q. Why does it take so long to make each Simon’s Cat film?
A. Even though the films are made on computer software, they are still hand-animated in a traditional manner, frame to frame. It usually takes between 12 and 25 drawings to create 1 second of a Simon’s Cat film.

Q. Do you have an online shop?
A. Yes!

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  1. dogs do this too

  2. called a “catfit”where I’m from. Really good advice here though :)

  3. 3:32 spider cat, spider cat, it can do whatever a spider can.

  4. 3:40 is so enveloped in is book that he doesn’t notice pots falling. 3:42
    but not enough that he can move the fruit bowl out of the way.

  5. my fuzzbutt was being crepuscular during the segment, twas spot on

  6. This is not a funny video!!!!!!!!!!!! ???? ?

  7. I actually get like that, myself. Some times I get a major case of cabin
    fever or have been sitting for a long time and I started pacing around my
    room really quickly to burn off that excess energy. ^_^;

  8. my cat has been extra crazy lately. I try to play with her more right
    before bed hoping she’ll sleep… lol… not really working.

  9. I like that new series of video! Really looking forward to learning more
    about those little furballs! =)

  10. 3:02 Nice way to describe it.

  11. Deenice High Fashion

    only reason I clicked on this is because the girl I’m tryna get at likes
    cats ?

  12. Спасибо!!! =)

  13. very helpful! thanks

  14. steps sound :D

  15. I don’t have a cat :’)

  16. Did the cat fall of the table at 2:16? :’)

  17. Beautiful! I like so much this video :D

  18. I have “The Great Tail Chase”. My Tortie Girl does this on “The Perch”. A
    Highboy chest of drawers with a bookshelf on it. The LOWEST level of the
    shelf has NOTHING on it and she will chase her tail thumping up against the
    sides of the shelf. The Thumping is HOW I know another episode of the Great
    Tail Chase is in progress. : )

  19. Here at home we call a recess time! :)

  20. Даниил Голубятников

    Хорошо, что есть субтитры )

  21. Dang you figured me out

  22. German subtitles with actual grammar and correct translations? am i

  23. Маргаритка Зотова

    Я тут что одна русская?!

  24. Отличное видео! Ждем новых серий! ?

  25. Daniela mini (DRN)

    We have 2 cats, one old one 11 years, he is lazy just laying around … The
    small one is 1,5 year old, and hes cracy times is dangderouse for us, as he
    is then all over the place, just like in your cartoon! And some days he can
    go for hours! Or even twice a day ?

  26. Przyznać się kto dodał polskie napisy ?! xD

  27. Really nice! Good information!

  28. Thank you so much

  29. Captain Sum Ting Wong

    That cat sounds like Curious George

  30. Саймон, когда будет новая серия про кота? )

  31. Зубогрыз ЕвгенСергеевич

    Это для идиотов чтоли ?, был весёлый и смешной мульт, теперь несут какую-то
    пургу для детей дошкольного возраста

  32. Yet another reason I prefer dogs.

  33. My cat does that too

  34. ? my cat runs all over my couch too

  35. i love when my cats are on the side and crawl along the couch like that

  36. Строгий Лёх

    Больше сисек!

  37. LOL! Terra the cat was feisty like that many year ago. And so is Sasha now.


  39. ?????????????????

  40. Dee “Danielle Reed” . Ghost

    Id also like to add catnip drives my cat crazy. Normally I at least think
    of catnip inducing a more purring happy kitty content vibe but not with my
    cat. Catnip drives him absolutely bonkers so much its akin to possibly
    giving someone some hallucinogenic and overdose of caffeine at the same
    time. He just gets absolutely mental. After we took the catnip away though
    he is perfectly fine. Im just wondering if anyone else’s cat had a similar

  41. Nicely done!! Thanks Simon!!!

  42. Simon reads his book backwards

  43. Am I the only one seeing the cat chewing on the weed?

  44. #catlogic: god yes! Holy grailhow do I make him stop him when he murders
    all of the toys I make?!?!!? 

  45. I just had to stop ordering my cats favorite mice toys because i found out
    the fake fur was actually hair from dogs and cats !!!! i ended up buying
    cotton twine , even had to change my house slippers because of same problem

  46. Our family’s cat doesn’t do it, but she can go outside almost whenever she
    wants. (Even so, she prefers to stay inside most of the time.) Our cat also
    doesn’t like playing with crumbled paper balls or things like that anymore.
    (Don’t worry, she is perfectly fine except of a heart-condition which we
    never notice.)

  47. our cat kept on bringing in mice and letting them loose in the house
    for years we couldnt figure out why
    untill i realized
    she was teaching us how to hunt
    and when we caught the mouse for her enough times she stopped bringing them
    in alive

  48. Camilla Dyre Frank

    2:14 that cat fell right down the fuckin table but they just continued doin
    the video

  49. Watch the cat from 2:11-2:16!!!

  50. My kitty kat is crazy, she runs around like this a lot, especially when she
    is upset.??

  51. Yes all three of mine do. It’s called the death cry because in the wild
    they actually kill something and they are letting you know what they did.
    Mine also gave me a dead lizard as a present for me. I guess to show their
    love. I just love cats!!

  52. My cat Luna will lead my mum to bed, make sure she is all tucked in, and
    then go and find the kittin, Splat, for a game of Bash Tag. Where they run
    up and down the stairs, bounce off the couch, in and out of the kitchen
    while they chase each other and bash at each other to tag them. This is
    pretty much guaranteed to happen everytime my mum goes to bed

  53. Why does my cat always puke up her food?

  54. Pam Miller (surferpl)

    We call it the “nighttime sillies.”

  55. Crazy time, or as some of us call it, CAT FIT!!!

    So that’s why they do that! I’ve learned something new today. Thanks!

  56. Really cool video, Thanks You, Simon :)

  57. it looks like the cat fell on the floor in 04:50

  58. I call it having a funny five

  59. this series is great!

  60. I like the sideway crawl across the bottom of the couch.

  61. My cat never does this… Is that bad?

  62. i love cat but i have asama :(

  63. елизавета николаева

    вы все чтоли по английски розговариваете

  64. Yo help me get back on the streets dog.

  65. my cat disappeared a few months ago and I have no clue what happened.

  66. Simon turned his page to the right…. Manga?

  67. Lena der Dishwasher

    My friends cat is running down and upstairs every morning??
    But then she was running outside and did’nt Come back .-.

  68. we have 6 cats and all of them are half outside cats.. they spend most of
    time outside but they also are inside when they want to…they never do
    this as they have their instincts and hunt birds and mice in our garden
    plus they have ton of toys.. every normal cat owner knows that cats need
    toys and then they do NOT do this crazy run DUH

  69. Great idea to explain all those behaviours!!!
    My tree-coloured cat is also crazy one 😀 I love how you showed the moment
    of waking up… Like “omg! it’s coming!!!”

  70. that was so funny!!??…and my cats doing this sometimes!!?….and my

  71. Rachael Baker (Fluffy unicorn god)

    my cat plays catch with Lego tiers for some reason

  72. My cat likes to play “hide and seek” when she’s like this. It means, that i
    look at her and then hide my face. It’s like she’s hunting me and it’s
    super adorable!

  73. BORING!!!!!!! Don’t waste ur time.:- :- :-

  74. I’ll love this series for sure.

  75. So funny ! Yes, I recognise this completely ! Pusskat & Riley go at
    different times around 4am each night and if I dont feed them at 5am World
    War Three can be anticipated : Thanks Simon you are just lovely :)

  76. Great video! Minor nitpick: He turned the book page from left-to-right,
    which is backwards for a western-style book.

  77. 0:34 ganja is my meditation ganja in my brain btw jk

  78. I love this cat!

  79. mine is jumping in the early morning onto my stomac……and i feel like a
    trampolin…..sometimes….hahahaha….but it works, than i am really wide

  80. That was interesting and very educational too! I didn’t know any of those
    things about cats and I had one for about a decade or so.

  81. like!!!)))

  82. Stunning Bubbles (Tia)

    My cat doesn’t like any type of toy, I’ve gotten many different kinds, the
    fishing rod, little mice toys, lazer, etc. The only thing he likes is hair

  83. Melody Vandenheuvel

    Does anyone’s cat make a clicking noise? Like almost like a bird chirping?
    My cat does this when she’s watching the birds out of the window

  84. Kitty rips, I call them.. Samhain is near 9, has no interest in lasers or
    jingle balls any more, but she still tries to tear the place up. Open the
    door, and out she literally shoots. I have a wood rack in the kitchen she
    sharpens her claws on. Suits me fine, as it is 2×4’s and a piece of

  85. My 2 elderly kitties (15) run the length of my apt and end up behind the
    dresser… I have no idea how they manage to turn around there, but after
    some yowls and odd noises, they come tearing back out to do it again. I
    call it playing Crazy Kitty. ^_^

  86. When my cats have this kind of moment, I call it “spaz mode”. I used to
    warn company that my male cat will seem to lunge for the face but be sure
    not to move, he is just trying to jump onto the back of the couch and likes
    to spook you by grazing past your face. When I tell them not to move or
    they may get scratched, it always freaks them out.

  87. Ozzi Cat - Australian National Cat Magazine

    Lovely!! 😀 Thank you for making this one 🙂 xox Natalie

  88. Ahahahahaah crazy time…. My cat ?

  89. мой кот бесится если он увидит лазер. Стрынный он

  90. kkk amo simon’s cat dou liki em tds ♥♡♥♥ ^-^

  91. so true XD

  92. Has anyones cat meows for food, but then they see what your going to eat
    and want yours instead lol.?

  93. My cat is 10 and still goes crazy (he went nutty yesterday). He will sit on
    the window ledge sometimes and if he sees a bird in the garden, he does a
    little chirrup noise! It’s so sweet (not for the birds though, if he ever
    caught them – not that we allow him to go out if there are any on the

  94. Oh, thats realy interesting. Because our vet sad, that the reason for the
    crazy time of cats is the “taurin” in the cat food. It’s the same element
    that we found in red bull.

  95. My cat tried to order a full scale trebuchet on-line, she was down to
    adding the account number on the laptop when she saw us and did a four paw
    key press and shut everything down and then acted like she was this stupid
    cuddly normal cat, which she wasnt. She was also a great hunter, she sat by
    the mousetrap waited and when the mouse got trapped she would proudly come
    with it to us, so she used tools.

  96. i once had one that slammed right into a glass door (from the shower)
    during “crazy time”, he wasn’t hurt or anything i think he recovered in
    about 10 seconds and then went straight back to going completely nuts^^

  97. polisy! !!!!!!!!!!!!?

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