Simon’s Cat Logic – How Do Cats Stay So Clean!?

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How do Cats Keep So Clean!?
Simon’s Cat Logic is a fun new series where we speak to a Cat Behaviour Expert at Cats Protection ( about why cats do the silly things they do, and how we can help our cats lead happy and healthy lives.

SUBTITLES AVAILABLE IN: English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese and Russian.

Directed by: Chris Gavin
Producer: Emma Burch
Cat Expert: Nicky Trevorrow
Animation & Graphics: Simon Tofield
Junior Designer: Liza Nechaeva
Production Manager: Rebecca Warner-Perry
Associate Producer: Edwin Eckford
Music: Russell Pay

Directed by: Simon Tofield
Animation: Nick Wade
Clean Up: Isobel Stenhouse
Sound: Russell Pay
Producer: Emma Burch
Executive Producer: Mike Bell

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A. ‘Off to the Vet’ was completed in 2015. It is currently being submitted to film festivals and only available to our Indiegogo Funders via our Private Production blog. Thank you for your support!

Q. What software do you use?
A. Simon’s Cat is made using Adobe Flash / TV Paint animation software.

Q. Why does it take so long to make each Simon’s Cat film?
A. Even though the films are made on computer software, they are still hand-animated in a traditional manner, frame to frame. It usually takes between 12 and 25 drawings to create 1 second of a Simon’s Cat film.

Q. Do you have an online shop?
A. Yes!

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  1. The ending was to funny

  2. Oh I had to recently bathe my long haired girl. We’d used baby oil to
    remove some tough mats from the old girl and kitty wipes were removing it.
    So in to the sink she went! I came out unscathed and to our surprise she’s
    now grooming herself like she did when she was younger. Guess she doesn’t
    want to go back into the drink! 🙂 #SimonsCatLogic

  3. glad to see your still doing these. 🙂 back few years ago use to go to
    sleep to these

  4. Jon'Vieve TheInfamous

    love the episode but i disagree.. cats need baths too… if i dont bathe my
    cats lolah especially…every few momths the amount of sheded hair will
    take over the whole house lol and some times lolah gets this stinky cat
    breath/butt smell in her fur… i figure she doesnt always start head to
    toe lmaoo

  5. my daughter learned that the tiny barbs on a cat’s tounge are called

  6. Love it — so cute!!

  7. ultra electro house

    my cat is the same as teddy

  8. Cat Behaviour Expert is well fit! >.<

  9. That kitten was sooo adorable Simon! :D

  10. My cat got little clumps of fur on his back; I think he can’t reach there.
    But he hates brushes. Anyone has a tip for getting these clumps out?

  11. I'm On Your Roof

    I had a cat named ‘Spot’ who licked her stomach bare, as well as patches on
    her legs. The vet said I could either give her an expensive anti-depressant
    or learn to live with it. After a brief discussion with Spot, we concluded
    that I was fine with her look if she was. She remained that way for a few
    years, and then eventually decided to let her fur grow back. She was a
    funny old cat.

  12. Adorable!

  13. If Nikki would like to assist me in grooming my own fur, she is quite

  14. oooh my goodness, my cat HATES grooming over all ^^ but she cleans herself
    so perfectly she has ultimate fluffy fur :3

  15. My cat Oreo gets thise grass seeds too.

  16. Genesis Calderón (ZimVader0017)

    Whenever my cat licks my hands, she tends to bite my fingers. Not
    painfully, though, very gently and just adding a bit of pressure. She also
    does this to the dog, holding him down sometimes when she “cleans” him
    (she’s bigger than him and takes advantage of that). What does that mean?

  17. The Cake is not a Vlog

    One of my cats licked all of the fur off his bit, a third of his tail and
    his thighs. So bad that he broke the skin. It had us really worried for a

    Then I started paying *less* attention to him, and he stopped.

    Cats are weird

  18. GTA_Noob_Nico -PS4-

    awwwwww ❤❤❤


  20. troublesomecorsair

    but when a cat stops cleaning itself….


  21. My baby, Ea Sil, is so low maintenance that all I have to do is hold the
    brush & she will groom herself.

  22. I don’t get why I don’t see ads on this channel. How are these people
    funding this operation.

  23. Cartoon Simon got what he deserved that time. ;-)

  24. hey cats still needs baths sometimes

  25. theblackrosedaughter

    I given my 3 year old male about I’d say…….3-4 good baths since I found
    him as a kitten….all of those times were nessesary though ( he got pretty
    darn dirty ) Most of the time though I’ll just give him a good brush, which
    he loves…hehe he’ll even get excited when he sees me with the brush xD
    Other than that….he cleans himself like a champ.

  26. Those plushies behind you, Simon, are adorable. 🙂 Keep creating. 🙂 God
    bless you! :)

  27. Simon, we would love to see more of the little bit you did on your own
    black cat. That was adorable.

  28. My far black cat likes to roll in dirt. he come in just over ed and I have
    to wash him off with damp paper towels, which he hates, before he gets on
    my bed.

  29. How about undergrooming and not cleaning dirty areas ?
    I have a problem with my cat, I brush him daily but he still gets heavy
    mats every year. Needs shaving. Not sure what the best solution would be,
    he’s an 8yo. half maine-coon.

  30. Moustache cat!!! We need him on regular basis)

  31. So cute lol

  32. I’ve heard that grooming keeps their scent to a minimum making prey
    stalking easier.. whether that’s true or not I definitely think rolling in
    sticky seeds helps camouflage one’s scent. I remember when ours would come
    in with these weird little green sticky things all over them. They smelled
    pretty nice actually

  33. we are really good friends with my cat Richie, he always is right beside
    and he is very lovely little boy. BUT he always groom himself after I or
    someone else touches him 🙁 I don’t care about others, but why he does it
    after me… :(

  34. 5 of my 6 cats will climb in the bath with me and lay on my chest with only
    their heads out of the water. One likes to shower with my husband. They’re
    all rescues. Actually, three of my previous cats did this too. All of them
    will mutually groom with the dogs as well. Blowing stereotypes left, right,
    and center!

  35. classystegosuarus

    My older cat absolutely HATES being brushed on his tummy, and usually
    spends the most amount of time grooming that part of himself. He even licks
    his little tum right before a nap!

  36. I have a black cat that sounds a lot like Teddy. She spends most of her
    non-play, non-hunting waking hours grooming. She isn’t a pathologically
    compulsive groomer as Nicky talked about there; it’s just that her fur is
    so thick that it genuinely needs a *lot* of grooming. She drags in the
    grass seeds too, of course, but I think ours are larger because the brush
    takes them out just fine.

    Fortunately, she has the longest tongue of any cat I’ve ever seen.
    Otherwise grooming would be very hard for her. But he’s also has a habit of
    licking any human body parts in the vicinity of her head. Which is fine for
    the first minute or so, but then the tongue starts to get really irritating.

    Of course, she loves getting brushies. So does one of our other cats,
    short-haired but with a very dense coat, who has taken to meowing just like
    her when he wants it.

  37. My cats also get jealous if you brush one and not the other. The one will
    even come In and push the other out of the way, the big bully

  38. Aaaaw every time I see one of your videos it makes me want anxiously to hug
    and stroke my cat ^_^ prrrrñii >w<

  39. I had to give two kittens a bath once—the person who was keeping them for
    myself and my ex had them in a carrier all the time and wouldn’t let them
    out. They were covered in poo and very dirty. I bathed them in warm water
    in the bathroom sink. They didn’t like it, but I think they felt much
    better afterward. Needless to say, we never left cats with that person

  40. I <3 Simon

  41. simons cat…. or simon scat???

  42. Love the cat logic series. The artist is hilarious in his concepts

  43. Ok but spit bath won’t save you from a real bath. Water and soap

  44. My cat gets weekly baths. She doesn’t like them per say but they make her
    feel better afterwords. So she doesn’t fight them. She has flea dermatitis
    , though she keeps herself clean, my baths keep the fleas off.

  45. kickinitwithmydawg

    My white cat was always dirty, especially on the back near the tail. He
    hung out under parked cars and rolled around on the aspalt. I had to give
    him a bath.

  46. kickinitwithmydawg

    I thought of Aliens 3 when the cat did a backwards dive into the grass.

  47. You never never BATHE a cat unless you EMERGENCY have to

  48. I love when my Annabelle grooms me! I just wonder why she gets ‘stuck’
    cleaning one area repeatedly? She also waits for me at the door, brings me
    her fav toys (I wake up with them all over me), and sleeps with/on me every
    night. It’s good to be loved! :D

  49. My cat, Eddie, is a lilac Siamese and he has OCD. He will lick his back
    until he has a reverse Mohawk and likes to chew down his whiskers. We
    basically have to keep his life calm and he does much better. He’s odder
    than other cats we have but lovable.

  50. Here in California, when it gets really hot, I give my 2 long haired cats
    lion cuts. They look so much more comfortable shaved down. One has a very
    thick undercoat which makes it hard for him to really get some areas when
    grooming. The moment he’s shaved, he goes to town rolling, rubbing & even
    wants me to starch those hard to reach spots.

  51. Dillosaurus Gaming

    Simon I’m just saying what brand of pen do you use.

  52. I see my cat grooming alot,sometimes I call her alittle neat freak XD

  53. Forensics Team Amateur Troll

    white people care more about cats then black peopls

  54. seems non of my cats groom from head to tail usually they do tail to chest
    and stop then come back to the head before bed

  55. 68 people seen the cats butthole.

  56. Are you wondering why my tongue has dog hair all over it? Today was
    cleaning day

  57. Spiderleg Dungeon

    The kitten is like my mother’s cat Savvy, and Simon’s cat is like my cat
    Lynus. X3

  58. Fuck that cats arent clean lmao they still need baths

  59. almost four million subscribers! I think that everyone loves the Simons Cat
    “cat”toons! I smile and love to think about my cats when I watch.

  60. Ruler of Monkeys

    As long as it wasn’t about grooming Elmo…

  61. good100


    many thanks for the advice

  63. I adore the logic cat series ,in my book they are one the besttesssss
    ???? I’ did love more of this episodes. PS : luv Simon

  64. Christiane Harsleben-Meinecke

    Why the cats are behind windows? When that woman talk about cats, behind
    her where sitting a black and whit cat. But looks like the cat where in a
    special box and couldn’t run through the flat. Is this true? I don’t
    understand it, maybe you could explain.

  65. Sarah Schouveller

    I started giving my cat baths starting at 6 months… after he came back
    FILTHY from getting neutered at the vet… he actually likes baths now
    (he’s 2) and is easier to bathe than my dog!

  66. My cat grooms herself obsessively to the point that her entire stomach and
    both back legs are completely bald )-:

  67. <3

  68. These are great videos and the specialist speaking is very easy to follow.
    I love the design of Teddy, any chance you have materials with it to

  69. Heart Nicky and her info!

  70. Я из гильдии котиков в вовке))))

  71. One of my Cats loves to play “Christmas Tree” outside in my Garden ^^ He
    always has Seeds and other green Stuff in his Hair :-D

  72. I have two cats, Lumpy and Ttten.
    Lumpy is very docile and while he hates it, will let me bathe him, Tittne
    the other hand feels that water is only meant for drinking and will race
    into the house even if one drop of rain falls on her. she does however
    LOVE to be groomed with a flea comb or cat brush. I have to be careful,
    however, she’ll go into and ecstacy kind of thing and suddenly hiss and
    bite….that means she really, really loves it…go figure

  73. My cat doesn’t just lick himself, he’ll.lick me and my action figures as

  74. Cats have OCD. When you mess up their fur they need to lick it down so it
    can be perfect again! xD I love to rub them few times just so they can
    groom themselves into normal state.

  75. my cat bites the brush

  76. My big boy cat was like Oscar Madison. He was the Slob of Slobovia. But his
    undercoat was way too plushy to manage. Brushing didn’t keep him clean. I
    would drape him over my shoulder and take him in the shower so the spray
    got his back, and shampoo and rinse him. He loved it and there was a pile
    of hair in the drain. Never happier, laying in a sunbeam getting dry ?

  77. *looks at my cat* ……oh look, who’s cleaning themself.

  78. That’s so sweet. My cat cleans himself the hole day. :’)

  79. i already knew the barbs in the tongue
    my cat always licks me in the morning and doesnt let me sleep

  80. дмитрий петренко

    good Nicky Trevorrow:)

  81. Iloverainbows girl

    my cat licks me lol

  82. My cat is too obese to groom herself…

  83. My cat is obese ant can’t clean her back sometimes so every once and a
    while we have to shave her because she gets mats. Luckily we have another
    cat who helps groom her. Fun fact: my girl cats name is Simon and my boy
    cats name is Sweetie

  84. my cat never washes her ass, so it’s all over with poop.

  85. Make a series about dogs

  86. AWW now that was just MEEN! bad simon cat!BAD!

  87. my cat loves grooming herself but hate when i use even a gentle brush. so i
    groom her(and massage her) with a vacuum cleaner at the lowest power, she
    loves it so much sometimes she falls asleep like that

  88. I bathe my cat. His birthday was yesterday! He’s 17 now.

  89. I had 2 cats that would always groom each other Jet was 10 when we got Toby
    and they were best friends all of tobys life when Jet got too old Toby
    would help groom him when Jet went deaf and half blind Toby never left his
    side and became his guide cat sadly Jet passed away at age 20 but he had a
    happy life with a best friend and having Toby around made it to where he
    never had to be an inside cat which he hated

  90. My mother, sister, and I tried to give my cat Mittens a bath. We found out
    right away that was a huge mistake. Mittens but my sister and I so hard
    that we bled and my sister’s bite swelled up really big. After that is was
    very rare that we ever gave her a bath.

  91. My cat Star loves to be brushed. My sister’s cat Smokey well she is not too
    fond of being brushed.

  92. Oh by the way Star is 5yrs old and Smokey is 10 yrs old.

  93. My name is Shelly too lol

  94. Crystal Chiquito

    I’m curious because I don’t have a cat but even if their fur is clean do
    they smell at all from their saliva?

  95. we once had a cat and we think he was a little mentaly disabled and he
    couldn’t wash him self properly. The moment our other cat saw him for the
    first time she washed him and took care of him for the rest of his life.

    In return he would try to wash her back, but always ended up only licking
    her ear.

    Thats love :)

  96. Moustache cat. We need more of him.

  97. I don’t give a care about cats, they shed so look freaking much!!!!!!

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