Simon’s Cat Logic – Things You Didn’t Know About Feeding Time!

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Watch our latest Simon’s Cat Logic episode and find out all the things you didn’t know about your cat’s feeding time!
Simon’s Cat Logic is a fun new series where we speak to a Cat Behaviour Expert at Cats Protection ( about why cats do the silly things they do, and how we can help our cats lead happy and healthy lives.

SUBTITLES AVAILABLE IN: English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese and Russian.

‘Off to the Vet’ was completed in 2015. It is currently being submitted to film festivals and only available to our Indiegogo Funders via our Private Production blog. Thank you for your support!

Directed by: Chris Gavin
Producer: Emma Burch
Cat Expert: Nicky Trevorrow
Animation & Graphics: Simon Tofield
Junior Designer: Liza Nechaeva
Production Manager: Rebecca Warner-Perry
Associate Producer: Edwin Eckford
Music: Russell Pay

A film by by: Simon Tofield
Sound: Shrooty
Executive Producer: Mike Bell

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Q. What software do you use?
A. Simon’s Cat is made using Adobe Flash / TV Paint animation software.

Q. Why does it take so long to make each Simon’s Cat film?
A. Even though the films are made on computer software, they are still hand-animated in a traditional manner, frame to frame. It usually takes between 12 and 25 drawings to create 1 second of a Simon’s Cat film.

Q. Do you have an online shop?
A. Yes!

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  1. Buddy is adorable… Hope he’s been adopted :)

  2. What sort of asshat would vote “thumbs down” for this video?

  3. my cat knows the exact sound of which cup I use for milk. XD

  4. these vids always cheer me up. love them,

  5. Our youngest cat were very impatient when she was a kitten, no matter how
    fast the food was put out it was always too slow. Our oldest cat was mostly
    protective of her food when we brought the youngest one home, seeming to
    worry that there would be no food left for her. Now that they are pushing
    10 and 11 years they both seem to be way too lazy to even react unless I
    get anything else then the kibble.

  6. Something gay about this character’s fruity way of saying “down”. Use a
    firm masculine DOWN!!

  7. We just let our cats hunt, no need for enrichment toys. and it keeps the
    mouse and hare population down.

  8. Tiger was taught from day one not to get onto worktops or tables. He knows
    he’s not allowed and it’s clear on his face when he is caught that it’s
    time to run away..
    He will stand on his hind legs to try and reach it, and almost shove me out
    of the way when I fill his bowl, but since I do this at the sink or hob he
    won’t ever jump on either. If he’s good I’ll let him have some scraps or
    lick the empty plastic tray when I’m done prepping meat, but he’ll also
    come begging if I’m prepping veg now..

  9. One of our two cats, Merlin, has learned to tell time. He comes and starts
    pestering for his dinner at about 5 minutes before 7 PM, and get really
    insistent if dinner hasn’t been served at 7. He also knows when the humans
    in the house normally go to bed, and starts trying to “put us to bed” at
    around 10 PM. I don’t know if it has any bearing on his time-telling
    abilities, but he looks for all the world like a snowshoe Siamese, though
    we don’t have any kind of pedigree on him, as he came from our local humane

  10. Just watched this 4 times as I was eating a crumpet and my kittens decided
    to want it so walked over my keyboard lol

  11. don't breed or buy while homeless cats die

    This is amazing – well done, Nicky! I know one cat who will be in deep
    sleep under a bed one minute. Then he’ll hear the rustle of the Dreamies
    packet and come to life. So clever!

  12. How can I buy simon’s cat dool?

  13. MID OR FEED!

  14. Since they arrives and adopted me (I had no say in the matter) my two, ex
    feral, cats have had bowls of dry food on the floor, in the kitchen,
    getting topped up every morning. I have never fed them wet food. The vet
    seems to be quite happy with their condition (they are now around eleven).
    If I go out during the evening, they expect treats so I give them a
    tablespoon of Felix Party Mix or the like… once again, dry. Am I being a
    hard hearted cruel owner (servant). They never beg for food and sometimes
    turn their noses up at the same-old, same-old, but are happy when I top
    their bowls up with a different make. All this decade, should I have been
    feeding them the disgusting looking/smelling tinned food after all? I
    should mention that although the food is there 24 hours a day, neither are

  15. Umm….we call “worktops” countertops in America. Love your videos but not
    interested in your Vet opinions.

  16. LOL, at the end I actually thought the cat was going to just pee on the
    towel to teach Simon not to give orders.

  17. I was notified of this video just as I was feeding my own fluffy monsters
    I have four cats as well and they know exactly where their food container
    is. Two of them (the oldest ones) are somewhat very gluttonous, and if I’m
    not paying attention, the poor dog ends up without food in his own plate
    because they eat it too.

  18. And finally all the way to the top of the enrichment feeding pyramid, with
    shrimp, or crab.

    Yep, that has him stumped.

  19. Putting the food in an egg box … are you crazy?My cat would kick my ass

  20. LOVE!!!!

  21. is ok I think ?
    some cats i like ?

  22. So sweet. <3

  23. I did not know that at all and I have one.

  24. excellent post kitties love food hahah this will be fun

  25. Juliana Fernandez

    funny vat

  26. Juliana Fernandez


  27. This channel is such a pure place. I love it.

  28. 1:12 ? this is my dog when I’m grabbing his dog treats

  29. I’ve got a min pin that knows the sound of a package of lunch meat being
    opened. She loves ham.

  30. Love ’em all…
    Nicky is a Vixen

  31. Simon’s Cat’s face at the very end when he is contentedly eating the food,
    almost blissfully unaware of Simon. ^.^

  32. Iparrot Michelle Feuchter

    dude u just got a new sub! ?

  33. I have a really weird question… I have 4 cats and one dog for some reason
    all of my animals are attracted to my mom constantly and I mean constantly
    they sleep with her they follow her around and are always meowing at her
    could there be a reason why?

  34. That’s funny. A Persian cat of mine always ran to the kitchen when she
    heard me preparing the food but she never jumped on the table, only
    patiently sat down and mewed a few time. Honestly, I never trained her do

  35. My cat thinks any time I get up quickly that means hes getting fed.

  36. “Cats have an aversion to citrus”
    Meanwhile, my cat is playing with a lemon by making it roll everywhere in
    the house.
    As long as he’s only using his paws, everything’s fine, but when he’ll use
    a claw or try to bite it…I guess he’ll never learn :/

  37. she’s so cute 🙂 somehow reminds me of Pam from the office us

  38. it’s funny

  39. twinklyPinkp7 lovelions

    I thought BUDDY was a rare name for a cat, LoL my big beautiful black cat
    name is BUDDY,#BUDDY. your big beautiful white Kitty is BEAUTIFUL!

  40. Hardcoregott 2016

    hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii i

  41. my cat do the same even tho she ate her meal already

  42. 118 vegan dislikers who think it’s perfectly fine to torture a carnivorus
    animal with non-carvinovorus food and wonder why the cat died…

    I hate it when i see vegans claiming that their cats are happily fine with
    eating no meat while they look like starving zombie cats.

  43. our hilarious tabby siblings are often an exception to the rules including
    feeding and training. They all love fruit, even citrus! while most would
    have a meowing chorus for pot roast or burgers, at our house the begging
    begins as soon as a banana peel cracks open. One will even eat grapefruit
    and LEMON! we had to ask our vet about fruits that were bad for them.
    Grapes are bad for cats and dogs… even one. No fruit bowl at our house!

  44. my cat has her own counter top…

  45. LOL! This is great. My cats trip me all the time.

  46. Simon was moving too slow @ dinner time!

  47. My Maine Coon knows the sound of cheese on the counter top

  48. One of my littlest fur babies will meow like she’s out of food (i free
    feed) so i’ll go in and check and there will be plenty. She wants me to
    watch her eat because as soon as i go into that room she’s start eatingX)

  49. My cat NEVER jumps up on the counter….ever.
    I never saw here up there even once, so i never trained her…
    She just never EVER jumped up there.

    Which is odd, because she is allowed to go anywhere she likes…

  50. Love these little tips and stories and explanations. Great job.

  51. But he is soo cute! :D

  52. As the absolute possession of seven, (mostly rescue), cats, (formerly
    10…we’re downsizing owing to age), I have to say this is a pretty
    accurate representation…but they’re entrancing animals…

  53. My cat sometimes brings over an empty cat food pouch and drops it next to
    me or on my bed when i’m sleeping.

  54. I was reminded of when my cat Puddo, started to take a very intense
    interest in David Attenburough’s Blue Planet on the TV.
    It was the bit where Mr Attenburough was narrating about the Australian
    Great Barrier Reef, when Puddo basically went nuts and seemed very
    determined to find some way to get at the fish inside the “aquarium”.

  55. The girl in this video is really hot. I wonder if she’s a cuddler… <3

  56. We have 5 cats outside who get all in your way as you’re walking to fill up
    their bowls.. Such impatient little creatures.

  57. I like the detail put into the video. The clock on the wall actually works!

  58. Sometimes, when I’m coming out of our pantry into the kitchen, with a can
    of tuna or a can of catfood, I have to do something that I call the
    Astronaut on the Moon Walk. I have to do this when our cat, Marble, REALLY
    wants some food. He strops himself against my legs, weaving in and out and
    I have to take large, slow steps forward, taking great care where I place
    my feet, so I don’t step on him. It’s torturous because chances are it’s 7
    am and I’m really tired and only want to get back into bed, especially if
    it’s a cold winter morning. And I dearly wish I could make him understand
    that he’s slowing down the feeding process!

  59. ittybittyvoodookitty

    My cats get treats before bedtime. I always pour myself a glass of water
    before bed then give treats. Now they come running whenever I pour anything
    at anytime!

  60. never thought of feeding enrichment?

  61. The ending was lol

  62. our cats are training us properly too

  63. BernieSanders 2016

    My cat only eats when someone’s watcher her eat lol. Anyone else
    experiencing these problems? I’ve tried resetting it but nothing happened

  64. you would know any of these things if you took basic psychology and
    observed your cat

  65. It’s true. The cat that picked me puts on the same song & dance.

  66. my cats have a dry dispenser but if I tell them let me make a store run to
    get their wet food oh my they both will give the “how dare you run out
    glare” from across the house and if you pay them no attention they come to
    where ever I am rub my leg so I see them then turn their behinds towards me
    like a teen slamming the door in your face lol (I make it up by getting
    them a surprise treat and they love me again)

  67. So what do you do then when your cat LICKS the left over lime that you’ve
    taken a slice out of to put in your beer? you say cats don’t like citrus?
    well mine does.. nothing to do with having lack of water etc cos he drinks
    plenty of water and there is always water available for all 3 of my cats
    and they all drink it

  68. All the cats and dogs I have raised (to old age) were picky with their food
    and never overate – except one, who was given dried cat food by a member of
    the family and became addicted to the salt and sugars in it. I would never
    feed a cat or dog dried or tinned food, except in an emergency, because
    they contain little of the B-group vitamins, are no fun, and make our dogs
    and cats fat the same way that processed foods high in sugars do to us.
    Cats and dogs enjoy a variety of foods like chicken, rabbit, lamb, beef etc
    and need the organs like liver and kidneys for B12 and good nerve
    mylination. They enjoy crunching bones and hiding bits in the garden or
    around the house in case their human forgets to feed them or goes on
    holidays without providing for them (which unfortunately some humans do.)

  69. Simon’s cat will reply me one day

  70. Lol! Simon’s cat is an arsehole!
    But then, all cats are evil. I know this because I have one. 😛
    My cat’s particular trick is to shoot at high speed through my legs as I’m
    on the way to the kitchen…then complains at me because I tripped over her.
    Plenty of room to go AROUND me….but no.
    Pretty sure she’s trying to kill me. 😛

    And the enrichment thing would not work on my cat, pretty sure.
    If it’s too hard, she just stares forlornly at me until I fix the problem.
    I have the laziest cat ever!
    True story!

  71. babushka poponick

    pretty funny

  72. galera se escreve no canal e pesa mais edeche aquele ?????

  73. Fivel and Soteline

    I love these cat logic videos! I always learn something new. “Feed me” was
    so funny :-D

  74. While all these advice are great, the enrichment games don’t work if you’re
    feeding your cat raw meat.
    Any advice for us raw feeders?

  75. kitty tripping dad n eating off his head…HILARIOUS!!! but true, I can see
    my babies doing the same thing

  76. Дмитрий Сбродов

    Спасибо за русские субтитры. Будучи ленивым я не включал их сам и думал,
    что не интересно. Оказалось очень увлекательно.

  77. Brilliant! Are you sure you haven’t been spying on our life with our cats?
    You are spot on Simon, and this is so very funny :-)

  78. Людмила Горяева Студия[ГОР] (КаналСолнечныхГор)


  79. small youtuber train!!!!!!!!! You subscribed to me and then I subscribed to

  80. Sans The Skeleton

    This does not explain why my cats want fed all the time. DISLIKE

  81. Dear Cat-Goddness… I love this stuff :3

  82. Alexandria Anderson

    Such a cute cartoon!^.^ I also love the cat tips at the beginning. I cannot
    wait to try making an enrichment toy for my cats. I hope they enjoy it c:

  83. Carolina De La Ossa

    I want to meet your real life cats please!

  84. my cat loves her little water bottle feeder: punch some holes in a water
    bottle, put some food in and then things get a little noisy.

  85. The video shows Simon filling the food bowl to overflowing. Cats don’t have
    space for that much food. Overfeeding is what makes them barf. One heaped
    teaspoon of soft food three to four times a day is enough. Sachets/pouches
    or whatever you want to call them also makes cats barf. They will also be
    sick if you feed them soon after they have snacked at the kibble so take
    the kibble away half an hour before feeding soft food.

  86. My cat doesn’t really do that problem, he is a patient cat, sometimes he
    rubs against my leg, he is actually the wild one in my family ( sadly my
    tame one died of cancer) but now he is starting to trust me 😀 he is just
    the most handsome white cat with greenish yellowish eyes.

  87. Please stop.

  88. The 158 dislikes are from dog people

  89. why is his hair the same color as his skin? xD 00:05

  90. lol feeding enrichment. I tried it with my cat, and if it’s even a little
    too hard she tries like one time and then gives up and walks away from it.
    That egg carton thing would be too difficult for her.

  91. i only clicked on this because i seen the word logic and thought it was a
    new somg or something, but overall I don’t feel bad watching this

  92. wow is beautiful

  93. SpringCutie The Fox

    i love this i watched this for about When I was 3

  94. I had a cat that liked to lick lemon juice from a spoon, she didn’t mind
    citrus ?

  95. I always gave my cats flying lesson when they were kittens if they got on
    the work tops. Cats can be trained, after all cats on work tops is
    unhygienic and even worse if a worming is due. My cats learnt very quickly
    to respect this requirement. Well behaved pets are much easier to live

  96. Викентий Мадзин

    I’ve never seen a cat point at his mouth when hungery.

  97. I used to feed my cat at 6 am. Now I don’t have to get up so early, so my
    dad feeds him,but he still goes to my room and “knocks” the door until I
    get up, as if he wants me to be present for him to eat… is it normal that

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