Simon’s Cat Logic – Why Do Cats Love Boxes?!

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Simon’s Cat Logic is a fun new series where we speak to a Cat Behaviour Expert at Cats Protection ( about why cats do the silly things they do, and how we can help our cats lead happy and healthy lives.

SUBTITLES AVAILABLE IN: English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese and Russian.

‘Off to the Vet’ was completed in 2015. It is currently being submitted to film festivals and only available to our Indiegogo Funders via our Private Production blog. Thank you for your support!

Directed by: Chris Gavin
Producer: Emma Burch
Cat Expert: Nicky Trevorrow
Animation & Graphics: Simon Tofield
Junior Designer: Liza Nechaeva
Production Manager: Rebecca Warner-Perry
Associate Producer: Edwin Eckford
Music: Russell Pay

A film by by: Simon Tofield
Sound: Shrooty
Executive Producer: Mike Bell

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Q. What software do you use?
A. Simon’s Cat is made using Adobe Flash / TV Paint animation software.

Q. Why does it take so long to make each Simon’s Cat film?
A. Even though the films are made on computer software, they are still hand-animated in a traditional manner, frame to frame. It usually takes between 12 and 25 drawings to create 1 second of a Simon’s Cat film.

Q. Do you have an online shop?
A. Yes!

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  1. Tommy, Gracie & Leo

    My cats, Leo & Gracie love ❤️ boxes, bags & baskets.

  2. my cats Fifi and Poppy love boxes

  3. My cats will thank you

  4. Dinominecraft735

    my cat hates going in boxes :P

  5. My cat loves windowsills… Can you explain this?

  6. I swear to God, my cat has a shoe fetish.

  7. yellowwoodstraveler

    Is it weird that I went out and bought bed risers for my low platform bed
    and a bedskirt just so my kitty would have a place to hide? I don’t have
    room for extra boxes littering the floor :D

  8. por favor lo pueden traducir…

  9. It’s funny when Simon’s cat went full chest burster on the box.

  10. Once I put both pf my cats into a tall box… it took them 10 minutes get
    out when one of them managed to get out by chewing the tape and
    jumping….. the wall fell on him xD

  11. can you join my warrior CATS map?

  12. What about the pizza box?

  13. This is proper box office

  14. oh yeah, been there more than a few times over the years with my various

  15. My cat goes no where near a box doesn’t bother her bum with them

  16. My one cat loves to hide in boxes and my other cat loves to sit on them. So
    I’m on constant “don’t squash your sister” patrol.

  17. I needed this bit of hilariousness in my life today. Sadly, neither of my
    current two cats are box cats!

  18. I seen in the background Simon stuffed kitty I want one :)

  19. What ever happened to Off To The Vet?

  20. Oh my goodness is she single cause i am.

  21. Been waiting for this one, awesome work.

  22. i just think they’re big fans of metal gear solid

  23. ticklemyheart44

    Wish I could try the recommendation but sadly my cat is too lazy xD

  24. bahamiangreek101

    Great video

  25. I think they also like the material of the cardboard. My cat would sit on
    any piece of card or paper I’d put down in preference to any other part of
    the floor.

  26. My mom’s cat is weird. She will only lay on things that are on things.
    Example: She will lay on a piece of paper on the dining table (never the
    floor b/c thats beneath her (pun intended?)). Not on the table…. the
    paper on the table. I had a transcript and put it on the foot rest to take
    a picture of it just in case i lost it. AS I AM TAKING THE PICTURE she hops
    up and lays on it…..on things that are on things. She’s f*cking weird.

  27. Omnipotent WaffleGod


  28. Lucas Escalante

    No está subtitulado al español, la reconcha de tu hermana?

  29. Oh my gosh, I love this!

  30. I love all your videos. They match my cats almost to a “T”. My cats Love
    plastic bags. When I come home from the store they wait till I throw on the
    floor for them. Keep up the great videos :-)

  31. Question:

    Is my cat the only one that doesn’t like her water close to her food?
    She keeps pushing apart both bowls and I dont get it?

  32. Michita The kitty

    Great video, my cat loves boxes also!!

  33. My cat loves anything that moves he is such a colored cow LOL

  34. my cat keeps meowing at this video

  35. There is no such thing as a cat expert person. My cat is not phased about
    boxes what so ever

  36. good video simon

  37. My cat isn’t so keen on boxes but loves rubbish

  38. my cat loves paper bags even more than boxes + i appreciate her budget
    sensibility ;)

  39. I adopted a cat recently from a friend. I gave him a cardboard box and he
    showed no interest in it. When my friend visited I said “He’s not
    interested in the box.”, and the moment those words left my lips, the cat
    jumped straight into the box. Way to go in making a liar of me. :D

  40. Amy “MadCat” Kepler

    I had a Maine Coon named Milo, very social. He LOVED boxes. When he was
    done playing in them, he would sleep in them, but within a week the only
    thing left would be the four tall corners because each day he chewed and
    spit out pieces of all the sides. It was the funniest thing to see his
    final masterpiece. He did it with EVERY box.

  41. When he first gets in the box, I expect him to pretend to be driving a race

  42. one of our cats, growing up. loved paper bags, bigger the better :)

  43. my Harry is weird his only interest in boxes is, is there something in
    there I want, he investigates and if not he leaves it alone if so he takes
    whatever it is out

  44. This cat “expert” left out why cats love the cardboard boxes in particular
    so much; the cardboard is good insulation so it keeps them warm, and we all
    know how much cats love warmth.

  45. Полина Шабаш (Шабаш)


  46. mine always liked paper bags the best….sad that most of the stores in my
    area dont use them anymore

  47. when I saw this I needed too watch it my cats go in boxes constantly one
    even has this box its in almost all the time

  48. soo realy and not angry why nice –lovely

  49. I ask for extra cardboard boxes from Costco and scatter them around my
    house for my cats to play with!

  50. My cat Pearl adores boxes! She’s had several to play with lately because
    I’ve been shopping on line.

  51. I have a cat who could not care less about boxes!

  52. I got a vacuum a few weeks ago. Naturally I let my cats play with that box,
    and it’s still taking up half my hallway! They’re constantly pushing it
    around, but love to sleep on top of it the most.

  53. My cats like NEW boxes – new to them, that is. I’ll bring home a box from
    the store, they’ll play with it for a week or two, & then they’re bored
    with it. Only when I bring a new one home (with new *smells*), do they
    perk up again & show renewed interest.

  54. 8:46– I meant to do that! ?

  55. Alex Rammsteinka

    It’s cool video, I like it. My cat loves boxes although she is already 10
    years old. Thank you for the new video waiting for new ones.
    Классное видео, моя кошка тоже любит коробки, хоть ей уже 10 лет) Правда,
    она уже не такая резвая. Спасибо за видео, ждем новых!

  56. Christopher “Big Tank” Newman

    Nicky has really pretty eyes :)

  57. Pizza boxes. I have a cat who loves to lie on pizza boxes when we’re
    finished with them. I thought my cat was the only one who did this until I
    found entire web paged dedicated to this behavior.

  58. Ich liebe deine Videos und sehe immer wieder meinen kleinen stubentiger in
    deinen Videos. Katzen sind so wundervolle kleine Tiger. Ich genieße jeden
    Tag mit meinem kleinen Tiger ?

  59. Вася Пупкин

    Всегда с удовольствием смотрю сериалы про кота. Все коты в мире похожи
    своими повадками. Жду всегда с нетерпением новых серий. Спасибо за вашу
    работу. Удачи вам!

  60. Melora Mighells

    My 10 year old cat loves to tear pieces off cardboard boxes. There are
    little bits of cardboard all over my carpet.

  61. Melora Mighells

    I got a little water fountain thing to urge my cat to drink it. She ignored
    it and tore pieces off the box, so I might not be able to return it now.

  62. Christiane Harsleben-Meinecke

    Its so funny and lovely. Simon is exactly like our cats. They love the
    boxes so much too and the house is full with them in every sizes.your films
    are so beautiful and amazing. Please don’t stop with this fine job.

  63. my cats into boxes, she creeps us out then we put a finger thru a whole she
    made, then SHE STICKS HER HEAD OUT OF IT, then theres this big line around
    a corner of picked, scratched cardboard

  64. It’s also a hiding place for miaos:-) (safe) (^o^)

  65. Teddy and Maru should hang out.

  66. Has anyone tried the food trick? Did it work?

  67. My cats prefer bags more than anything else; they prance in, get curled up,
    and most of the time enjoyed being carried place to place, cats are funny

  68. And next, why do cats love plastic bags? :D

  69. When I first saw the thumbnail, I thought it might be something about
    Schrödinger’s cat.

  70. Just got laid off so I lit everything I own on fire. Then my girlfriend
    left me cause I wasn’t bringing in any dough. I said “fuck it, life is a
    simulation program anyway” and proceeded to live off of firecracker
    popsicles and Cheetos while I attempted to beat my record of amount of
    times masterbated in one day to Hillary Clinton. Okay, to be honest it was
    to Dick Cheney but what does it matter they’re both corporate puppets,
    y’know?? Anyways, my dick got so red that I had to take a break and YouTube
    recommended this video so now I’m watching a video on why cats fucking sit
    in boxes. FUCK ME. FUCK YOU. FUCK THIS.

    P.S. Cats are aliens sent to Earth to control our species. Look it up

  71. That was fantastic! I’ve never watched one of these before. You’ve almost
    got my cat down to a Tee! Well done!

  72. My Tiger prefers bags to boxes, except for the one I got for baby stuff –
    he’d sit on/in it and look at me like he was saying I’d spelled his name
    A great idea from a friend: If they’re a messy eater, put their food bowls
    in a shallow box. I use the big ones that fruit is usually packed in so he
    can sit inside it, and line it with newspaper to keep it for longer.

  73. We need Maru to make a cameo appearance in Simon’s Cat!

  74. i learned women are useless on purpose and men work all the time like
    robots… (the opposite is also true but this lady suggested it was a
    contest to not bite tic tacs cause she has “secret” boobies and then that
    with the help of this…man…she is going to try to burn the tic tacs like
    snake fire crackers….)

  75. My cat looooves boxes. But there’s something he loves more : tear pieces
    off, to throw them at me when I SLEEP. Yes, the first time, the box was
    next to me, so he could sleep with me. Now, the box is (very) far from me.

  76. how about why do cats seem to avoid the man made cat houses sometimes? I’ve
    literally had a cat that NEVER went inside the one we had, but still loved
    boxes. Only logic I got was that the cardboard must feel good on their

  77. They definitely love small spaces, my cat used to sit in the tissue box
    when he was a kitten!

  78. If it fits, I sits!!!

  79. Rebel420 Free Rebel Army

    i have grew a vagina from watching this and im a huge cat lover even though
    i lost my two cats now i have 0 cats….

  80. And lets not forget the paper bag! I launched my cat once, once when my
    hubby and I were having an argument. It wasn’t funny then but now it is!!

  81. unfortunately my cat doesn’t eat dry food

  82. Lol!

  83. Спасибо!

  84. XD <3

  85. Richard Armfield

    lmao!!! i thought this vid was going to be about shrodingers (bad speller)

  86. Christopher Dahl

    I think cats even like imaginary boxes. If I lay a sheet of paper on the
    floor, mine will sit right on it with the same look of regal disdain they
    have when they sit inside a real box.

  87. Your cat teddy is a gorgeous cat.

  88. When I’m at work and I see a box I always , oh my cats will love that. I
    always have all kinds of sizes laying around for them to play in.

  89. the cardboard box enrichment is great, especially since my cat would help
    clean up by eating all the leaves as well as the food.

  90. Lol, my brother’s cat is just like this. I’d love to see you make a cartoon
    about your cat flipping a dead mouse around that he just caught. Like my
    cat does, playing with it for hours pretending he’s still killing it.

  91. this is too accurate

  92. Oceanside Dental

    Why do cats love catnip?

  93. Kevin Manganese

    Why do cats like plastic shopping bags? Do they like the crinkly sound?

  94. That explains why my part Siamese part Lord only knows what always liked to
    get in the cabinet. No, not any of the lower ones, the one above to
    dishwasher! Used to scare the snot out of me loading the dishwasher and
    have her poke her head out to see what was going on! I miss Janice, RIP
    little girl. Great info Simon, please keep it coming!

  95. Sounds like MrDalekJD

  96. anyone come here hoping to learn about schodenger? and his cat in abox?

  97. Kermit the Gamer

    My cat loves hair ties. I could be Doug my hair, look away for 0.0000012
    seconds, and my cat takes it.

  98. If i place a box my Amstaff Honey sit’s in it before my cats can doe ???

  99. If i place a box my Amstaff Honey sit’s in it before my cats can doe ???

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