(Slow-Mo) 2m Wedge-Tailed Eagle takes down Drone – Australia (Eagle is Fine)

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Official Slow Motion version.

As seen on The herald sun, abc america

**Eagle was fine – she was massive, and used talon’s to ‘punch’ the drone out of the sky. Hung around overhead so i got a really good look. Eagle’s health was my main concern also**

This is the last thing a small bird sees when a Wedge-Tailed Eagle decides that you are dinner…

Do not fly drones near birds of prey, they clearly attack seeing you as a threat or the right sized dinner. This will cost you money and potentially harm to the bird. This one was fine.. the drone needed some attention before it could fly again.

If you see a bird of prey while flying. Land. I have added this to my operating procedure.




  2. Noah Robert Graves

    Hmmm…. We need more eagles.

  3. Wow, even wild animals hate drones haha

  4. Awesome


  6. We need more birds like this flying around the California fires. Damn

  7. move bitch get out the way

  8. *Falcon-Talon-ity…*

  9. This is eagle should be awarded thug life, “boom bitch get out the way”

  10. See? This is why drones need to be armed.

  11. Who gives a shit

  12. Eagle is like , “Freedom motherfucker!”

  13. Not impressed. Stupid YouTube

  14. Severely Autistic Penguin

    Birdemic is real

  15. Caw caaaa bitch!

  16. Should of put a mini gun on it goood riddance fkn whiny bitches

  17. That bird has a battle wound i bet

  18. ‘Merica

  19. finally something destroyed one of those hi tech flying demons

  20. Stupid turkey.

  21. See, even Eagles hate drones.

  22. Ewwww. Phantom.

  23. i bet whoever owned that drone was pissed off

  24. NefariousEvildoer

    (Dikembe Mutombo voice) “Not in my house! No no no!”


  26. Реально круто!

  27. What’s up with all the hill-billy’s against drones in the comments? lol

  28. jon austen Perdue

    dayum eagle ain’t playin no games!

  29. Eagles are professional skilled aerial hunters: she SAW and avoided the
    blades, attacking between and below them, dead-center of the drone

  30. insert thug life music here 0:08

  31. This is my zone

  32. man vs nature, and nature wins! like usual

  33. You’re too close to the nest of his.

  34. OH YAY!

  35. Now there’s a taste of some freedom.

  36. Damn nature, you scary!

  37. When I first read the title, I thought they were talking about a military

  38. and that’s how you defeat those evil drones…..

  39. Ask Enrique Iglesias if the bird is okay after an encounter with a drone…

  40. So, I guess that means, we can’t be friends.

  41. An Eagle’s talons are hard as rocks…the wimpy small engine’s of drones
    wouldn’t harm a thing. Also the strike from an eagle is lightening fast.
    It’s why the drone fell from the sky… the Eagle pissed off it was not
    something to eat… AND the Eagle’s privacy was invaded. Private or
    Government doesn’t matter – the Drone earned it.

  42. Kevin Chau (TheTempestFenix)


  43. You smell that.. I smell FREEDOM ????

  44. WhiteTigerThunderZord Power

    Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No wait it was a bird.


  46. All I can say is… “I don’t care, I’m still free, you can’t take the sky
    from me.”

  47. really, the commeNT UNDER ME SAYS. the Faa should ban eagles from attacking
    DRONES. ???? ok well get right on that

  48. Asdf vid:
    ” It’s a magical pony flying through the sky!”
    ” Take it down “. LOL?

  49. TheSaintberzerker

    Racist Eagle…

  50. Gandalf – was that you?

  51. Gandalf – was that you?

  52. More eagles!

  53. We need more eagles to get rid of the drones.

  54. Nature strikes back.

  55. IWasBornAFreeGreek

    well done eagle

  56. Ouch. Bye bye legs :(

  57. This is one of the “Daily Awwws”? I thought they were all supposed to be
    cute little animal videos that make you go awwwwww. This one didn’t make me
    go awwwwww.

  58. Why is this in “The Daily ‘Aww'”?

  59. CrazyLProductions

    Want real slow mo ? Click the function wheel/settings and select 0.25
    speed. Welcome :-)

  60. 无人机被秒杀,666

  61. Fuck yea

  62. The eagle didn’t like how it had kept droning on and on…

  63. Tennessee Eagle 3

    That’s right eagles take back command of the skies!!

  64. ‘Murica

  65. GOOD on the Eagle!

  66. FREEDOM!!!!

  67. That bird was so ready to take on the drone. Did you see it extend it’s
    talons? XD

  68. Eagle 1 fox 2!! Hilarious. C02 cartridge with actuator valve, which will
    make you climb faster than the eagle. Sorta like an F35 vs a propeller
    plane. But he’ll come back. At the point where he continues his pursuit
    like a dog fight. I suggest an inverted J or barrel roll. But he can
    probably make a snappy adjustment to the roll. Either way you might just
    want to climb fast with some Nos in the aft of the plane pulling upward
    aiming somewhere above the eagle and nail it. You’ll go right over him. And
    just keep the afterburners Rollin.

  69. I hope the little eaglets were able to consume the thing.

  70. That poor drone, you could hear it squealing 🙁 like if ur against
    technology abuse

  71. Eagle is fine? Eagle clearly isn’t fine. Eagle is actually dead.

  72. Melbourne Aerial Video

    Here’s a ThugLife Version :)

  73. I’m sure I head the eagle say “YOU SHALL NOT PASS” before the attack.

  74. Жив, цел, орел)

  75. Быков Дмитрий

    ибо нехуй!

  76. Drones taste like chicken……?

  77. интернетфронт

    Российский орёл,сомнений нет.

  78. I dunno.. for a country that puts privacy as one of their top priorities,
    does every state in America allow these drones? even In S.Korea(where
    nobody gives a damn about privacy ,F U rightwings), I haven’t seen one of
    these just yet. It looks somewhat dangerous, having those propellers and

  79. Imagine Eagles taking down ups dones

  80. “This is my territory, bitch!”

  81. Geovanni Cantizano

    Drones will need to start coming with some anti-evasion tech.

  82. Connor McReynolds

    How do they know the eagle is fine? Because they said so ;)

  83. poor drone, it probably just flying to find food..


  85. How are we going to stop Skynet…? Simple, Birds

  86. you entered his/her territory. of course the bird will be defensive,
    especially if it had a nest near by

  87. damn eagles XD XD

  88. i dont blame him for stealing its, they go for 500$ at best buy

  89. eagle was like….

    “The fuck out my skies bitch”

  90. BUT IS THE DRONE OK????? Seriously, they’re expensive..

  91. *”Get out of my skies human devilry!”*

  92. When the NSA tries to spy on you but they forgot that they lived in America

  93. hope the bird was not hurt from the props,, great vid,,,

  94. Damn Phantoms causing problems all the time, lol

  95. it’s like if you flew in North Korean skies…
    light the fuse, nuke ’em!!

  96. 2m

    haha no thats not 2 meters

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