Smart Birds Open Doors

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Birds nesting in an underground parkade could have been locked in when the parkade was converted to a campus bike centre with doors on the end. The swallows quickly learned how to trigger the motion detectors to open the doors and go in and out whenever they want. Smart birds!

To add to the conversation about how intelligent birds and other animals can be, see the Smart Birds Open Doors Facebook Page.


  1. Pretty cool

  2. So WHO is a “bird brain”?

  3. ahh Mr Hughes! You and your birdies!

  4. Brilliant! So much respect for these birds!

  5. “Smart Birds” run !

  6. I would have been locked in for years!

  7. I am always amazed by how adaptable birds are. They are ever constant in
    our environment because they keep learning how to adapt. 

  8. Didn't have much of a choice...

    Such adaptive creatures… we move in and they just adjust to the change of

  9. These look like barn swallows… I love these cute little guys

  10. They will takeover soon…

  11. I’ ve seen dumber humans

  12. I cant even catch how they did that

  13. Ferrous Aradicen (Disciple Of Origin)

    These birds are smarter than most humans.

  14. Everything and everyone is smart in their own ways!! 🙂 Are you???

  15. what’s wrong with u guys?! use your pokeballs!!

  16. aww, bless them, clever little critters!

  17. Awesome!

  18. Says a lot about security there

  19. This blackbird got stuck in a construction site after the windows just got
    put in and flew from one side of the building to the other smacking into
    the glass. I finally caught it and put it outside. It took off and flew
    back and forth almost straight up into the sky. I watched it fly up until
    it just disappeared.

  20. This is pretty cool! Just a quick question. Are these doors locked certain
    times of the day? If so, what happens when these birds want to fly out or
    fly back into their nests?

  21. Meh. I’m more impressed that humans have invented a door that birds can use
    then that birds are using a door we created. If anyone is interested in
    bird learning and behavior check out the experiment Skinner Box. 

  22. Smart birds

  23. Cool now they have their own gated community lol

  24. Scary. 

  25. Seen a video like this years ago, think it was a news story about how birds
    did this exact same thing at a Lowes or Best Buy or somewhere with 2 sets
    of doors and their nest in the vestibule between them and they knew to be
    inside by 8:00 or be locked out for the night.

  26. I guess those thieves will dress up like birds this time.

  27. For weeks before they learned how to do this on their own, they would wait
    around for a human to open the doors for them. I am a volunteer bike
    mechanic at the volunteer run SPOKES non-profit organization located in the
    campus bike centre, so I have seen my share of babies and messes and
    mortality. There are far fewer nests now, but who knows what the future
    will bring. 

  28. That is totally awesome and God did not miss a thing when making us and his
    feathered creatures,,,lol

  29. Crows are a really smart bird look it up 

  30. Now, what happens when the motion detection being triggered by birds costs
    too much for the campus to continue to afford?

  31. Of course there is the usual one percent dislikes on a pleasant video such
    as this. People that need to stop at 7-11 and pick up a life.

  32. Smart Birds Open Doors has now been viewed over 800,000 times
    My “local” video Smart Birds Open Doors has now been viewed
    over 800,000 times. This is larger than the entire population of Vancouver
    Island! Thanks to everyone who has “liked” and “shared” this link. Smart
    Birds Open Doors 

  33. “They know how to go in and oot”

  34. These are some smart birds.

  35. These are some smart birds.

  36. AmericansAgainstBush

    So very cool!! I simply love birds!! :)

  37. It’s evolution baby!

  38. ประตูเลื่อนไอบ้า

  39. Haha wow! Check out these intelligent little birdies leveraging technology
    to open the big steel doors! 🙂

    #Funny #Cute #Intelligent #Birds 

  40. Thanks for sharing. They might have been locked in the garage with a nest
    of baby birds when the door was installed / activated.

  41. no waaaaaay awsome! take that people who think mankind is so genius!
    try do this when you weigh how many grams lol? not much..

  42. This week is the one year anniversary of Smart Birds Open Doors- now over
    900,000 views! Thanks to everyone for liking and sharing.

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