Snoring dog sleeps in hilariously awkward position

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Check out this sleeping German Shepherd as he snores like an old man. And to add to the humor he naps in a very funny position! Captured by user ‘cseh_17’ during a trip to Hungary.

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  1. second comment

  2. third so adorable

  3. What’s up, yo? Hooray For You. escape farm What’s your opinion about it,
    guys !!

  4. I think that is definitely a German Shepherd thing.

  5. My dog sleeps like that all the time.

  6. Thought that was my ex wife for a second there!

  7. TheTerrairan Genius

    I love youtube

  8. omfg I wish my dog dose this ??? ?

  9. My Husky sleeps like that all the time, especially if it’s hot outside. I
    think it helps dissipate their body heat better than if they were sleeping
    normally hence it’s more comfortable for them.

  10. Like cats

  11. Omg my German Shepard does the same thing lol. Must be a breed thing

  12. Sorry but that dog needs to find Jesus Christ, so do the rest of you,
    because if you are not Christian you will goto hell, fact.

  13. snoring means that your sleeping really well but my doctor told me it means
    that I have a breathing problem


  15. awesome vid
    is not ONLY German Shepherd thing.i SNOR ON MY RIGHT SIDE AND MY WOLT ON

  16. Χαχαχαχα

  17. First Name “Nickname” Last Name

    My dog does this almost every day.

  18. I didn’t know dogs could snore….LOL!!! how adorable.

  19. Hahahahaha.

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  21. “hilariously awkward position” wtf? i dont understand…

  22. wowee hilarious, i laughed so hard like oh my gosh, becky

  23. My dog loves to sleep like that!!!

  24. reall a guard

  25. nice song birds in background

  26. cute sleepin doggo

  27. Why do all these viral videos have such awful quality !

  28. My corgi did this all the time. She normally slept like this. It’s

  29. WTF is wrong with the dislikes here, I only seen some pure positive funny
    happy dog here

  30. My dog used to sleep like that RIP though <3

  31. When your dog should be viral cause they do the same thing….

  32. My puppy sleeps like that… My other one can’t cause she’s a little over
    weight ?

  33. My cat sleeps like that on my backpack lol

  34. My Siamese cat does that too! Life is good!

  35. I want to kill this dog.

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  37. i wonder if dogs get crooks

  38. Awe..that is funny:)

  39. They sleep like that because they feel truly safe and happy

  40. my German Shepherd Rottweiler Pitt Mix lays on blanket on the couch on his
    back all the time and he snores worse than that!

  41. Dogs are better than cats

  42. Hey how’s it going? I’m glad to see it blood disagreeable What do you

  43. I like it!

  44. Juan Sebastian Iglesias

    What’s up, Nice One. snotty entertaining What’s your opinion about !


  46. We have this guys twin living in our house :-)

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  48. My Newfie sleeps like this.

  49. Captain Karen Obvious

    Dog rolls over

    “The heck you doin’ with that camera?”

  50. King Diamond 51fifty

    There goes Hillary Clinton sleeping on the job again.

  51. 0:22
    What year is this?!?!

  52. Give that boy a bed please

  53. Dogs looks so sexy/cute when they sleep like that. I miss by Bf. :/

  54. finding a username

    dog is just horny

  55. My cat sleeps in that position sometimes so it is not new to me

  56. my dog likes sleeping on a frosted coconut with his butt laying side ways
    while eating Pizza Crust.

  57. “… Yes?”

  58. A GSD who sleeps like a greyhound! He snores like a Shepherd, though –
    mine is rattling the windows as we speak…

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