Snuggling parrot has a hard time getting out of bed

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Looks like Tweety the parrot could stay in bed all day. Considering how cozy that looks, it’s hard to blame the little guy!

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  1. Very cute! And it’s a shame that people keep birds in prison. :(

  2. Mum waking me up for school like

  3. awwwwwwwwwwww ?

  4. It’s so beautiful to see that birds live free not in cage. Cages should be
    banned for every animal.

  5. Hey its Bowie

  6. I’ve never related so much to a birb in my life…

  7. Nate g the pigeon lord

    I can speak parrot, they said fuck off

  8. holy crap when that blue is chirping its eyes go from small to big as it

  9. SuperDuperSentinel


    WTF!? Why are it’s eyes doing that? Why does it sound like R2D2? I’m so

  10. Kevin Christiansen

    can a bird get some sleep around here or what ?, go away !

  11. Me every morning??

  12. Awe he’s just having a lazy day c:

  13. Hey, you wanna hear the most annoying sound in the world?

  14. MightyFancyLady Kitten

    The yellow one looks like Bowie from peekaboo parrots ?

  15. Daaaaaaaawwww

  16. Turtle McSwaggins

    I will be the yellow one for pretty much as long as I live

  17. Aww this made me so happy

  18. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  19. Why move when you get free allopreening?

  20. dose anybody know the type of bird and the region it come from?

  21. lazy and cute

  22. This is so cute!

  23. money Men (Teddy Bear)

    lazy day until someone started wake up call ??that’s just like me someone
    waking me up lol from a good sleep

  24. Are the two from the same species and are they mates? I know sometimes male
    and females can be different colors

  25. I can relate get up get up someone will say.

  26. me in the morning (the yellow bird) and my mom (the blue bird) is trying to
    wake me up

  27. Useless Protagonist (UP)

    birbs make the cutest sounds oml

  28. Bi-Costal Teacher

    OMGOODNESS! I’m so in love! I thought for the first few moments that the
    little yellow baby was a plush toy!!! Then she opened her eyes and my heart

  29. rip me
    cause of death:cuteness

  30. tell him i love him and support all his life choices

  31. Can a mother fucker not sleep!?

  32. “Get up get up!”

    “Go awaaaay…”

  33. Jacques cousins.

  34. this is me with my little sister, she’s usually the one trying to wake me

  35. let the nigga sleep

  36. So cute aw >.<

  37. awwwww they are cute ?????

  38. 0:45-0:49
    Blue parrot: *taps yellow bird with beak*

  39. The Yellow parrot is thinking to himself “Well thanks for waking me up
    asshole” XD

  40. Christopher Nodine

    These birds have been watching Star Wars lol. Its like R2D2 and BB8 are
    just shooting the shit.

  41. awwwwww it’s very cute ☺☺???☺☺☺????

  42. wow his eyes dilate extremely quickly and it almost looks like its on
    command. is that a norm?

  43. what kind of parrots are they they are so beautiful. I bet my mom will ADOR
    her little parrot if I got her one for her birthday

  44. Omg I’m dieing! So cute! ??

  45. the blue one is saying get your ass up and get a job

  46. OMG that was sooo cute

  47. Awwwwwe! They are so beautiful and so sweet! ????

  48. I suppose 3PO is not going to get much support from R 2

  49. I dont know how i got here but hell im not complaining its cute af

  50. Megpoid Gumi (TomboyJessie13)

    that reminds me of me

  51. ?????so cute

  52. sin duda son mejores que nosotros

  53. Fernando Mendoza

    awww yellow
    bird so cute

  54. It’s sounds like the blue when is telling the yellow to get ready for
    school but the yellow decides to stay in and ignore the blue bird?

  55. Nappa coppenhagen

    If I was the yellow bird I’d be pissed.

  56. When it’s monday, you slept in, you’ve got school, but the bed is too cozy.

  57. that blue Patriots a Dick. the yellow parrots just looking at him like

  58. This vid proof the gay marriage is wrong even animals husband and wife but
    America husband and husband lol

  59. Leila Witherspoon

    what kind of birds are they ?

  60. 15 Psychopaths do not like it.

  61. awww!!! so snuggly

  62. When you sleep through snooze and want 5 more minutes, lol.

  63. -PiPpin- gadviel -M-

    I really found it very satisfying when the dude was rubbing the parrot at
    the end but i don’t know why.

  64. Yellow ZebraGaming

    me on a school day

  65. Translation: Get out of there now. I wanna smash!

  66. Ice Cream Wasabi

    1:00 me totally in the morning!!!

  67. just like me. eh wait, is he sick?

  68. Yellow Parrot : “Can you not?”

  69. It’s saying “wake up” lol. Too cute.

  70. ? too cute

  71. I would have slapped the shit out of that blue one with my wing and then
    told him nigga I’m trying to sleep it’s lazy Sunday

  72. Can somebody please tell me what kind of bird the blue one is?

  73. That’s everyone before they have to go to work lmao

  74. if I wasn’t so afraid of them bitting me I would get myself one but then
    again I feel bad they don’t do much of what they love which is flying
    freely in the sky

  75. 5 more minutes -0-

  76. OMG! Just let the poor thing sleep!!

  77. 0:18-0:22
    OF ME”

  78. Why do their eyes adjust so much??

  79. looks tasty yum yum.

  80. sleepy dinosaur

  81. when you realize it’s Monday and you have to go to work … ?

  82. Aw come on, just 5 more minutes and I’ll get up….I promise! LOL

  83. The Generalissimo

    That is fucking adorable.

  84. the blue bird is trying to ask him if he drinked all of the mountain dew

  85. she’s cute :C

  86. 0:52-0:57
    Blue parrot: *taps yellow parrot again*

  87. me and my sister bugging my mom to wake up early Saturday morning

  88. omg that’s precious

  89. at 0:47 the yellow parrot is like: bish wtf e u doing?

  90. Awww, so cute!

  91. Ooh, I likelier the blue one’s voice resonates.

  92. Lazy bum

  93. If you didn’t think this was just a little bit cute, you have no soul.

  94. That is adorable ♡♡♡♡

  95. My little undertale

    CUTE ?????

  96. That Guy With The Shades

    The blue bird is like “wake up faggot”

  97. this is me everyday when I wake up before going to work lol

  98. Duane Mcfadden Mcfadden

    Thsts like me and my sister i always wanna stay in bed

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