Squirrel climbs netting, runs into dugout

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6/19/15: A squirrel scales the netting behind home plate, then leaps down and eventually makes his way into the Phillies dugout

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  1. u know what he wanted?


  2. This reminds of the Chevy Chase christmas movie… lmao

  3. ??
    There’s no squirrel emoji!

  4. justanothergamer

    lol higher ground. its a squirrel not a shark

  5. #MLBfever

    Must have struck a nerve.

    Because they keep deleting my post on how exciting baseball is.

    The YT account for MLB highlights are a geriatric putting on a poncho and a

    These are what THEY consider highlights.

    Did you know each MLB player make over 100,000 dollars a year.

  6. look at all the fuckin drones with their cellphones vertically filming a
    squirrel at what seems to be one of the most boring sports to ever watch
    next to golf. Fun to play but very very boring to watch.

  7. Lol so funny! ?

  8. The Shenanigators

    The illuminati sent that squirrel to distract everybody, to make them
    slaves and brainwash them

    So illuminati confirmed 

  9. Losers everywhere just waiting for MLB to post a video so they can
    immediately tell everyone that they dislike baseball, yet take the time to
    come tell us :D

  10. It’s a bird, it’s a plane… no it’s just a flying nutsack XD.

  11. Why do stupid fucking women always scream for, like bitch shut up its not
    even near you

  12. The Filmmakers Studio

    A squirrel, scales the netting, goes behind home plate, into the dugout,
    into the team room, grabs his apple TV, punches up youtube, and watches my
    channel 🙂 Awww……glorious :)

  13. This is MLB.. what kind of throw was that 1:12 ?


  15. Everything was boring until the fire squirrel nation attack

  16. It just wanted some autographs

  17. I heard the same damn lady howling in the other video too! lol

  18. Genius idea: sports teams that don’t see too much excitement (like the
    Phillies) should have a secret sanctuary in the stadium that houses
    non-dangerous animals (like squirrels, bunnies, puppies, etc.) and when
    that stadium is at an all time low (no excitement anywhere) they should
    release one onto the field. As you can see from up above, people love this
    kind of shit.

  19. Scrapy McLuvin (HALO2VISTA)

    Bahahahahahahaha surprised they all didn’t jump out of the dugout screaming

  20. Cardinal fans are controlling it! Squirrel dived straight into phillies

  21. I predict this is ganna be on =3.

  22. * looks at batter* SHIA?!?? IS THAT YOU?!?!

  23. ROFL… being scared of squirrel which is hurt after falling. Wow…
    Americans total FAIL.

  24. “Is Leslie Okay?” i’m more worried about the squirrel.

  25. hahahaha

  26. gofundme.com/xkye54 Please help my puppy Ares.. Anything is appreciated.

  27. dear god pitching like that no wonder the squirrel was the most fun part of
    the game.

  28. here we go the classic american claps for everything

  29. poor little guy, he must have been so scared

  30. It’s just a squirrel

  31. The action on the field was so intense, players standing around watching
    nothing happening…then a squirrel upped the ante.

  32. Attention whore………

  33. I'm right you're wrong

    That squirrel would be BAD ASS at MURICAN NINJA WORRIOR!

  34. Squirrel said eff it!!! #thuglife 

  35. BinkieMcFartnuggets

    By the year 2020, Major League Baseball will officially be replaced by the
    National Squirrel Tightrope Association.

  36. SuperRavensfan101


  37. that sqquarial assistance refree

  38. squerial get angry extra time

  39. Was he okay?

  40. Can’t imagine how those in charge of which camera recording gets displayed
    on nat’l TV…
    “Switch to the squirrel, SWITCH TO THE SQUIRREL!”

  41. I don’t care how big you are, a fast moving rodent can make anyone do the
    OMG-Sissy dance!

  42. A squirrel ran into my schools band hall one day, that might be the same

  43. why always black ppls get so easy scared lol

  44. Definitely not a flying squirrel, but it definitely was a (puts on shades)
    falling squirrel. Yeeeaaaaaaaaaaah!

  45. Squirrel realizes it’s baseball players….and thinks “I know I can scare
    all these dudes”!

  46. 300 pound athletes afraid of a squirrel…

  47. /r/mildlyamusing

  48. Squirrels hate the Phillies. But who doesn’t.

  49. hes an inbred

  50. Suicide Squirrel, coming in Fall of 2016.

  51. that was SO funny
    glad he was ok

  52. Gaysball 

  53. That was the most interesting g part of the game. So sad 

  54. 好可爱~~~

  55. Spokesperson “And heeere comes the assassination attempt,,, ohhh so close” 

  56. When it jumped in the dugout…
    “F y’all muthafuckas!”

  57. Filipe MatosSilva


  58. That guy at 1:20 recording vertically…why?

  59. You never have an air rifle when you need one.

  60. The squirrel found out Hillary Clinton was running for president.

  61. night night ASMR


  62. 1:18 priceless

  63. Aint no fucking way that lil squirrel bitch should still be alive after
    that fall. Like wtf are those things made of?

  64. squirrel ?????

  65. Eek, a squirrel! What a bunch of women.

  66. .. and this is why you lost the game. You cant catch a squirrel let alone a

  67. Apparently, baseball players are cowards. Also, the spectators are
    irritating and need to shut up.

  68. baseball is so boring

  69. Looks like their rally squirrel is back. This was too funny. Was that Chase
    Utley that was about to split after it jumped into the dugout?

  70. Most entertaining moment in baseball history.

  71. he he he sooo cute

  72. When I visited the USA I went to a baseball game and I can definitly
    imagine this would be the highlight of the evening. I don’t know what teams
    are good but I went to a game in Houston from the team in Houston and I
    don’t know what team they played but there was absolutely no atmosphere in
    the stadium, to me personally it was very boring.

  73. safe to say the camera crew won’t be used for the animal planet anytime

  74. Most interesting thing that will happen in a ballpark this year.

  75. Most exciting thing in baseball… ever… and still so boring.

  76. Lol! That squirrel was scared shitless. I didn’t know what the hell to

  77. Another Squirrel video? I swear this Squirrel should get hired by the MLB,
    they could make some nice cash off it

  78. way more entertaining than the game.

  79. MLB = MLG
    Wombo balbo
    mom get the ball!
    O baby a homerun
    are you recording bbc shot? Are you recording?

  80. It attacked the black guy – racist squirrel….smh

  81. THe squirrel was a Braves fan!

  82. The infamous rally squirrel cheers on the Cardinals and leads them to

  83. #savedodgerfilms

  84. That squirrel is famous 

  85. The squirrel got a little inspiration from Shia,
    (Flies off the net) 

  86. Did the squires like die


  88. oh my squrill got off the rope at 0:37

  89. Fall off at 3:37

  90. MetsGiantsRangersKnicksNYSports

    “Get to higher ground immediately!” It’s a squirrel. People are so

  91. i mean 0:37

  92. Good job. It needs a squirrel to bring excitement to baseball.

  93. hay,hay .. quitamela quitamela

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