Squirrel Misses the Branch

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I can’t believe I recorded this failed jump. I have never seen a squirrel miss in my entire life. Enjoy!


  1. awonation sail

  2. Just because he chose an interesting thumbnail doesn’t mean you should
    report him
    Besides you saw the thumbnail and clicked on the video which means he did a
    good job at picking a thumbnail so don’t be push people down just because
    of their videos

  3. You did a good job Mr.W

  4. get rekt

  5. Dum dum! lol… is that CHIP?

  6. tails xd

  7. is it still alive?

  8. That tail tho

  9. It’s sad and cute

  10. Hi I’m bubbles before this get viral
    1.Subscribe to me
    2.Fuck FaZe Carl

  11. LMFAO too funny! Not the first epic fail I’ve seen from a squirrel though;
    they make it 98% of the time but the other 2% usually makes for some
    hilarity. We had one VERY determined little squirrel spend about 10 minutes
    trying to jump from our cherry tree to the bird feeder we had mounted on a
    pole in the middle of the patio one winter. After a few jumps and misses,
    and a few falls from breaking twigs, he finally managed to snag it with a
    paw and haul himself up on the feeder ledge–only to discover the feeder
    was empty!

  12. How do you attract squirrels? Climb up in a tree and act like a nut.

  13. His friend was like “Why did choose the most thinnest branch”

  14. At 00:14 you can see the second squirrel jump

  15. Why are squirrels so smug? Glad he missed serves him right

  16. That must of really hurt the squirrel but you know what hurts more? The
    video is filmed vertically

  17. #blackbarsmatter

  18. The squirrel missed the branch because it was shocked you were filming
    vertically in 2015.

  19. Is that black paper you are holding on the sides of the video? What is that

  20. Go home squirrel you’re drunk

  21. I love the video, and I don’t believe it was staged, but seriously- what
    was he planning to record? His dumpster?

  22. Houston from houston

    a horizontal video

  23. This is going viral.. From.. NOW!

  24. 2015 (almost 2016) and films camera vertically. GG

  25. Can we not bring vertical filming into 2016 please

  26. This video changed my life

  27. is the squirrel OK?

  28. Get rekt squirrel

  29. Poor thing!!????

  30. my life in a video

  31. Helicopter Tail Fail!!

  32. point of the video is when ur down in the trash don’t try to reach higher
    than your ability

  33. TAILS

  34. why is everyone oblivious to the vertical recording??! How do you even
    watch this crap?

  35. PORTRAIT!!!!!

  36. The squirrel knew this was going on youtube, the pressure got to him.

  37. you should try it in slow-mo lol

  38. Sienna Zimmerman-Power

    Soooooo CUTE ????

  39. This is on my daily aww


  41. Vertical vertical vertical

  42. is the squirrel okay?

  43. Yet he still plants face down hugging the telephone pole. Amazing acrobat

  44. Squirrel was like “fuck! leg it!”

  45. So funny !!!?????

  46. Squirrel misses branch because it was suddenly covered up by black bars as
    it was jumping.

  47. Too much acorn ale . I see it all the time around this time of year.He’ll
    or she’ll be alright once they sober up. Probably just celebrating the new
    year a little early ,because when you think about it, the little critters
    live a tough life barely making across the road on a daily basis.

  48. The Legendary YouTube Commenter

    lel, poor sckwirrell. rest in Pepperoni sckwirrell, ur branch will be
    missed. geddit, cuz you missed teh branch? hehehe its funny

  49. The squirrel never would have panicked and jumped if you didn’t scare them

  50. Who’s watching this in 2015

  51. so fake i mean look the squirrel looked at the other one and then the
    camera before it jumped it was trained

    u cant fool me hahah

  52. lol they were playing truth or dear… the squirl got dared to jump in the
    bin, it said “oh, LOOK!! its a PEANUT!!!” and comited suicide. yeah your
    not laughing now…

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    few videos of Squirrels there.

  54. sh**t happens sometimes :)

  55. How much did you pay the squirrel?

  56. Nice CGI man. You almost fooled me.

  57. So how much did u pay the squirrel?

  58. Is it OK?

  59. I can smell the autism in that squirell

  60. The squirrel knew he was going to miss the jump. But he thinking. Ehh fuck

  61. why is this trending???

  62. Mnakekeli Ngcamphalala

    I heard the squirrels are paid actors…

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  64. I am here now.

  65. Best video of 2016 I’ve seen so far 

  66. VVS, just say no

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  68. VERTICAL! Why is every viral video filmed vertically!

  69. Propeller tail….

  70. i like how he twirled his tail like this is a sonic game

  71. ??????? gg

  72. Lmaaaoo

  73. Bob remembered one second too late that he couldn’t fly.

  74. so did you have a word with the squirrel in advance?

  75. It’s all downhill from here. Greatest moment of your life and that was it.

  76. Lol! I’ve never seen a squirrel miss before!!!

  77. SweetBro HellaJeff

    his tail was fuckin spinnin’ like tails from sonic

  78. if you’re gonna record then turn your phone

  79. he believes he can fly

  80. what in america (US) there are that much squirrel???

  81. HAHAH XD its so hard getting good shit like this on camera u gotta be lucky.
    Ive lost alot of great moments that prob cul have gotten hits but ive also
    captured some funny shit too 🙂 Ty! thugh the pics different fromthe video

  82. What lol

  83. No squirrel, you can’t be Tail

  84. Considering how much it was flailing, at what point in its flight do you
    think it realized it had fucked up?


  86. omg its Tails from sonic

  87. “When you try your best but you don’t succeed….”

  88. Amazing video! Watch the squirrels tail. You can see that early on after
    leaving the fence he realizes he is off trajectory so he swings his tail in
    an attempt to use the centifugal force to create the momentum to alter his
    trajectory. The reason I noticed this was because we do something similar
    in offroad motorcycling. If you ever watch a dirtbike making long/high
    jumps. The rider will often use throttle or braking action in mid air to
    correct his angle of approach on the landing. If his front wheel is too
    high, locking the back brake in mid air causes the front wheel to pitch
    forward toward the ground. This may not be the exact same force of physics,
    but is what made me immediately realize what he was trying to do.

  89. “God damn it jimmy”

  90. Need to slow mo it at the end.

  91. Those are some funny dudes and they don’t even know it.

  92. hello sir, what a nice video you got there but you filmed it upright so
    have some downvotes to hell !!!

  93. that squirrel dun goofed

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