Squirrel Rescue!

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While sailing on Somerset Reservoir with my son, we spotted a young squirrel trying to swim across. After trying to get him to climb aboard without success, I decided to jump in. All ends well…


  1. Apocalypse Plough

    This video restored my faith in humanity.
    Then I read the comments and I’m back to hating people again.


    I think he was just sailing the seas like you guys were.

  3. Wolf Beta24 (thebosswolf24)

    U guys r nice

  4. staged all fake

  5. Well done, how i like my squirrels. jk 😛

    Very good ! Thumbs up!

  6. Fate of humanity restored.

  7. *aggressively throws squirrel to shore*

  8. What camera he use?

  9. I think she was looking for Sponge Bob :} ..just kidding ..good job guys!

  10. اكيد صقر ماسكه وبعدين طاح منه

  11. اكيد صقر ماسكه وبعدين طاح منه

  12. BIG UPP !!

  13. Ridin Dirty

  14. Daithí Ó Conchobhair

    Jesus Christ I laughed so hard when you launched that Squirrel at the
    shore, I really wasn’t expecting that! Good job though, really nice of you!

  15. katelyn sterling

    That was mean why did you throw the poor little thing 

  16. I would’ve killed it with bricks

  17. A human act of kindness…can’t we just leave it at that! Congratulations
    for putting the animal’s life above your own agenda. 

  18. You are such a great human we need more people like you in this world

  19. Its like when you go kayaking or winboarding on the ocean in miami and come
    across a tired little cuban….so racist but yet its not cause its true.

  20. Anderdrome .Drome

    I guess Bikini Bottom got sick of Sandys Shit!

  21. he was trying to get to the otherside jerks

  22. Hella cool dude!

  23. But why would you throw it.

  24. If this was a rat everyone would be saying its a disgusting animal and they
    would have probably let it drown, yet they would have saved the squirrel
    but a squirrel carries more diseases than rats and come from the same
    family, just because a squirrel looks cuter they would save it! Judging an
    animal on how it looks and behaves is just wrong! 

  25. Squirrels can be annoying eating bird seed I put out for the birds, but I
    don’t think I could do nothing while seeing any animal suffer. I’m just
    not cut out to be callous. The squirrel would probably have drowned if
    they hadn’t helped it. That would weigh on me knowing I could have helped
    but didn’t. Yes I know it’s just a squirrel. 

  26. Yeah, so I saw a squirrel swimming along, minding his own business, so I
    grabbed him out of the water and chucked him onto some rocks. Then I posted
    it on YouTube to show what a hero I am, and also how good I am at chucking

  27. Glad to see good people on this planet. I appreciate that!

  28. You guys are amazing!!! Also, squirrels don’t just have to be friends with
    squirrels. I mean that in a serious way, I have seen so many animals love
    each other. All different species. 🙂 ALSO, every life is important. 🙂 We
    as humans will doom ourselves before squirrels will.

  29. Well done men!

  30. kimmie koolbeans

    Well, I think you guys are Heroes!!! I would’ve dove out of the boat to
    save the lil guy too. Very kind of you! Great video! Thanks for sharing

  31. Daniel - Trung Tran

    That’s awesome! Great job guys

  32. Chip and Dale would be proud

  33. Da fak???? is wrong with all your twisted comments! While these 2 people
    decided to spare some minutes into quality time, u guys decide to spare
    some of urs into waste- u go struggle like that poor little squirrel. If it
    weren’t for this wonderful father & son, this squirrel would’ve drowned to
    death– HEROES!

  34. Random acts of kindness warm my heart

  35. so you saved it.. and almost killed it by throwing it into a pretty shallow
    edge? why not just carry it in???

  36. Jaylene Cardenas

    It’s sandy! 

  37. Yeah , great video =) 

  38. Wow, good job!

  39. Good job guys and God bless you!!


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  42. Big yeah for the hero’s :-)

  43. The squirrel is a rodent. I wonder if this guy would have saved a
    struggling rat? Not only that, but squirrels have razor-sharp teeth (I
    knew of a guy who had 1/3 of his finger bit off), so this guy was quite
    brave to let the squirrel onto his arm.

  44. that was lovely what you lads did, shows there are good people out there. A
    life is a life , no matter how small. It was a good kind thing you did ,
    you have a heart 🙂 

  45. I wish there were more people like these two!! 

  46. I love it! Good job! Thank God for your kind hearts.

  47. I just lovesuirel fishing :-)

  48. oops lol

  49. Great Job !!!

  50. Real men love animals. Thanks for such an awesome job, guys!

  51. Well that’s something you don’t see everyday

  52. Now if that was a human!

  53. 3:50

  54. Well done for simply giving it a ride home and not being sentimental about

  55. Yay, good for you.

  56. I feel this shit

  57. Cameron Stevens

    Good job! Sometime nature needs our help. Thanks for being good people.

  58. Fernanda Quintanilla

    Oww :’) love u guys ! That’s amazing. You have a pretty good heart.

  59. Squirrels are the absolute worst

  60. So glad that he avoided that whole ‘food chain’ thing.

  61. Tabitha Baumander

    squirrel heroes!

  62. Awesome video! Al Rocks!!!

  63. Thanks for being so compassionate and helping that little guy out!! Nice to
    know there are people out there like this.

  64. must have been Scrat from ice-age…

  65. R. “TehTaj” Shah

    It was all good and all, then he threw the squirrel lol..I would have just
    carried it shore

  66. Молодца.

  67. great people!!!

  68. The little guy was grabbing the rigging and trying to adjust the sail as if
    trying to tell you: “Morons, I need the OTHER shore! Now I will have to
    start all over again!!!”

  69. Артур Мудрик

    Actually, squirrel swimmed to the other side of the lake, lol.

  70. That was very kind of you I believe the squirrel is utterly great full :)

  71. Totally awesome. I’m proud of you guys!

  72. So sweet!

  73. Awesome job, guys!! Made my heart smile today. :)

  74. Rei Hamato(TMNT 2012)

    Omg thanks to save it. Many people would don’t do this. Thank you so much

  75. get ready for this going viral again :)

  76. Yesss, so nice to watch! Thanks for saving it :3

  77. wow. nice rescue. im impressed to see this.

  78. i see squirrels swimming across the lake every fall, sometimes 5-10 a day.
    i think it is a grass is greener on the other side type of thing, or in
    this case nut season on the south facing hills before nut season on the
    north facing hill 

  79. in the end is this what truly matter

  80. did not need to throw it to land after it slipped near the end but nice

  81. Wauw! Thanks for saving that squirrel 

  82. +Sally May This is cute too :’)

  83. How many guy on earth that can swim for a little squirrel. Thank you so

  84. nice job

  85. Good job guys

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