Staffy and Minihorse Bonding Session

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Let the cute aggression begin!

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  1. By far the most adorable thing I’ve seen all week.

  2. I don’t know which one I want more!

  3. Is it really that hard to turn your iPhone sideways before recording a
    Are android users this dumb?

  4. pretty funny

  5. Jerry Valentine

    Damn I thought this was animal porn

  6. Elaine Atkinson

    Aww :D

  7. 24′ “Dude, where’s my sugar cube?”

  8. Jesus dude calm down doesn’t matter cute video.

  9. a single white female

    Say no to vertical videos.

  10. Dog is like “Hey you dumb horse, enough with my legs already, nom my
    belly!” ;)

  11. delicious niblets

  12. lol.

  13. Lol that’s the true personality of a pitty…so sweet. My dog is bigger
    than that

  14. LOL!!!

  15. need a friend to lick my balls to.

  16. about to suck his cock

  17. dog.exe has stopped working

  18. For you folks that couldn’t see the video because it’s vertical allow me to
    describe the total cuteness that took place. A mini horse is standing
    beside a dog and….. What was that? Ohhhh you could see it. Well I’m
    sorry, it’s just that you made it sound like it was impossible for you to
    see.But it ends up you could see it and you just wanted everyone know what
    a ball bag you are. Gotta go

  19. Disliked because vertical video.

  20. what a lovely place to live. where is this?

  21. the dog is like please do me 

  22. BravoTwoZero Sadek

    100% submissive dog.

  23. Commovente!

  24. まんざらでもない

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