Stella’s Dog Brakes (ORIGINAL)

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She wants to keep going. Her hind legs have other plans. Stella is a perfectly healthy yellow lab, and she only does this to cool down on the grass after she’s been fetching and playing. She has been tested for EIC, and has no medical issues at all.


  1. All I can think of is Herbert’s dog Jessie when I watch this.

  2. J.’A.D.O.R.E ! :)?

  3. My dog does that to

  4. ビーチフラッグス じゃないか

  5. A lot of dogs do this what’s so good about this dog

  6. ياذا الاجانب تافهيين !!

  7. You probably accidentally taught it to do that.

  8. this dog is fking the earth in a very cute way. 

  9. Looks like a simple puss rub to me!

  10. Every1 do the flop :P

  11. It looks like she has no control over her back legs. It’s like they become
    paralyzed. So sad. I saw something about this condition on animal planet.

  12. خخخخخخخخخخ

  13. خخخخخخخخخخ

  14. ههههه

  15. Ahhhh me after legday :D

  16. Herbert the pervert? Coincidence? I think not

  17. MajorLeagueBrando

    “Here, i’m gonna give you the ba— ok me thinks i’m gonna have a stroke


  19. Why 3k dislikes??

  20. Hip dysplasia perhaps 

  21. Didnt know there were so many dog experts on Youtube Please tell me

  22. My yellow lab is also named stella. This looks like something she would do.
    Also, this is the cutest video I have seen in a long while. 

  23. A Corgi stuck in a Lab’s body.

  24. my dog does that all the time, everyday

  25. Does she need a double hip replacement?

  26. Luv’d this video! You always deliver !!

  27. its because the dog has no hip dysplasia……. its a healthy dog

  28. Soft and supple paws.

  29. ‫عباس الساعدي‬‎


  30. Wow 

  31. just wanted to share with you we have a retreiver and when i seen your dog
    i can tell you that you should have the dog get blood work done check the
    thyroid, her panting and the falling down is exactly what our dog was
    doing. but she would fall over and sometimes could not walk. she would
    slober with her attacks, anyways the vet checked her and her thyroid
    was really off, they put her on thyroid meds 2 times a day.. the vet said
    that retrievers are bad about getting thyroid problems. hope this helps.

  32. I babysitted a dog that does this lol

  33. You mean not all dogs do this?

  34. she’s being TRAINED to do that, hear the bell sound?

  35. i love the part where it’s like you’re just staring at it’s legs lmao

  36. Dognotgone

  37. My fat cat did that after every walk

  38. Why are YouTube videos getting so stupid?

  39. Matt Shew (MaShew12)

    that is one heck of a break. hope she doesn’t do that on the pavement or it
    will be one hell of a scratch.

  40. That dog is silly!

  41. That dog is a retriever, I have a retriever! My dogs name is ron

  42. That dog is a retriever, I have a retriever! My dogs name is ron

  43. Wtf My dog does that LMAO i thought it was normal :3

  44. Wow much hind legs wow amaze

  45. Love this vid, Stella is so adorable.

  46. This video is better than those partnered vids here on youtube. Where they
    talk about the same shit on their vlogs yet they get million+ views. I
    never understood why…

  47. Ok time to make a Grind on me (Dog Version) Vine


  49. bitch .-. que mierdero no sirbe de nada el vide

  50. OMG I cannot believe that ppl are actually arguing over a lab being a
    normal dog. Geez get a life. Now if he could drive a car that might be
    interesting but watching a dog just chillin b/c he is tired is nothing to
    argue about- can’t we all just get along??!!!!!!!!

  51. This isn’t that cool, many dogs do this… And ” WOW THIS DOG LAYS
    DOWN”….. Really….

  52. My dog does this when you pull him along the grass or carpet with his toy,
    but he never does it on laminet flooring. 

  53. Giselle Spartacus

    Girl or boy I’m afraid to look

  54. so many views for this crap

  55. 这不是传说中的前列腺刹车么 2333333333333

  56. The force is good with this one…

  57. This dog is practicing his stop drop and roll

  58. aaaaaaawwww cute bumbummmmm

  59. Got good hips !!!!!!

  60. Funny how this video brings up the worst of our people (if you can call
    them that) species. You can pretty much pick out who you would lend a hand
    to or to throw under the bus.

  61. All dogs do this 

  62. Eh my dog drops her legs like that and crawls it’s super cute

  63. I like dogs

  64. For Sale – Female yellow labrador:
    -Very fuel-efficient (runs on Kibbles).
    – Equipped with automatic slipper retrieval.
    – Well groomed, no issues.
    – Just had the rear brakes replaced. |:^)

  65. Just because someone states something in the description, doesn’t mean
    they’re correct. If she wants to keep going and her hindlimbs have other
    plans it is very likely that this dog has neuromusular weakness caused by
    either a condition that affects the nervous system or the musculoskeletal
    system that is exacerbated/made worse by exercise. If it is a condition
    that affects the nervous system it could progress to the forelimbs and
    eventually cause tetraparesis or tetraplegia. This dog needs to see a vet.
    I’m a vet student so I know shit.

  66. I remember this house from CounterStrike. 

  67. Bulshit, fucking time waister

  68. My neighbor had given away his yellow lab, stella, to a friend. Is this the
    same stella?

  69. Stella is my name 

  70. My female dog does that all the time but she has Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome
    which makes her super flexible.

  71. Maybe she wants to be in the Navy, and thinks she has a pair of arrester
    hooks. ;)

  72. What a great doggie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  73. Aww he wants to cool his stomach 

  74. Ilovelasvegas Nevada

    dog thinks it a car

  75. The dog is overheated, the video isn’t cool. 

  76. If your not going to comment on the video then don’t bother writing stuff.
    If you want to talk crap do it somewhere else, weirdos! Stella is a
    beautiful dog, and her owners just want to capture that x

  77. This could be nuerological. Notice the dog is really panting. Could be sore
    joints too

  78. Жук Тусовщик

    чё бля за хуйня

  79. meaı̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̨n

  80. nice channel , and funny movies

  81. Se isn’t trying to stop using that way , she just wants to scratch her legs
    on the grass

  82. read the description before saying anything people.. “She wants to keep
    going. Her hind legs have other plans. Stella is a perfectly healthy yellow
    lab, and she only does this to cool down on the grass after she’s been
    fetching and playing. She has been tested for EIC, and has no medical
    issues at all.”

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