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2016 UPDATE: Stevie is doing a sponsored Hike for Charity – SHOW YOUR SUPPORT @ 🙂

Today Stevie climbed a mountain. Stevie is blind.
Please show your support to the Animal Care Society at

Music featured in the video as follows:
“waking up on a picnic blanket” by Lullatone –…


  1. Les Amis de la cuisine provençale

    You made my day Stevie !!!
    Everyone loves you kittie…. Never give up ! Go ahead ! The world is yours

    Thousand kisses from the Riviera…..

  2. This video made me smile,and warm.Thank you Patrick & Stevie!

  3. Stevie is a beautiful cat! And it looks like you take very good care of
    him! Congratulations to you and Stevie!

  4. No I’m a big tough fella from Belfast, what’d’you mean I’m crying, I’m just
    allergic to them oul’ flowers.

  5. I live for videos like these. So beautiful and empowering. Thank you!

  6. Silvia Eisenberg

    sehr schönes Video…..

  7. Very good stuff!

  8. Good luck Stevie :)

  9. What a wonderful video of Stevie the cat!! God bless him- and you his
    owner- for your strength and dedication. May God bless Stevie with good
    health and a very long life… and you his owner with many, many more good
    times together…


  11. so beautiful!

  12. This spirit is what i currently need.
    Well done, Stevie!

  13. I had a cat who lost his sight gradually but it never stopped him going
    out. He used his sense of smell to walk back the way he had gone. He did
    get a bit confused when we replaced the fence between us and our neighbours
    with a wall. He kept trying to get through.

  14. Jasmine kittykat

    Oh what a beautiful cat.
    Animals can tell who is kind to them and this sweet baby seems content.
    Lovely story.

  15. Егор Киселев

    Actually, it is one of the few videos on the internet that really touched
    me. Stevie is a wonderful cat, and I want to say thank you, Patrick, for
    sharing your experience. I will also look forward to your future uploads.

  16. How inspiring! I was feeling down until I “met” Stevie! Marvelous video –
    thank you!

  17. Great Video =) I loved it!

  18. So adorable! 

  19. Lovely. You are wonderful. Stevie is lucky. What a beautiful place.

  20. What a sweet video…thanks for sharing!!! :D

  21. Bravo Stevie!

  22. an emotional and wonderful story. This lovely cat is happy and loved. A
    nice beginning in the day!

  23. Gidaryo Baraboda

    Completely amazing! So adorable, love you stevie. I really adore those guys
    who likes cats ♡♡♡

  24. Joey van den hurk

    Its so sweet from you even Stevie cant see its really sweet

  25. … Stevie ruuuuuuules ! :)

  26. There’s a tear in my eye, great video!

  27. Cat so bootyful 

  28. Cool video! Is Stevie female? Calicoes are nearly always female because
    some coat colors are linked to the X chromosome.

  29. OMG ! she so pretty !! also so precious !!
    thank you for taking care of this little ball of sunshine <3

  30. Great video, love it!

  31. Beautiful video of a beautiful cat! You’re both awesome!!

  32. Ugh! that alarm sound made me startle. I use the same one for my wake up
    alarm. Always makes me startle = I actually get out of bed. 😉 Cute kittie!

  33. Steve is a beautiful creature and an inspiration. keep on keeping on Steve.
    you are loved.

  34. I loved this little video. It was so sweet, calm and touching. Adorable.
    Also, watching a guy take his cat for a walk up the hill is definitely
    something worth seeing!!

  35. So cute :>

  36. oh…waht a beautiful Irish scenery.and the cat is soooo pretty!!
    Are you Irish?
    Ive been to dublin 30years ago just only for 1 month.
    It is a very splendid memory for me.
    Ireland is so far from Japan.but i never forget wonderful country,Ireland.

  37. Great little film. He’s so lucky to have a dad that loves him so much!

  38. 2匹の猫通信 (Cats Life TV)

    like it

  39. Great video and amazing cat :). I hope you do another video like this.

  40. Ohhhh, Stevie is so precious <3 and you are such a sweet human :)

  41. aww!!! I’m loving this video, inspiring and made me teary-eyed. I wonder
    what’s the title of the background music. God bless to Stevie and to his
    human Dad.:)

  42. What is wrong with all these dislikes? I want to beat the shit out of
    everyone of you.

  43. Thank you, Patrick! I needed this. <3

  44. poor lil cat ♡ that made me cry ?

  45. this video made me partially cry because I have a blind cat to her name is

  46. 2:30 jajajajajaja xD

  47. 79 dogs disliked

  48. one of the most beautiful vids Ive ever seen, thank you

  49. How lovely Patrick. Give Stevie a scruffle for me and say hello from the
    two older ladies in my house, Tifa and Kitten Kat. They are still in full
    health, but I will use Stevie as inspiration when they get a bit older. The
    dogs also say ruff. 🙂 Fellow Animal Welfare worker here. :)

  50. twopennymilk 8908

    Great video

  51. Brooke'sLifeInABook

    This made my day. I’m going to show it to my friend who has depression and
    maybe she will learn that life is beautiful.

  52. She is soooooooo cute I just want to snuggle her: ) I also have a calico
    named mimis : )

  53. This is truely beautiful and heart warming!!

  54. Stevie rocks. Thank you for showing that disabled pets can still have a
    life outside. So many disabled kitties are now getting out and about on
    hikes, and out in the cars just to get a change of scene. People often
    forget animals have other senses that can be stimulated, and with care and
    preparation can enjoy a full life like any other of the species.

  55. Sweet
    Gotta love a guy that loves a cat

  56. Had a tough week, a really tough week…..watching Stevie made it better.
    Thanks…..time to go hug my cats.

  57. Fell in love with your cat watching this so naturally had to subscribe <3

  58. Stevie you are such a brave, happy little girl! I am so very proud of you!
    Thank you Patrick for sharing the wonder that is Stevie with the world! God
    Bless! :)

  59. I love this video so much

  60. I hope you have your house already and you can spend more time with
    Stevie – she is marvelous and very brave ♥ ♥ ♥

  61. Maria Dalva S. Martins

    Adorable!!! She is so beautiful! Thank you for sharing! You are very kind!

  62. Sensacional!!!

  63. I have two blind cats they are so special. ♥
    Only those who have one realizes their strength and the bond that connects
    us is unique. Stevie is so adorable ;)

  64. :3

  65. I just love your cat, the trust she has in you is remarkable to let you
    take her out that way without eyes of her own. She’s beautiful

  66. edvonilson Pereira

    If you don’t like this video, you don’t know what LOVE is…plain and

  67. this made me cry :’) <3

  68. Patrick, this is really beautiful! I just advise you to watch out for any
    possible eagles and keep the leash always attached to her neck. It’s
    unpleasant even to think, let alone to write, but I’ve heard tragic stories
    of people who had small pets and let them go far without the leashes, so
    those birds had their chances… You must be aware of this, but to be 100%
    sure for you and for any who reads this, I write this warning.
    But thanks for the beautiful images. I’m now going to hug my Selina again.
    I rescued her from the street last year. I know the feeling… It’s the

  69. I loved

  70. I was moved by this beautiful story.
    Steve and his owner are unique.
    Thank you for your video, he taught us a beautiful lesson. ♥ ♥ ♥

  71. Best regardas from Brazil! Kisses in your little angel!

  72. Que lindo <3

  73. sweet <3

  74. GOD Bless You, Patrick.

  75. I watch Patricks video with Stevie whenever I feel down … always makes me
    feel better … bless him and Stevie

  76. I like this video so much! )))

  77. First video on YouTube in a while I felt compelled enough to like… Great

  78. Emocionante… amo animais, amo gatos… por mais pessoas como você no
    mundo <3

  79. <3 <3 <3

  80. this video amazing! ;)


  82. Inventato Di fantasia (danceandsound)

    Infinite grazie per averla adottata Patrick!
    Concordo con tutto ciò che scrivi nel video.
    Siete una coppia stupenda!
    E’ stata fortunata a trovare te e tu a trovare lei!
    Una marea di benedizioni a voi due!

  83. Inventato Di fantasia (danceandsound)

    Gente ricordiamo che nei canili e nei gattili oltre che per strada ci
    aspettano tanti angeli per rendere la nostra vita meravigliosa.
    Adottiamo una vita.
    No all’abbandono, no alla compravendita di vite.

  84. Those people who disliked have no soul…

  85. I cannot digest Stevie’s level of adorableness. can you kiss him for me?

  86. Thank you so much for sharing this heart-warming video! It really makes me
    happy. Look forward to watching a brand-new video of you and Stevie! Merry

  87. Ugh, she’s so cute when she walks. More Stevie videos please!

  88. chin “kittycat1080” c

    This video makes my heart melt(happytears)…it really makes a difference
    in ones life when a cat comes in…i love my furbabies❤

  89. I love it so much !! Please make more videos like this and yes ! You have a
    new subscriber here !

  90. What a beautiful cat, reminds me of someone I know. lol FYI the odd of a
    male calico are about 0.03 %

  91. May God bless you and Stevie… A good healthy and very long life to you
    Stevei… Long may you run…

  92. You have such a beautiful cat! :3

  93. Meu Livro Favorito

    wow man, beautiful vídeo! hugs from Brazil, for you and Stevie!

  94. What you have done for Stevie is awesome dude ! Congrats ! Keep us posted
    about Stevie’s adventures. All the best.

  95. digitando com os pés… pois as mãos estão ocupadas… APLAUDINDO!!!!

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