Stomp: Ferrets with Plastic edition

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Our Ferret made so much noise one day with some plastic that it almost drove me crazy. This was just an experiment that somehow made it past Quality Control! Hope it gets a giggle from you anyway. =)

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  1. It’s the STOMP version of ferrets.

  2. Thanks staxitix! was trying to think of an appropriate title for this going
    to re-name it in honor of your ingenious observation =)

  3. Aww, he’s having a hairball. :C

  4. lol, actually they are just biting the plastic which is hard to see and the
    way I time reversed the frames back and forth do kinda make it look like
    shes choking at one point. =)

  5. It looked like one was chewing on the plastic..Big No No !!!

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