Stray ‘Killer’ Cat Makes EMS Station Her New Home | The Dodo

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Stray Cat Makes EMS Station Her New Home | This stray cat wandered off the streets into a New York City EMS station and decided to stay forever. The FDNY staff treat her like a QUEEN.

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  1. :3 cat is cute

  2. Awwww, she deserves being spoiled. So glad she opened up and likes people now.👏🏻💕🐈😍🐱

  3. Ah that’s wonderful, seeing big burly firefighters playing with a cat! lol… The pencil playing reminds me of my old Bubba, I couldn’t write anything around him without being attacked, made for lots of spelling mistakes. 🙂

  4. There is always that one severely sick person who thumbs down a good thing. I’m Glad this cat has a home.

  5. ilona Kratochvilova

    Ooooo 😍😘❤ she is little fireman ❤❤❤

  6. That’s a very cute cat. I’m very happy they are taking care of the cat.

  7. She’s not sleeping while sitting up. She’s meditating. 😽🐾🐾💕

  8. The little cat looks very sleepy. Hhaa let give him a nap.. lOL

  9. Since she has 9 lives and knows human only have one, she’s trying to keep us safe!

  10. Good people, instead of kicking the cat to the curb they welcomed her! I’m sure the cat is also beneficial to the ems people because being an ems you can face a very stressful and traumatic day very .

  11. Sweet story glad they took her in

  12. I bless these people who took her in!!

  13. Why is she called “Killer the cat?” (in the description of video) Where’d that come from?

  14. Thank you for taking such good care of her. God bless all of you!

  15. They have to give her a name to show its a real family member

  16. Infinity Gymnastics

    “She likes pencils” *cat drops pencil* 😂

  17. Sweet pussycat!! 💖💖💖

  18. Go to Killer’s Instagram. She is such a beautiful kitty girl 😻

  19. Nice story n nice for sweetie that she has a permanent home. She chose them….n this is great! As she has alot of attention. Perhaps she sleeps upright on alert for other predators while homeless? They always have to be aware

  20. Jericho & Thunder The 2 Gray Cats

    I love this! ☺

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