Stuffed Bunnies Come to Life: Funny Dogs Maymo & Penny

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Watch funny dogs Maymo and Penny disguise themselves as bunnies in order to get carrots. Maymo wastes no time in snatching the carrot, dropping it clumsily, as is his way. Penny seems to get caught up in playing her character, and needs a little encouragement to take the delicious root vegetable.


  1. Charlie The beagle and Laura Olivia

    I recognised maymo after the first second. ..but you blow my mind with

  2. This made me laugh so much!

  3. fantastic.

  4. poor penny doesn’t get it

  5. Even in failure, they win.

  6. Awww they are so cute!

  7. Wouldn’t it be fun to make a drunk person watch this and mess with their

  8. Frankske Verstraeten

    I was gonna comment that Penny is too smart and knows carrots aren’t dog
    Then that happened.
    So now this is my comment.

  9. So cute and beautiful coats.

  10. LOL they were just not havin’ it today, huh?

  11. so cute!

  12. You guys make it so fun for your babies! What a crack up it must be to be
    in your home for a day. So much fun & love!!!


    Is that beagle dog??

  14. no double blind taste test I guess :P

  15. What’s up Doc? I need a prescription for something to repair the damage i
    sustained while watching this video. Those wascally wabbits have made my
    cuteness lobes implode.

  16. PIs GoD Pイス・ゴッド

    Whats name dog at left hand

  17. PIs GoD Pイス・ゴッド

    Whats name dog at right hand

  18. Hey! Penny is back! Cute video! :D

  19. Patricia DelMercado

    How cute is that! LOL

  20. I love watching them enjoy eating carrots. Super cute!!

  21. So funny! I did not realize those noses were THEIR noses!

  22. I love you Maymo and Penny?

  23. Always sooo cute!!

  24. Snoocky - The sausage dog

    LOL!!!!Poor Maymo >:O But the carrot is so good…mmmmm!!!!

  25. Penny is like, please don’t drag me into this craziness.

  26. Penny is like “get this thing off me and just gimme the carrot)…hehehe
    love that carrot crunching at the end ;)

  27. Kimberly “kimi” M.M.

    los perros estan comiendo zanahorias

  28. the blue one was not expected.. good

  29. Penny is a great actress, she didnt break character for a carrot, no no, a
    real actress will stay still for the sake of the film ;)

  30. Penny cracked me up in this video.

  31. Penny is NOT having any of this nonsense. Hmmmmmph.

  32. this is so cute. I just discovered that my 2 pit bulls loves carrots too.

  33. this is so cute. kawaii〜!????❤?(^з^)-☆

  34. lol, what did I just watch?

  35. G3Glitching Productions

    Nice Video!

  36. Poor Penny, looks like she got stage fright lol

  37. I’ve never seen a dog eat a carrot…Until now

  38. I have a rabbit that eats dog food.

  39. Synchronized munching, lol!!!

  40. They blend right in with the other stuffed animals. Maymo isn’t a very good
    bunny though. XD!

  41. this is fucked up, not cute..

  42. Always look for the business end of the beagle

  43. what my dogs hate carrots

  44. So cute??

  45. wow that was very clever and funny!

  46. ………….what’s wrong with you people?

  47. “What’s up Doc”. great clip. Maymo and Penny are so precious.

  48. They are so cute!!!!!!

  49. The blue bunny, ‘WHAT THE HECK?!’ LOL!!!

  50. Lol, Penney is like asleep and the carrot goes on her head ?

  51. eat your veggies dogs you to kids

  52. I acually thought the bunnies came to life.


  53. I am definitely subscribing to you

  54. holy mother of….

  55. I kept laughing when maymo left and the other dog was so calm ?

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