Super Cute Owl Rescued From ‘Black Magic’ Poachers

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A COMICAL-looking bird had a lucky escape after being kidnapped by Indian black magic poachers. The juvenile dusky eagle owl had its talons trimmed off by two men who intended to illegally sell its body parts. In India, owls are considered lucky and are still poached for their bones and blood due to outdated religious beliefs. The distressed creature was spotted by a concerned animal lover in a village in Agra, in north India, who alerted charity Wildlife SOS.

If you would like to donate to Wildlife SOS and support their incredible work, please follow this link:

Videographer / director: Wildlife SOS
Producer: Mark Hodge, Nick Johnson
Editor: Joshua Douglas

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  1. 3=======D~~~ *claiming my turf*

  2. Tasty

  3. I thought I was going to see these people kill the poachers and save the

  4. Jomaritza Castaneda


  5. Idiot humans f’ing up the animal world again.

  6. super cute

  7. look guys it’s vanoss??

  8. hey look its hooodini sorry i had to

  9. Sooooo cute man! God bless its rescuers and may it live a full and happy
    life in the wild one day.
    ~South Africa~ xox

  10. so cute

  11. 3Pac would have loved it.

  12. Adorable!

  13. Vanoss is that you..?

  14. Pedro Henrique Nunes França

    funny eagle xD

  15. Awh ?☺

  16. AWWWWW CUTE!!! ??☺️?(theres no owl enoij so i taked the bird enoij!)

  17. cute owl?

  18. poachers should be beaten and tortured

  19. Who could ever hurt such a georgous animal!!!…Thank God for these people
    that help all animals!!!

  20. this owl is cute

  21. Australian Sniper

    See, religion is retarded, it’s 2016!!!!!
    And people still believe in normal powers -_-

  22. let’s eat ut

  23. why don’t they feed it at night like its supposed to, what a sad story
    humans are cruel

  24. adorable ♡

  25. poachers need to die :^)

  26. Uniquesanchez Sanchez

    if it is a boy try should call it Oliver if it’s a girl they can name it

  27. He is the cutest little Pokemon. <3

  28. sooo cute

  29. gorgeous

  30. he so cute and chubby?????????????

  31. that things got the thousand mile stare, goofy little owl

  32. I like how the Owl is just chilling looking around with its big ass eyes ?

  33. Awwwwww


    pongan subtitulos en sus videos please?


    put subtitles to your videos please ?

  36. Barcroft TV make another video of this if the bird gets better and is able
    to live on its on

  37. imagine you just woke up in the morning and the first thing you see is that
    thing staring right down at you with huge gleaming eyes.≧﹏≦

  38. I’m glad there are people who save these animals. They are so adorable.

  39. I want that owl??

  40. That Thing You See In The Corner Of Your Eye

    That thing is scary

  41. This animal looks like it has seen some shit xD

  42. se inscreve no meu canal por favor

  43. beautiful animal. humans are savages!

  44. aww

  45. I like how the zookeeper has bigger eyes than the owl :’)

  46. P “Fluffy” The Cat

    That owl has seen some shit.

  47. What a cute cat<3

  48. The foot cleaning with the music is adorable.

  49. why can’t we just set death sentence for poachers? If you’re caught – then
    you’re dead. No fine. No jail.

    Just plain old death.

  50. The 4 dislikes must be from the poachers.

  51. Derpy lookin animal.

  52. so glad the talons can grow back

  53. It’s creepy but adorable

  54. starbucks sisters

    The owl is so cute ???

  55. While he’ll probably survive, he wouldn’t be able to reproduce naturally in
    the wild. BIrds at that young age imprint on (develops a future sexual
    preference for) the species that cares for it. :(

  56. 1:05 I’m dead ????

  57. Nurhayat Leon Guerrero

    marble eye’s it’s so cute the way he looks at the camera is like go take a
    picture of that.

  58. The owl looks so silly when hes on his back.

  59. bokuto… is the you? ???

  60. Selīnaa Linsberga

    hes name is FLUFFY THE BIRD

  61. that akcent tho xD

  62. People still believe in talismans?!
    That’s retarded.

  63. Looks Like Nicky UK Education Minister

  64. 02:17 til 02:23 look at that owl in the background that face doe XD

  65. Those eyes! Wow!

  66. “We want to put it back in the wild, where it belongs”
    YESSSSSS You said all the right things

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