Talking Kitty Cat – World’s Most Spoiled Cat

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Sylvester the talking kitty cat gets an unwanted present from his human slave. Random Kitty and Gibbyson have been getting starved from wet food and a new kitten finally arrives. All in the name of Flaggle Claggle.


  1. Pixel Girl Gaming


    I died 😂

  2. lol
    *bonk* “and that’s a corner”
    definitely Gibson’s grand kid

  3. I didn’t even notice that he was missing a tooth :0 =0

  4. Super Pettway1996

    I wonder what Sylvester reacts to the new kitten

  5. Congrats on trending!!

  6. Yay for the baby Gibson!

  7. I know animals cant talk but your videos are amazing how you make it so realistic. 🙂

  8. Send him back to coraline

  9. That cat needs to be grounded.

  10. Wow. This is trending. Good job Steve!

  11. #7 on the trending page! Congrats!

  12. The edges of the cans are very sharp and they can cut their tongues and noses on them. Put the wet food on a dish please. (sigh) smh

  13. Hope random kitty 1:48 is getting paid by taco bell for that advertisement on her shoulder 😂

  14. Dear Steve Cash,
    Can you please start making videos each week or something but I understand if you can’t make videos each week because you got to do whatever you need to do but I’m just requesting if you could make videos each week, reply to me if you agree with me.
    Anyways I love your Talking Kitty Series! We all want you to know that we all MISS GIBSON♥️♥️♥️🐈🐈🐈
    I cry everytime I watch your videos, when I saw a video that says on the title of a video it said Gibson From Talking Kitty passed away, and I was like “That can’t be true, then I saw a video on this channel and it said he did.
    But I just want you to know that he is in a better place right now and we all miss him so much!

  15. Militant Pacifist

    Reminded me of Cortez the cat from Creationist Cat.

  16. I want my tooth back but it’ll cost me around $3,000.

  17. Tommy, Gracie & Leo

    Random Gibson 3!! Adorable! ❤️

  18. To sweet.

  19. Easily the cutest cat in the whole wide universe!

  20. OMG 😂😂💓 I love this!!

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