Tara’s First Pitch

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We would like to extend our most sincere gratitude to the Bakersfield Blaze Baseball Team for making this possible.

“Music: bensound.com”


  1. For eveeyone here wondering why this is on the front page its because this
    cat saved the little boy sitting down in the left hand corner. He was
    playing around when a dog came up to him and attcked his leg. The dog
    wouldnt let go so the cat came running by and chased the dog away. The boy
    went to the hospital with a gash in his leg to get stitches. So saying that
    tgis cat is a hero she was throwing the ball for the opening throw at a
    basevall game.

  2. Dillon Ostrum (Dostrum159)

    im happy to contribute to the dislikes

  3. This video might as well been called dancing alligator

  4. ummmmm what…. this is kinda sad

  5. This is the dumbest thing I’ve seen on youtube. Mainly because its the
    first cat video ever that wasn’t cute or funny. 

  6. Deniz Tuncer (InterestingSituations)

    Ok ! This is pathetic, ridicolous, why did you shot something like that -_-
    dear owner !

  7. Corny, corny everywhere.

  8. If they put a stray dog behind the plate instead…

  9. plp who are hating on this videos are just jealous a cat is more popular
    than them because the cat is living it up and the haters are miserable
    spreading misery 24/7

  10. The Night's King


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  12. Κωνσταντίνος Ελευθεριάδης

    Nice music!!!!:-)

  13. Maravilloso

  14. I’m sure they weren’t concentrating on the ball 🙂 …

  15. what the fuck is this

  16. wait a sec…so Tara is the cat??? wtf?

  17. So the Cat saves the little boys life, and in reward she gets exploited by
    the parents to make money???? 

  18. What happened ?

  19. Carolyn Smith Smith

    Cat take care litte boy after dog bite on libe

  20. Our society is going downhill. I hate everyone

  21. Can’t they just give the cat a box. She would appreciate that more then
    being swung around by some stranger.

  22. I will sleep more easily knowing that there is a creature on this earth
    that throws significantly worse than I do
    I didn’t think that was possible

  23. LocoDuckling041

    I do not get it????

  24. Stupidest thing I have ever seen

  25. What did I just watch?

  26. This is so stupid! The reward for Tara for coming to the boys rescue should
    be a big bowl of food, some catnip and a quite, sunny window sill. Not
    dragging her around a crowd packed, noisy stadium ! What the heck were her
    owners thinking? –$$$$ maybe? Geez. 

  27. This is literally the most pointless thing I’ve seen today

  28. I wasted a whole minute and feel dumber too.

  29. Jajajaja……..!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Wtf? 

  31. this is the major league for idiots

  32. Is this that cat that saved the kid from the pit bull? 

  33. You should have just had a person pitch to a dog named Todd.

  34. Слава Чайкин

    Санек ты молодец продолжай в том же духе) 

  35. This is the stupidest video i have ever seen

  36. For everyone confused, the cat is from a viral video.

  37. Now let Tara have a nice relaxing rest of her life.

  38. That’s fucking stupid 

  39. what the fuck is this shit?? what the hell is going on????

  40. fuck you cat

  41. And not a single fuck was given about the damn cat 

  42. Im really confused by thay floaying whiye thing.

  43. Nice Job Tara. Wish I had a hero cat like Tara

  44. What the fuck is this garbage?
    Is this really what youtube has become?
    Jesus fucking christ.
    Piss off.

  45. Does this concern anybody else how easily we are distracted like come on
    the cats not even throwing it -__-

  46. хороший сайт педик

    Is there ment to be a cat? dissapointed

  47. What the hell did I just watch?

  48. For usage my ass

  49. Why does this video exist.

  50. she’s probably thinking….”if I had known it would come down to this, I
    would have never kicked that dog’s butt…” ^..^

  51. Oh, now I get it…. The cat that blitzed the dog that was eating the kid.

    Just get the cat a bag of Catnip and a few cans of tuna fish.

  52. Please DON’T hurt the cat!!

  53. Cats are stupid

  54. this is a Farce

  55. What am I watching

  56. I love the Super Bowl, Go New York bulls.

  57. Stupid

  58. Just wasted 1:10 of my life

  59. Lmao …. Wut… Wut tha hell has this world come to …. Cats throwing
    balls…. I’m dead

  60. Its also kinda sad you are trying to make money off of this. Your kid
    almost died and you are now thinking how much money can i get from this?
    Really? I hope you don’t get any money from it.

  61. Meshal AlRumaih

    Wtf is going on exactly

  62. So we are expecting a cat to throw the ball?

  63. nice, capitalizing on a cat

  64. Oh joy, more cat videos -_-

  65. she sucks

  66. We get it the cat saved the kid dont torture just give it a treat or

  67. brandon washburn

    Puts 50 cent to shame

  68. brandon washburn

    Puts 50 cent to shame

  69. Who or what is Tara the hero cat and what did it do? 

  70. teddypendherassrw

    still a better throw then 50 cent

  71. What? But? Why? Meh :s

  72. Wtf and the song sounds familiar

  73. Better than 50 cents pitch. LOL

  74. Still better than Carly Rae….

  75. …..and the point of this..??

  76. Still better than 50 cent

  77. can we stop to wonder why a cat, is throwing a baseball? I doubt a cat
    dreams to one day throw a baseball.

  78. albertjustinchang

    Only clicked on this hoping for another 50 cent first pitch. : )

  79. Wow what a bad vid 

  80. They ain’t got shit on bo pelinis cat. Huskers 

  81. meltedjabulani19

    Lol wtf only white people would gather to let a cat pitch a ball xD 

  82. This is abuse of fame. They get 1 popular video and think they can use that
    as a key.

  83. … wtf was there a point to me listening TO THIS MOTHER FUCKING SHITTY ASS

  84. … wtf was there a point to me listening TO THIS MOTHER FUCKING SHITTY ASS

  85. I flagged this for violent or repulsive content. 

  86. Mike Smith - SylaR


  87. Still better than 50 Cent

  88. Who the fuck is tara

  89. That was a little bit extreme. This is so stupid 

  90. That was trippy lol

  91. That cat has acomplished more in life than me!!!! Love her!!

  92. Joaquin Mercado the FNAF fan

    It is the cat you crank

  93. Anett Czinkócziné Kakuk

    Helló ez vicces

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