Teddy Bear the Porcupine Predicts Super Bowl XLIX Winner

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Can Teddy Bear the Porcupine accurately predict the winner of the Super Bowl for the FOURTH year in a row? Don’t ever underestimate the power of po’pine prognostication! See who he picks to win Super Bowl XLIX (2015). Copyright 2015, Zooniversity LLC. Online sites are welcome to link to this address or embed with Google ads intact (no ad blocking). FILE COPYING IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED WITHOUT WRITTEN PERMISSION, copyrights will be actively protected.


  1. Dead wrong Patriots win 

  2. The patriots already won the super bowl 49

  3. Well his streak is broken

  4. Patriots won
    Seahaws lost

  5. Fuck your porcupine go pats sb49 Champs

  6. Hey dumb bitch. Pats just fucking one sb49

  7. Lol the first year the “normal animal” got it wrong. 

  8. Lmao kill this fake prophet 

  9. Teddy was wrong

  10. The patriots won

  11. And Teddy Failed 

  12. sorry teddy bear.

  13. Teddy got it wrong.

  14. the patriots could suck a dick.the seahawks are way better than those fags

  15. 4 and 1

  16. They must’ve replaced teddy with something else

  17. Lol what a fail pats are better then the Seahawks 

  18. Well Shit 

  19. Patriots won!!

  20. Fangirl over Everything


  21. Nope pats won tho

  22. Shame, your porcupine was wrong.

  23. FAIL…

  24. I just came here to say u were wrong lol

  25. He was WRONG for the first time

  26. It was wrong!? Ahhhh!

  27. Well patriots won mothertruckers :D

  28. teddy was just hungry he aint give a fuck which container he ait out of bet
    alot of people who betted lost their money

  29. Fuck that stupid rat looking thing! PATRIOTS!!! 

  30. All from 2012 to 2014 were true but until 2015 the pates won their fourth

  31. I need a porcupine now

  32. Teddy went to visit a taxidermist and hasn’t quite been the same since
    kids. . . Something about the embarrasing loss / karma that hit the

  33. Hahahaha! You chose wrong! Patriots win! Wooooo!!

  34. he was wroung patreots rock

  35. Sam Pierce (Samslyrics)

    Um that was cheating… She put more corn in the ones SHE thought would be
    the winner. If I saw one thing had more corn than the other, then I
    definitely would go to it and that’s what he did, so.. 

  36. To hell with football. I’m here to watch the cute porcupine nibble on corn
    ^_^ He’s so adorable! I want to hug him and pet him…..but I imagine that
    would end horribly for me…

  37. Oh well Teddy…can’t get ’em all right! You do get an A for effort!!

  38. He got them all right but one 

  39. Where are the Seahawks at…? PATRIOTS all the way!!!

  40. Shouldn’t have gone for that *fourth* piece of corn Porky..

  41. Even if he was wrong this time, he’s still the cutest predictor out there!
    #LovesTeddyBear #LovesPorcupine #TehCUTEST 

  42. Way to set teddy bear up for failure. 

  43. Teddy was wrong proof were all human (kind of you know what I mean)

  44. Superbowl Recap:

    Before poor Teddy is forced to go into federal witness protection program
    we should consider the hundreds of comments posted agreeing with him before
    the game not so many after Hmmm, those who put too much stock into cute
    prickly corn fed prophets may have been ill advised. None the less The
    Seahawks are beasts, they were the last team NE wanted to play.

    Good to see the difference a year makes. Richard Sherman showed a lot of
    class by being the first one to congratulate Brady despite the hart
    breaking loss. No matter who you were rooting for, I think we can all agree
    the fans were the real winners of Superbowl 49

    Full disclosure, I am and forever will be a Pats fan……

  45. Teddy loves enhanced modified drug corns

  46. Even a porcupine knows they should’ve run it with Lynch.

  47. shawnplaysminecrafthd


  48. The fuck? 1:23

  49. what a dumb porcupine, did he not see that the patriots won?

  50. Lies!

  51. #patsnation

  52. FordFalcon1962nBlue

    you failed, but then again these videos are rigged, the polar bear, croc,
    and this all chose the same team..totally bullshit for # of views

  53. Real title- Teddy’s last FAILED prediction and forever retirement! No one
    is going to trust him again…….he has outlived his usefulness, put him
    back in the wild!

  54. Not even teddy could of guessed the outcome. Crazy game

  55. I forgot to post this after we won….But….WRONG! #PatsNation

  56. he was wrong

  57. Sounds so werid but cute


  59. SUPRISE pats won woooooooo ?

  60. Seattle had 3 corns and pats had one cheater oh and pats one pats all day

  61. He’s wrong

  62. Is that why you added more corn on the Seahawks side? What a fluke! You
    almost had me believing this futile prediction lol xD

  63. 3/4 isn’t bad….

  64. b b but the patriots won

  65. HAHAHAHA stupid asf.!! Patriots are wayyy better and don’t HATE just cuz
    your a “Seahawks” fan lmao

  66. MegaGamer eliminator

    This is the only prediction that was ring I think teddy getting to lost his
    touch ???????????????????????????


  68. miniman the midget

    why is every body making a huge deal out of it its a sport get over it
    sometimes they win and sometimes they lose so shut up RLKplayz

  69. I noticed with all animals they are all left handed if you hand it food it
    all ways picks your right so yaa

  70. ‘re watched my theory is wrong for porcupines it still works for dogs

  71. Fail!!!

  72. Yuri Teixeira Mendes

    If there was some Butler on that pats corn, I guess he could have nailed it
    again hahaha

  73. Agato Wesker - The Black Fox

    So the little guy got three out of four there huh? Nice. 🙂 As for awesome
    jackass, he’s a house broken porcupine so get off of your high horse you
    ego maniac.

  74. STUPID PORQUPINE!!!!!!!!!!!

  75. Lol wrong

  76. he was wrong patriots won 2015

  77. Oh, that’s excellent news! Those Seahawks never got the stupid title! >:(
    Still proud of your best efforts, cute little Teddy. :)

  78. teddy is adorable! this all for fun! the way some fools get over a
    prediction made by an animal! wow! keep up the good work Teddy, hope you
    get back on a winning streak with the season coming up….I love these
    videos, would you consider a Q&A video? I would love to know Teddys back
    story, how he came to be with his owner, and life with a porcupine.

    plz thankyou

  80. no

  81. he is wrong patriots won

  82. i think teddy may have actually gotten it wrong this time

  83. It’s a new year. Where’s teddy?
    I hope he’s ok!
    He’s made millions smile and laugh!

  84. the last was wrong

  85. where as i do agree with the porcupine it sucks how the patriots won

  86. I think he’s cute, but we all know he’ll choose the one with more corn!
    Common knowledge!

  87. Never mind. I still see more corn in seahawks though. But I probably just
    can’t see through the Patriots helmet.

  88. Julian Edelman #Edeleezy #11hunnit #SlotGOAT

    fuck teddy

  89. What about who will win this year?

  90. I can’t believe people are actually fighting on this adorable porcupines
    page…..some people!! How about this Teddy wins!!! To me this animal means
    a whole hell of a lot more then a footbal game!!

  91. what is funny is that no one is noticing the amount of corn that Teddy is
    eating from. For example, I noticed more than one corn on the cob for Teddy
    when it came to the Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers. Secondly, I
    noticed more corn on the cob on the Seattle Seahawks vs the New England
    Patriots. however, teddy was wrong and the Patriots won. that goes to show
    you that the game was rigged on the predictions.

  92. Is Teddy going to pick the winner this year soon???

  93. wrong

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