The king of the Jungle | Do not tease Asiatic Lion | Sasan Gir

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This is how Lions threatens..


  1. lion already knows humans are pussies.

  2. You left the window open?

  3. Lion slightly glances to the left 3 times like a person is making noise behind him a theater. “Ugh, this fuckin guy.”
    Lion then politely moves off the road so the guy can move along. Guy still doesn’t go away.
    Lion stops. “Mothafucka what do you WANT!?”

    We really are the autists of the animal kingdom.

  4. Nature you scary

  5. His balls just regressed into him like a new born

  6. He meowed and the lil pussy rolled up his window like “HHHHHHHHH” lmao

  7. What a beautiful animal.

  8. I love how the lion faked a roar on the guy to scare him lol

  9. 卍神の名のもとに

    nice balls

  10. Oh let me raise my window …. yeah that will protect me from a 300 lb angry lion

  11. big cat told him to fuck right off.

  12. that lions ballsack is the size of my head. i’d never wanna piss it off

  13. This guy’s anus just sucked up his entire car seat after that Lion meowed at him.

  14. “fucking peasant” – Lion

  15. someone hold my beer so i can pet Simba

  16. I love how the lion knows exactly what to do to get the guy to fuck off.

  17. Lion-*Growls*
    Man-*Inhales* HUUUHHHH

    Earth 2017

  18. The window went up 0 to a 100 real quick

  19. That is the fastest I’ve ever seen a window roll up. “The window motor even sh!t itself”.

  20. He didn’t threaten you.
    You were annoying him & he told you (pretty graciously, actually) to piss off.
    He could have really lost his temper, but, hey – when you’re the king, you don’t have time for this junk.

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