the littlest roar

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Note: I did not film this, nor do I own the animal.


  1. Evaggelia Karakosta

    Kawaii kakoii sugoi :D

  2. When you run out of energy in Lion King for SNES

  3. whoever disliked this is a nutface

  4. 가오나시인줄.. 귀엽..

  5. Alyssa Newsom Newsom

    its so cute

  6. I’m a gonna be a mighty king,
    So enemies beware!
    I’m brushin’ up on lookin’ down,
    I’m workin on my ROAR!!

  7. Cute .-.

  8. Such a cute kitty, what kind of breed is it ?

  9. Wow!!! Napoleon.

  10. 911/10 would cuddle.

  11. remember who you are

  12. yeisi

  13. BinkieMcFartnuggets

    They’re so cute before their father is murdered.

  14. Hakuna Matata Simba!!!!!!! First Simba roar impression

  15. Too cute!

  16. João Manuel Gomes

    You know that feeling you have when you eat too many Mentos … yeah …

  17. OMG thats go cute!!!anyone agree?OMG i wanna have a baby lion!!!!

  18. What is he, a sheep xD

  19. ?????????


  21. He just can’t wait to be king.

  22. Hairball…

  23. today its cute,tomorrow your dinner.

  24. god creation i love them.

  25. Mr MagmaCube 1700

    I want one.

  26. This video is a good way of testing if someone has a soul.
    Looking at you Walter Palmer.

  27. Is it a coincidence that this video was released on the day of the Season 2
    premiere of Empire? #Lyons

  28. oh my Gosh! CUTEST thing I’ve EVER SEEN! HOW ADORABLE!

  29. Just now subscribed! I LOVE your vids!

  30. Made me think of simba from lion king 

  31. sounds like it’s got wind!

  32. Sooooo cute

  33. ?????

  34. I’ll take 20

  35. The little guy just can’t wait to be king…

  36. τελιο good ?????????????????

  37. awwwwwwww so cute

  38. this is the cutest thing ever

  39. Why is this in the Autism/Cinge/Beta play list?

  40. he needs health insurence provide by goverment and public

  41. Joyce Belfort (LocalGirlForeignLand)

    AW~ this little one is just way too cute.

  42. LionGoats ftw

  43. Simba. :D

  44. 完全にチョン顔じゃないですかw

  45. Soooooooooooooo cute ??

  46. Oh I just can’t WAIT to be kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing

  47. MY HEART


  49. it sounds like Jen

  50. So little. Cute, but where is Mama?

  51. So cute

  52. Easter egg to pac – man ?

  53. It’s Kity Perry!!!

  54. OMG!! That chubby lil tummy.

  55. Aaaaaiiiiiiizeebaaaatziaaa

  56. it’s SO adorable

  57. Hncgnhgdnhg Dfgdrt

    This is so cuut ☺️☺️☺️????????????

  58. Hakuna Matata

  59. ham radio

  60. is so cute

  61. por rugir dessa maneira deve ser bebé

  62. the lion is so cute or is it A Tyger?

  63. ferocious.

  64. his ears after the first “roar” abahahahahahahahah

  65. kawaii!!!

  66. Its so cute!

  67. Awwwww, So cute!!!!!!!

  68. arrr so cute

  69. Hahahahahahahahahaha

  70. Aw! Cute! (ö) help! I’m dying!

  71. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw so cute


  73. subhan Allah this cutie weak creature will end up to be strong

  74. LittleMiss superstar

    So cute

  75. Emerald Emerald Shining Bright Championa


  76. I Just can’t wait to be king.

  77. KingdomHeartsFan3211


  78. Coyote pack member


  79. Mya abigail Ramos Rangel

    Que lindura?????

  80. Is the most cute in the world ?????????

  81. So fucking cute

  82. Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute!!!!!!

  83. omg so cute!!

  84. So Cute

  85. ColossalDiamond Gaming

    Lol listen to me roar be afraid of (not) so cute!!!!

  86. Cute

  87. So CUTE

  88. Ouuh ^o^ So sweet!

  89. that’s so cute I want to have one

  90. So cute

  91. Lol that was funny but cute

  92. schattig

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