The moment this baby koala climbs up and cuddles cameraman

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Whilst filming Imogens first time being introduced into her new koala sanctuary at Symbio Wildlife Park, the most adorable thing happened.

She ran and jumped onto a tree then back onto the floor and climbed up the cameraman and gave him cuddles.

Imogen has been hand raised by Kylie Elliot and Matt Radnidge of Symbio Wildlife Park after the decision to hand raise her was made when a much younger joeys mother passed away from Leukaemia.

For more information contact Kevin Fallon | Marketing Manager | Symbio Wildlife Park | | +61 2 42941244

If wanting to use for online news feed then approval is granted for embedding the youtube code from our channel only.
Please contact Kevin Fallon via email to: or via phone on +61 2 4294 1244 for more information.


  1. so cute and adorable! I am glad you were there to comfort her!

  2. This is my tree now

  3. beautiful …

  4. God that’s adorable

  5. Thats what makes these animals so darn cute and adorable .Australia

  6. Awwwwww<3

  7. Le niveau de cuttest thing de cette vidéo est estimé à +100000.

  8. Тетяна Семеренська

    I am not a toy! I – a beast! :)

  9. 1 person has no soul, or any people who dislike this

  10. it’s Ted’s half brother

  11. so cute !!!!!<3

  12. AWWWW

  13. Would have been hilarious if the little bugger took a bite out of that

  14. NOM NOM!

  15. Oh i want one right now

  16. w ehave peacocks i our apartments

  17. those sharp claws are painful, but who cares its a koala


  19. Oww! Eyelash! ……Honest.

  20. Aww I’m crying :’) (in a very manly way of course)

  21. I want one.

  22. com on it would get killed ,after smell your armpit.

  23. PC Masterace you fucking pussies!

  24. it looks like a ewok from star wars

  25. that’s cute af

  26. I’m not afraid to admit that was cute XD

  27. Oh my God sooooo cute!!!! :3

  28. AWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. 어궁 귀여워?

  30. I’d b scared as hell if that’s touched me

  31. His deodorant attracted the koala lol when the koala sniffed under his arm
    it was thinking ” *sniff* ahhh old spice”

  32. BinkieMcFartnuggets

    That new eucalyptus cologne is working wonders.

  33. AWWWWW SO CUTE!!!!!!!!

  34. PierceMaximeBarakat

    can someone please buy me a koala

  35. cute….but

    Rubs Hands[u know whats coming(pause.)…]

    What Are Thooooooose?!

  36. ^오^ rememver no r la

  37. why is the koala smelling his armpits? lol but that animal is cute

  38. Dude I didn’t know they could move that fast

  39. omg omg omg this is too cute, I died cx

  40. Would those claws hurt?

  41. let’s fuck it

  42. …..i must have one!

  43. koala: Damn that is a smoky armpit

  44. Stitch <3

  45. Why didn’t you pet him ? you sick fuck

  46. ♪ If you like Pina Koalas, getting caught in the rain… ♫

  47. Awww???? so cute

  48. Oh my goodness!!! I’m in love ????????

  49. Put the camera down and pet that baby!

  50. That is so sweet. I like it.

  51. Love at first sight?

  52. CUTE

  53. So cute

  54. Hey try watching my videos

  55. Part of me just died inside

  56. Koalas are great, but the little bastards can be mean when they want
    to…and those claws can hurt like a bitch.

  57. I’m going to Australia and this is going to happen to me.

  58. W
    Oliver heldens comments are coming

  59. Is this the new thang for deodorant advertising

  60. Aww that’s cuteness overload, what a sweet joey!

  61. am i the only one thinking that the koala likes the smell of his armpit?

  62. That is very cute

  63. That is very cute

  64. Where is my maaa maaa?

  65. Ez a koala hihetetlenül cuki! ??????

  66. Don’t Koala’s have claws? They look cute but I prefer not to get stabbed.

  67. thats peacock sound


  69. so caute but they can be dangerous

  70. did you hear camera mans balls squeak ?

  71. 25 people hate happiness

  72. yes me to

  73. Josephine Krenitsky

    I hear peacocks in the background!

  74. koala

  75. I had no idea they were so active.

  76. Cuddle time! <3

  77. NurBatrisyiaRaihana MuhammadYazid

    someone plese buy me one to i want a koala

  78. It is very cute.<3

  79. Fluttershy Tickles

    so cute

  80. …I want a pet koala now

  81. I could die in peace if this happened to me

  82. AIMEE… fuck yeah

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