The Very Hairy Bikers: Pooches Ride On Owner’s Moped

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The Very Hairy Bikers: Pooches Ride On Owner’s Moped

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MEET the real hairy bikers – two dogs who ride through Indonesia on the back of a MOTORCYCLE. Wearing red-framed sunglasses and a helmet the two golden retrievers happily sandwich their owner on the fast bike. Unsurprisingly, the sight of the docile dogs hitching a fast ride in Surabaya, Indonesia, attracts a lot of attention from onlookers. Ace and Armani have been riding since they were just a few months old and now at the age of three the pair jump onto the bike whenever they think their owner is heading out. 

Videographer / Director: Jefri Tarigan
Producer: Nick Johnson
Editor: Josh Douglas / Sonia Estal


  1. Yay first com,ent and view

  2. Patriotic Hated Oil Terrorist U.S. Army



  4. How long did it take for them to be trained?

  5. Very cute but damn this is hella dangerous

  6. Haha very good

  7. Absolutely ADORABLE!
    Hey! You forgot to mention their smart BOWTIES man! 🙂
    ~Durban~ xox 

  8. I am impressed that in Indonesia Muslims seems to love dogs as they are
    willing to take pictures with them, but why muslims in Malaysia are like so
    anti-dog? They run when they see dogs, because Muslims can’t touch dogs
    when they are wet or the wet parts of the dogs’ body which make them
    literally don’r touch dogs…I am sure they are Muslims as they wear a head
    scarf. Can any Indonesians tell me why?

  9. Why do Asians have to drag dogs by their tails…cruel 

  10. Glasses? Why? ._.

  11. They look like they’re really enjoying the ride. 

  12. Bad to the bone

  13. So cute!!.

  14. They are absolutely adorable, but it is so dangerous! !! The dog in the
    back has no support to latch onto the motorcycle :(

  15. MeZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZ

    Not to be the downer but it seems too dangerous, should be illegal.

  16. cute dog

  17. Adoro estes vídeos. Obrigado 

  18. Brilliant find n share thanks ! 

  19. My brother has witnessed this where he lives in Vietnam.

  20. awww so cute :)

  21. Oh! He’s speaking Indonesian!! I’m Indonsian… I think i’ve seen tjose
    dogs before… Hmmm i’m not sire but i’m pretty sure i’ve met them before!!

  22. this is somewhat common in China. I have seen it many times in south China.
    The Chinese are very patient in training their dogs. They can learn almost
    anything if taught well.

  23. There sooooo awesome and awesome looking?

  24. The dogs Man

  25. So adorable!

  26. Wow that dog much better than me.

  27. solarpurplestarlight

    I used to own a 79 Vespa 200 and I used to put my terrier/poodle mix dog
    inside my riding jacket, zipped in, with her head sticking out. I would
    take her all over the place, on my bike and, yes, at times it is hard to
    get to where I am going, because people always wanted to talk to my dog’s
    owner and how I got her to like riding on my scooter. It was a lot of fun
    and we even sat for photo ops, once in a while. The best was a group of
    Japanese tourists. I had never seen people so happy to see a girl and her
    dog, cruising around on a Vespa. They basically held me hostage, for over
    a half an hour, taking pictures and asking a million questions. It was a
    great day, for sure. =)

  28. lucu!

  29. WTF O.O

  30. Cesar Milan should watch this video….!! LOL

  31. How maney times did they take a fall, it is clear the dogs are not happy
    and are uncomfortalble specially the one rides at the back.

  32. man i wish more people would be as open-minded about dogs here in

  33. So so against this, no way to help the dog on the back keep balance if that
    moron has to make a sharp turn and all it takes is one good fall to kill
    the dog or severally injure it. Either get a car to take them places with
    proper canine seat belts or dog crates. This is just dangerous and for
    attention. Helmets are great and what not but the rest of the dog during a
    accident would not be protected.

  34. What if it fell off?

  35. Aww……so displined!!! I love clever dogs

  36. Indi Sugar Taufik

    Why the dog tail is black? And I hope he’s really careful driving the
    motorcycle, I little bit worry 🙂 But I can see that the dogs are well
    loved :)

  37. Thats indonesian!!!!!

  38. reza muharam akbar

    Anjing aja pke helm kok manusia enggak ya? Hahah contoh tuh anjing

  39. OMG so cute

  40. Why care about dogs unprotected on bikes when they can easily set up and
    frame an innocent Canadian teacher in a sex assault frame up?? RELEASE THAT
    MAN! RESTITUTION COMPENSATION is due to that poor man. Indonesians framed
    an INNOCENT MAN. May their islands sink into the sea FOREVER and be
    FORGOTTEN. scourge on earth.

  41. Anyone else hear the candy crush soda soga background music?

  42. Aaaw, they’re ADORABLE. I like that they wear helmets and glasses, for
    protection. I don’t know how the one in back can balance, though!! It seems
    like it would be hard to do. Hope they always stay safe.

  43. Doggies love to hang out of car windows and get wind on their face ,so no
    wonder they’re loving riding around with their hoomin on a moped—it’s a
    full body ‘wind machine’! (A.k.a. glamor fan. :)). And looking great while
    doin’ it, in those brightly-colored shades and helmets, haha! It’s good
    that it’s a moped though, not too fast… Plus they’re constantly having to
    stop to greet their fans. 🙂 This man is awesome.

  44. Am I the only one that hears candy/soda crush music in the begging?

  45. Kind of sad that people think they can just buy someones dog…

  46. in my country he would get fined for this… well at least the dogs have

  47. I really feel this is a torture specially for the dog sitting backseat.
    Dont support it at all.

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