This Albino Echidna has the most epic birthday party

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Leo, an extremely rare albino echidna, who resides at Symbio Wildlife Park, South of Sydney celebrated his 6th birthday with an epic birthday party.

Staff at Symbio Wildlife Park set the scene for a romantic birthday lunch, which Leo shared with his girlfriend Rex. The two were treated to a delicous combination meal made up of mince, mixed with a variety of other supplements, before playing around under the winters sun, grass under foot and loving every bit of it.

Leo originally came to Symbio as a puggle, after being found wondering a carpark without his mother in sight, and not yet old enough to fend for himself. Taken in by Matt Radnidge, the Symbio General Manager, he was then hand raised back to health and quickly became part of the family.

Due to being born with albinism, a genetic condition that only affects 1 in 17,000 of any species, little Leo stood very little chance of having a long and happy life in the wild. This was mainly due to his inability to camouflage into his surroundings and hide from predators like a standard echidna would.

Needless to say, 6 years on and Leo has definitely found his lifelong home and true family at Symbio. Along with his partner in crime ‘Rex’, he has established himself as a vital piece in the puzzle to help further educate people from all walks of life about animal conservation through the Symbio educational program.

All uses on Facebook MUST have @Symbio Wildlife Park Facebook page tagged into the main comment. If used in TV broadcasting, then credit as to the source of the footage is to be Symbio Wildlife park, Sydney Australia.

Video filmed and produced by Kevin Fallon | Symbio Wildlife Park

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