This Dog Has Rhythm

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  1. and i thought my video’s were bad :)

  2. Tennerondack BassMan

    Git down !

  3. It’s Barky Bark and the Funky Bunch.

  4. If you didn’t bounce to this as well… I can’t even

  5. omg

  6. I’m commenting now so I can say I’ve been here since the beginning.

  7. This dog dances 90% better than the average person.

  8. Damn! I missed the video by the time I clicked all the shit off the screen.

  9. Get Down on it

  10. Omg that’s just too cute..

  11. Александра Лаува



  13. Frode Risberg Johansen

    Marky Mark and the funky bunch ha ha ha :D

  14. How adorable!

  15. Probably has to pee.


  17. LE SHOW JAUNE!!!!!!

  18. Its hard to know which I like more… cats or pussy

  19. song name?

  20. that dog has more talent than those douches from one direction.

  21. this dog makes life seem so beautiful !! and makes you forget all your
    he makes me so happy, i cant even… omg

  22. Дима Никифоров

    wtf? this video is shit

  23. Them doing a news article on this shit just shows how fucking slow of a day
    it was.

  24. thats a happy rythmic cool dog and it loves music

  25. Charlie The beagle and Laura Olivia

    worth every second ?

  26. Of course the mostly black dog has rhythm.

  27. When a dog can dance better than you…

  28. nice choreography!

  29. Hahaha, that is awesome!!

  30. omg ???? pmsl

  31. Gundella (I'm trash)

    Me at a party awkwardly dancing in the corner by myself.

  32. no wonder its a black dog

  33. That is the most talented dog I’ve ever seen in my life! Also, the cutest!


  35. That head roll! hahahaha

  36. Is this the Ellen Show?
    They both dance like Goons and look like Dogs

  37. nice amazing dancing

  38. subscribe me please

  39. Still better than me

  40. He has something a lot of white people don’t got.

  41. Cha cha real hard

  42. ooooooorw so cuuuute ?

  43. he looks so happy
    maybe its because he got a small loan of a million dollars

  44. jimmy kimmel is behind this

  45. Little legend! He looks so happy lol

  46. sweet dog he’s even got 90s dance moves, fantastic.

  47. That’s exactly how I used to dance back in the 90’s

  48. Mette Bjørnsdatter Hafskjold

    That dog does not only have rhythm – he has AZONTO RHYTHM!! *Feeling amazed*

  49. Dog dances better than me

  50. thats amazing man. great dog.

  51. it the year 20xx
    and people still recording videos vertically…..

  52. SO CUTE I WISH MY DOG WOULD DO THAT….but all he does is bark because he’s
    a chuaia

  53. dogs r awesome. I think maybr he just wanted out

  54. that’s cool!!!!!

  55. RoFL

  56. Nick Joseph, PLEASE upload more videos about this dog dancing around!
    He/she is goooorgeus! This video made my day! PLEASE!!! He or she can
    become even more famous than that lame sausage dog who poses for pictures.

  57. This just further proves that dogs are better than cats. #Facts

  58. This dog reminds me of Jimmy Fallon Idk why

  59. I LIKE WHEN the screen is this side. It is when someone records something
    unwaited and exceptionally amazing

  60. better and cuter then Marky Mark!

  61. cant see anything from all the ” subscribe here ” junk..

  62. My account My account

    why fucking Marky mark???


  64. W-what do you say to this?

  65. Music volume at a human level is like screeching, ear drum bursting, brain
    bleeding, nails on a chalkboard on 10 level for a dog. You are actually
    torturing him.

  66. my favor video ever he’s so adorable

  67. If you look closely, it’s a dog.

  68. Michael Jackson:D

  69. Jess Burrell photos

  70. Atleast that dog dances better than me!!!

  71. Mimiko Tsukiyo aka Jesserfly

    XD cute!

  72. That dog dances better than I could ever hope to dance.

  73. that’s awesome

  74. Watched this at least 100 times…his move at 0:06 is just perfect haha

  75. Omg I’m trying this with a corgi tomorrow totally I’m fricken dying

  76. soo cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  77. what race is this?

  78. He dances better than me. ;-;

  79. Aww its adorable, i want my dog to dance

  80. Great. A dog that dances better than me. wth!
    (that’s what the hang.. going old skool & tryna swear less this year.
    Hope I don’t fuck it up.

  81. This dog has tried his first

  82. bringing dis guy to the next dance battle

  83. Hold your phone sideways, you maniac.

  84. o cachorro danca melhor que eu. O:)

  85. Homeboy’s got rhythm.

  86. this just never gets old

  87. He could win all the ladies at the club.

  88. Best thing ever xD

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