This Lion Cub Trying to Roar is the Cutest Thing You Will See This Whole day!

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This Lion Cub Trying to Roar is the Cutest Thing You Will See This Whole day!

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  1. Best 15 seconds of my life

  2. This guy just updated his title and now he is number one trending!

  3. Well yeah it was cute when i seen it fucking years ago.

  4. Funny Video!!So cuteee!!! Please check out my first vlog and channel!:)

  5. Well the title was correct

  6. Hey guys! Sorry for making an unrelated comment, but I was hoping I could get my channel off the ground here. If you don’t mind checking it out and giving me feedback, that’d be great! 😀

  7. I liked this video before it even loaded.

  8. lol homie just sad because his father got trampled by a pack of wildebeests

  9. He’s cute until his roar kicks in when he’s mature, I got chills the first time I heard a lion roar. It’s incredible, I wish I could roar like a lion…

  10. Just to cute at that age you can be up close and personal with them.but when their grown you stay as far back from them as possible smh.

  11. This makes me wanna watch The Lion King now 😛 lol

  12. How is this 4 month old video…. On #1 for trending?

  13. Me when I choke on Popeye’s biscuits cause there’s no water around

  14. *he’s tryna cough out the damn cat-food you keep feedin him*

  15. This video will end world hunger

  16. christenia sinclair

    what if he was actually chocking?

  17. Internet please MEME this up !!!!!

  18. But rlly how is this viral

  19. This is no .1 apparently. On trending…


    I don’t understand why there are over 1.5m views for this.

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